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Your Questions About Forest Hills Queens

November 20, 2012

John asks…

Does anyone know a decent hotel in or near Forest Hills in Queens, New York?

Somewhere with a bit of character would be nice, near some cafes. Any suggestions would be welcome

Administrator answers:

There really aren’t any hotels in Forest Hills, most hotels in Queens are near the airports – where you probably don’t want to stay (not pretty, and not really near anything – except airplanes)

I have attached a site with listings of everything in Queens, good luck!

Charles asks…

The best ginecology in forest hills, Queens, NY? Dr Solaima soukkary?

Hi , tomorrow I will get a surgery with Dr Solaima Soukkary, I just have a miscarriage, so she’s going to clean all the tissues that i have inside.

I will like to know if you guys know her, I wrote her rewies and everybody says she is a good doctor.

I would like to know if she is really good?


Administrator answers:

She used to be in the same practice as my doctor. I’d never heard anything about her either way.

I’m sorry to hear about your misscarriage. Good luck in the future.

Donna asks…

Forest Hills, Queens New York near 67th Ave?

With regards to safety, how is that area?

I don’t care about restaurants, nightlife, etc. etc. I just want to be safe.

10 pts. Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

Forest Hills is a pretty safe community. As safe as you can get anywhere in New York City.

If you are thinking of living on the south side of Queens Boulevard at 67th Avenue, the NYPD’s 112th Precinct is nearby at Yellowstone and Austin. Very safe area, lots of cops around.

Daniel asks…

Where exactly in Forest Hills/Queens /NY was Michael Landon born(street,…)?His birth name was Eugene Orowitz

He was born 1936 in Forest Hills and he was a famous actor, for example Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie, Highway to Heaven…

Administrator answers:

Kew Garden Hills section of Forest Hills; 83rd Avenue to be exact .

Jenny asks…

do you think Forest Hills High School in Queens is a good school?

I am in 8th grade and im going to be a freshman in forest hills. Can you tell me everything you possibly know about the school thanx

Administrator answers:

My sister is a freshmen at Forest Hills HS though it is a bit overcrowded the staff is very dedicated and caring to every student they make sure that you complete every H.W. Assignment and in class assignments, in every classroom there is a smart board and new textbooks, the school is very ethnically diverse, there isnt a social hierarchy, the school is in a good neighborhood, though there is a long walk up and down 67th ave, the school is also huge, nd offers many programs such as medical and law professions, and they also placed 1st in the city sci. Fair, and 3rd in the state, so overall FHHS is a great school that actually prepares you very well for college

Michael asks…

is forest hills highschool in queens newyork a good highschool?

lm considering transferring over there. Is the school good in education, student behavior, and teacher wise? thanks so much!

Administrator answers:

It one of the best. A very large fraction of FHHS graduates have gone on to attend college.

The school, however, has been know for its frequent overcrowding. That’s to tell how well known the school is.

Good luck

Sharon asks…

what time does Forest Hills high school queens open?

i got into the carl sagan science Math honors academy, i was wondering what time school starts for freshmen and what are your ratings for this school?

Administrator answers:

NO don’t go to Forest Hills!
Everyone that I know who goes there absolutely hatess it!

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