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Your Questions About Forest Hills Queens Ny

September 25, 2012

Mary asks…

Queens,NY houses for sale

I’m looking for a house for sale in Queens, NY

preferably in Forest hills pleasee =]

Administrator answers:

Chris asks…

Where can I find a hair salon in Queens or Nassau county (NY) that uses AlfaParf hair color products?

This is very time-sensitive. I need a colorist who is very good with fragile hair and sensitive scalp. I have processed hair (Hawaiian straightening), and must use non-permanent color. I am looking for a hairdresser who specializes in coloring hair. I use AlfaParf Dolce Color #5. I am looking to find a colorist preferably in the area between northeastern Queens and western Nassau; especially in Forest Hills, Bayside, or Great Neck, NY. I would rather not have to travel into Manhattan, or going east past Manhasset in the north or Glen Cove in mid-county, Nassau. Thanks for any help you can give.

Administrator answers:

In Brooklyn – Aida Spa:

David asks…

High school trouble,please answer if you go to high school in Queens, NY or if you teach here!?? :/?

Hey guys. So I go to Forest Hills High School in Queens, NY. I am in the Carl Sagan Science Reserach Program and am a 9th grader. Ever since the 3rd day of school I’ve been begging the guidacne counselor to transfer me to the Law Program because I know I’ll do a lot better in Law than in Science but she says I can’t at all and this is my program for the next 4 years.

But my old guidacne counselor from middle school and my mom’s friend who is an high school teacher said that I can transfer programs once in high school. I know I should have wrote it down the first time but I didn’t know that the sicence reseacrh program involved so much science.

I ended up reapplying for high schools in October and am now wating to see if I get into Francis Lewis or Bayside for Humanities.

SO my question is…. can I change fro the Science program to the Law Program in high school or is the school just messing with me?

Sorry for any mispellings and grammar mistakes… kind of in a rush. Oh and no rude answers.

Thank you in advance everyone and enjoy your day =)

Teachers and students are wlcome to answer

Administrator answers:

You should be able to change programs.

Down here in Texas, we can change programs/classes if we have a good reason.

I think your reason is good, you want a better future for yourself.

Betty asks…

I want to help out in my community. How can I help?

I’m 14 almost 15 in August and I have my work permit, I’m just looking for volunteer oppurtunities. No pay. Is there anything you know of aroung Rego Park/Forest Hills in Queens, NY. A Soup Kitchen, hospital volunteer, Big sister, anything.

Administrator answers:

Call 211 and tell them about your interests; there is plenty to do!

Lizzie asks…

Train from CT to Queens, NY?

Hi guys :)

I live in CT..Waterbury area.
I just came in contact with one of my old friends, and we both want to see each other.
He lives in Woohaven, Queens, NY

I need to find a train that can get me from CT to the Queens area (perferablly Forest Hills, Woohaven Boulevard, etc.) area.

Can someone help me/send me the link to a page that can give me information on what trains i’d be taking..prices..etc.

If it helps, I would be staying there overnight for a day, possibly two…So I would need roundtrip prices.

Please and thank you!

Administrator answers:

Take Metro-North’s New Haven Line (Waterbury Branch) from Waterbury to Grand Central Terminal. You might have to change trains at Stamford in order to continue your trip to The City.

Once in Grand Central, a connection can be made to the #7 subway line (Purple Line on the subway map). Take the Queens-bound (eastbound) 7 train from Grand Central to Broadway-74th Street, where a transfer can be made to the Forest Hill-bound (eastbound) “M” or “R” train (Orange or Yellow Line), which will take you to Woodhaven Blvd.

Once you exit the subway at Woodhaven Blvd, you can take a taxi or a bus to your final destination in the area.

The fare on the subway is $2.25 one way ($4.50 round trip) and a round trip off peak ticket on Metro-North will cost you $25.

I hope this information is very helpful.

Good luck
Native New Yorker

James asks…

Could I Transfer to Another School Next Year?

My reasons for transferring is

School is
Overcrowded as fuck
Barely No Clubs or Teams
Supposely you had to try out during the summer and clubs/teams are full
No Lockers in Hall way Except GYM)
You have to carry a bookbag to every class
Boring as hell
Same schedule everyday
Eduacation there sucks
I have made alot friends but makes no difference
The most stupid as Fuck rules
i only went there because its the closest school there.

I live in Forest Hills,Queens,NY
I want to transfer the next semester maybe around March or finish 9th grade and go to a different school in !0th. My friend did that.

Hs is not what i expected
NO bullies
No cliques
No Drama
Just like Middle School

Administrator answers:

Wow sounds like my school

Carol asks…

any one know ,where is a very busy town in NY staten island,som like forest hills,rego park …….bay ridge?

Please help ,i live in Queens ,never go to staten island .

Administrator answers:

Probably the biggest and busiest area in Staten Island is New Dorp, especially along New Dorp Lane. Others would include Forest Avenue and the Greenridge area, plus Tottenville, which is so remote even for Staten Island it is almost another world. The Staten Island Mall and the shopping areas that have grown up around it also is quite busy, perhaps even the busiest.

Sandy asks…

How to catch a TAXI on 113th Street around 75 Ave Station in Queens, NY?

How to catch a NYC Yellow Cab on a small street one block from Queens Blvd in Forest Hills?

Yellow cabs run on Queens BLVD but not on 113th Street in the FH/Kew Gardens area (75 Ave Sta area). It’s also difficult to find available ones even on Queens Blvd. If there are big suitcases, you don’t want to walk to the Blvd just to look for a cab for half an hour.
Do you know the best way to catch a taxi smoothly to go to JFK airport?

It does not matter if it’s not a NYC yellow cab as long as they are reasonable ($12 or so) and reliable, or if they take a credit card.

It would be nice to hear the answer ASAP as I have to leave really soon.
Thank you very much.

Administrator answers:

Call a taxi service like Dial-7. They will pick you up at your door.

If you want a Medallion Yellow Cab, they pick up passengers at 71st Continental and Queens Boulevard, outside the Charles Schwab brokerage office.

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