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Your Questions About Forest Hills Queens

July 10, 2013

Michael asks…

What is the best part about living in new york?

I want to move to New York. What are things to do to intrest yound college students. How is the shopping ? The weather ? The people ? The price ranges ? Also, what is your favoritre towns, cities, or neighborhoods ?

Administrator answers:

There’s so much things to love about New York City. First of all, if you want the real city experience, then Manhattan is definitely the place to be.

I absolutely love Times Square, the crowds of people all over the world, people to your left and right are speaking a different language, the city lights, etc. Another favorite spot of mine is Central Park, it’s an oasis in the middle of a concrete jungle. I love taking long walks and just strolling around the park during the summer.

Restaurants – there are plenty! Asian, Italian, American, African, Spanish – you name it! We have it here. As for prices, as you’d expect there are lots of fancy high class restaurants but $10 will give you a satisfying meal at a local restaurant or pizzeria. Of course, we have the usual McDonald’s, Starbucks, BK, Wendy’s and all of the other fast food chains and popular store brands in virtually every corner!

As for my favorite neighborhood, I’m a big fan of SoHo, Chelsea, Midtown, the Upper East Side. All of these neighborhoods are very picturesque and lots of cool restaurants as well. Outside Manhattan, I’m a fan of Forest Hills (In Queens) I lived there when I was younger, it’s an upper-middle class neighborhood, Austin Street (the main street) reminds me of a small midwestern town filled with little pizzerias, shops and delis. I also like Sunnyside, where my school is, it’s a nice developing neighborhood, like Forest Hills, it has that small town charm.

Shopping – we have tons of malls. Although if you want cheaper prices, then go to Jersey, I can recommend Jersey Gardens – I believe it’s tax free IIRC. There’s also an outlet mall in Woodbury that we’ve been to a couple of times before, it’s the “fancier” kind of mall.

Lastly, ahhh the people! We are so ethnically diverse here. People of various origins, I mean, most of the time you don’t even hear anyone speak English! LOL. The good thing about New York is that you’re always welcome here, whether you’re black, white, Hispanic, Asian, African, etc. And despite what most people think, New Yorkers aren’t that rude. Most of us are just in a big rush and we often ignore a lot of people. If you’re a tourist and you block a sidewalk, then you’ll get some angry stares. Some NYers are very friendly.

Robert asks…

What is the safest neighborhood in NYC for young women to live in?

My sister and I (in our 20′s) will be travelling to NYC next month, and are looking to sublet an apartment. What is the safest neighborhood to live in?

Administrator answers:

In Manhattan, any area below 90th street should be just fine.

Also consider parts of Brooklyn like Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill which are very convenient to Manhattan by subway and very livable. Also, Forest Hills and Rego Park Queens are close to Manhattan via the E and F train and may have more affordable sublets.

I would recommend the following:

1. Try to find a place within a 10 minute walk of a subway station. I am assuming you will be relying on good public transit.

2. Use common sense. If an apartment is on a dark, not well lighted street with few people around, do not rent it.

Danger in New York has more to do with empty streets at night, and common street sense than exact neighborhoods. Even neighborhoods with a tough reputation are safe if you are on a commercial street with many stores during the day time. And the safest neighborhood in New York will not help you if someone picks your Iphone out of your pocket on the subway.

Here is a guide to New York neighborhoods for you to see that includes safety rankings.

George asks…

Where can I find a big Japanese supermarket in Queens, NY?

I’m looking for a Japanese supermarket around Queens or other boroughs in New York City to buy stuff to make Japanese food for my girlfriend who’s obsessed with Japanese food and culture.

Also where is the Japanese dominated neighborhood around? Any great Japanese restaurant, mall, or dating places/activities suggestion? Please help.

Administrator answers:

Here is one Japanese supermarket located in Forest Hills:

Sakura Ya Japanese Market
73-05 Austin St
Forest Hills
New York, NY 11375
Neighborhood: Forest Hills
(718) 268-7220

Chris asks…

How do i get to richmond hill, queens NY using the subway from grand central terminal?

confused on wut number or letter subway train i should take…

Administrator answers:

Actually Richmond Hill neighborhoods are surrender by Kew Garden, Ozone Park, Forest Park.
Subways that stop inside Richmond Hill are Jamaica Av Line which is all time J. During rush hour only, Z train at 121st St and 104th St while J stop at 111th St only. Woodhaven Blvd is served by these trains.

A train on Lefferts Blvd branch stops at Rockaway Blvd/Lefferts Blvd. Late night, transfer to shuttle require at Euclid Av to Rockaway Blvd.

Best alternate:
Take downtown 4/5 to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall.
Then walk through free transfer and take Queens-bound J or Z train.

Thomas asks…

Where can i Find a cheap liposuction place in New york city, brooklyn, queens?

im looking to find a affordable liposuction place in new york city. brooklyn,queens,manhattan

Administrator answers:

Check the queens area. Forest hills.

Paul asks…

I want to buy a property in NYC?

Hi All,
I live in the Bay Area and planning to move to NY at the second half of the year.
I have 350K in cash, so planning to buy a property, condo. The nicer the better. Property for that money in Bay Area is nothing but a studio in a bad area.
What are the places with good schools in NY? I have two kids, ages 4 and 2.
And will I be able to buy 2bd or 3bd in NY area like NJ, Brooklyn, Queens and others with good schools?

Administrator answers:

Move to Queens!
Here are some good neighborhoods.
Forest Hills (Very expensive)
Middle Village
Rego Park
Bayside (Far from the city)

Mandy asks…

What are the best neighborhoods in queens for students to live in?

that are closest to manhattan?

oh brooklyn as well.

Administrator answers:

Forest hills , elmhurst, rego park, ect, astoria,

Sandra asks…

How to get into forest hills highschool ? queens new york?

Today I got my highschool results back. I applied for forest hills 3 times.
My first choice was
1) forest hills highschool math & science
2) wagner highschool
3) forest hills highschool performing arts
4) forest hills highschool law.

i put more choices. but i only got into wagner. i always wanted to go to forest hills. its been my dream school since 5th grade :’( :’( i will do anything to get into that school. anyway 7th grade was a really really tough year for me. but i still managed to get an 84 average. although i was absent about 30 times, i was excused. my guidance councelar signed the bottom of the application sheet. but i wanna know how to get into forest hills? cause i will do anything to get in :/.

Administrator answers:

I don’t understand. If you wanted to go to Forest Hills so badly, then why didn’t you list all three of the programs you applied to at that school as numbers 1, 2, and 3?

What probably happened is this:

You didn’t get into the Forest Hills Math and Science program. You DID get into Wagner. Since you got into Wagner, it was moot whether you got into the other two Forest Hills programs. Getting into Wagner superseded those programs because you ranked Wagner higher!

If you want to apply again next year, you can. You can apply for a transfer by filling out a new high school admissions form in December and transferring in 10th grade. And, when you fill out the new application, be sure to rank the schools and/programs in the order in which you REALLY WANT TO ATTEND those schools!

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