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Your Questions About Forest Hills Queens

November 26, 2012

Steven asks…

New Jersey – How can I get from New Brunswick to either Forest Hills in Queens or Manhattan…?

by public transportation..

Administrator answers:

NY Transit to Penn Station in Manhattan. From there, you should be able to get a Queens-bound E subway to Forest Hills.

Mary asks…

Good Doctor in Queens/Forest Hills?

Does anyone know a good general doctor in Queens/Forest Hilss area? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

You might want to ask it in like states-new york

Helen asks…

Besides Forest Hills Gardens in Queens, are there any planned communities in New York?

Preferably closer to New York Presbyterian hospital.
thanks for trying but i mean private communities, like very suburban areas with big houses, private gardens etc.
thank you both

Administrator answers:

Chelsea Landmark
Carnegie Hill Place
The Trump World Tower
Jackson Heights
Lafrak City
Spring Creek
Riverton Houses
Co-Op City
Peter Cooper Village-Stuyvesant Town

to name a few.

Good luck

Carol asks…

Turning left onto Queens Blvd. in Forest Hills – what’s legal?

I just moved to Forest Hills and am trying to learn the rules of the road! When turning left from a side street (say 76th Rd.) onto Queens Blvd. do you have to turn into the service lane or is it legal to turn into the main drag of the Blvd?

Also, is it legal to turn right on red in Queens?


Administrator answers:

In New York City, it is not legal to amke a right turn on a red light, unless there is a sign at the intersection saying you can. If that sign isn’t there and you make the right on red and a cop sees you, you will get pulled over for going through a red light.

If it is a regular street that crosses through queens boulevard, you can turn into the express or local lanes. Unless it says that you can’t, you can turn into the express or local lanes.

Also, if you drive along queens boulevard, there are some cutovers where you can swith between local and express lanes.

Mandy asks…

What time do freshmans start school in Forest Hills High School?

Forest Hills in Queens.
Orientation said 10:27AM for freshmans…

Administrator answers:

It depends on your schedule…

Lisa asks…

ANY 1 PLEASE HELP!! need advise on forest hills high school in queens new york?

see at the end of my freshman year in high school i want 2 transfer 2 forest hills high school. i wanna know if it will be easy 2 transfer there even though i live in queens and is it worth transferring there or just stay at my current high school

Administrator answers:

Hey man i go to forest hills high school its totally worth it, we all smoke the dubee man u know where i’m coming from, lot of shirt lifters too so u should fit right in mommys boy

Betty asks…

when you get into the forest hills high school in queens, can you change your subject to another subject?HELP!?

like for example, from law and humanities to science and math?

Administrator answers:

Yes you can; just go to the counselor.

Susan asks…

I live in NYC in queens forest hills area. My mother passed away a few days ago.?

I need help finding out where I can go for help with money. The rent is about $1350. Can anyone tell me if I go Social Security office, will they be able to help me with money? I have no dad, no mom, no siblings. What can i do to pay this much rent with help from the government, please everyone who knows at least something, answer this question for me because i’m very worried about rent and bills and i am not even 21 years old yet…. please help…

Administrator answers:

Well, first of all, be very careful because, if the apartment was in your Mom’s name, the landlord may try to illegally evict you to get the apartment back, hoping that you won’t know that it’s against the law for him to do that.

So watch out and don’t let him get away with it… As her direct descendent you’re entitled to live there and he cannot evict you, and he must offer you a renewal lease when the current one expires!

Second of all, yes, contact the Social Security Administration and see about getting any death benefits that are due to you.

Also, go through ALL of her papers very carefully and see if maybe she had a life insurance policy that you didn’t know about, and if she worked, then see if her former employer had a life insurance policy on her or if they offer any death benefits, too.

Also, as you go through her papers, look for evidence that maybe she owned some stocks or bonds or savings bonds, too, and if you find them, they’ll be a source of income for you, too.

Good luck, and the link below is to the Social Security Website…

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