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October 8, 2012

Paul asks…

Where can i play tennis in Queens NY?

I’ve been wanting to improve my tennis skills. It’s been a while since i don’t play. I want to know where can i go to play tennis. i would like a cheap court. i don’t have a lot of money.i don’t need tennis lessons. I just need a court. I live in Forests Hills.

Administrator answers:

Try the Forest Hills Tennis Meet Up group. It sounds like fun and they may play at different public parks like Kessena or Cunningham or on the Hallowed grounds itself – Flushing Meadows public court.

Ruth asks…

Bottomless Coffee in Queens, NY?

I’m looking for cafes or restaurants that offer bottomless coffee in Forest Hills, Rego Park area of Queens, New York. It doesn’t have to open 24/7. I just want to have a nice place for a group of people to hang out, etc. Thanks for all the help.
ETA: bottomless = free refills, yes

Administrator answers:

If it is your intention to take up a table for hours and just keep ordering the free coffee, it isn’t fair to the waitstaff. You shouldn’t keep a table for that long – the waitress is entitled to new customers and more tips. If you’re going to “hang out”, please go to a self-service place, pay for each cup of coffee and stay as long as you like.

James asks…

GRE Classes in New York and Queens?

I am looking for an excellent GRE class in NY . I leave in Forest Hills in Queen and I would like to find a ” high quality ” and ” good price , not expensive at all … ” GRE class in Manhattan or in queens in order to study hard and apply for my PhD 3 month . What do you recommend ?

People who did pass their GRE with good grades have any recommendation ? Please let me know because I would like to have a very good grade …

Administrator answers:

GRE class in NY

Lisa asks…

how mush dose it cost spiterman 3 in UA Midway Stadium 9?

108-22 Queens Blvd., Forest Hills, NY, 11375

Administrator answers:


$8 before 3pm

did you mean Spiderman ?? I haven’t seen Spiterman or Spiterman 2.

Carol asks…

puppy/obedience class in Queens, NY?

Hi, just wondering if someone can help me out. I just got a shiba puppy he’s 2 months and a half, and would love to enroll him in a class but he gets car sick and i would rather it be some what near to my house if possible. I live near Forest Hills. Closest petsmart is in long Island and closest petco is in Union Square in manhattan….. Help! Suggestions?

Administrator answers:


Joseph asks…

how to view class lessons onnline?

I go to forest hills high school in queens,NY and my teachers told me that they posted up lessons onnline on the site,however,I don’t know how to get to them or what I have to do to get to them.I tried all options but I can’t find it.Please help me only if you are a forest hills high school student who knows how to view lessons onnline in their site.

Administrator answers:

I suggest getting ahold of a classmate, I have never heard of that school and I doubt anyone else here knows how to help you, as this is in the dancing section. I hope this helps and good luck :)

Donna asks…

good jewish neighborhoods in ny or nj?

Im very confused on wear to look to move. I have a 16 month old and second on the way. We are not frum but we do shabat every friday and saturday, we use the phone and tv but we dont go out or spend money. we observe all the holidays, we go to an orthodox shul. I (a woman) wear pants and no head covering but we are kosher in the house and out. we live in forest hills queens now, but have decided its time for a house. I dont like great neck as i feel its a bit too flashy and people arent so nice. Im looking for a nice town where i can fit in and that has kosher supermarket and resteraunts and nice houses at good prices, good schools and jewish schools with an orthodox synagogue that is modern. I am half sephardi half ashki and my husband is sephardi. so if there is a sephardi synagogue thats a plus, otherwise ashki will do fine. please help! (someone reccomended marlboro new jersey? true?) 0h, also, i need a good town, preferably one i can walk to, im a stay home mom working parttime from home.

Administrator answers:

Flatbush, A part of Queens has a nice Jewish section, BoroPark – if you want to live among the Hassidic, Brooklyn if you want a mixture,
Long Island also has a nice presence.

(New York)

If you want a nice area and are willing to go a little further, Illinois is very nice.

In Chicago there’s a lot of opportunity to be in an area with nice communities. West Rogers Park has at least 4-5 Orthodox synaogoues. Skokie has 5 or 6 Orthodox Synagogues, a Conservative and a couple reform temples, and a couple of Chabads.

There’s Solomon Schecter schools, or Beis Yakoov, Cheder H.S., Keshet for disabilities… THere’s 3 kosher supermarkets, …

But, I don’t know what your needs are, you want a home and I don’t know what the cost would be in the new york neighborhoods.

Teaneck NJ seems to be the hotspot of Jewish life there… But in Illinois the cost of buying a home can be starting at $400,000 for 3 bedrooms, smaller home, to $1.5 million for 4 bedrooms.

Jenny asks…

Can I research a NY disbarment?? And where??

My mother in law (59) is in love with some guy in NY (50) that she met through a fried at her synagogue who claims to have been a great lawyer in NY at one time but who “inadvertently got into some trouble” and is now on PROBATION FOR SOMETHING SO “simple and silly” like “mistakenly” stealing some funds from a client. But then he gave it back, as he became fanatically religious. Oh ok.

He is now on 6 years of probation. These are all the details she has. I am, of COURSE, frantic to find out a great deal more. She is not. That his “rabbi has forgiven him” and says he has “changed” is good enough for her. Oh ok.

I know only his first and last name and his address in Forest Hills in Queens.
Surely the details are public knowledge, no? Can I look this up? He was disbarred because of whatever he actually DID do. He is awfully comfortable telling that same exact story to anyone who asks about it, without actual details, of course.
Aah! She wants to marry him now. Right now.

Administrator answers:

From an attorney. The link below is a complete list of all department phones numbers for the New York Bar Association. If there was a disbarment lawsuit filed you can go down to the courthouse and look at the court’s file for all the details of the disbarment.

Nancy asks…

Halloween party in queens?

I need to find a lounge or club that’s gonna have a party tmr— find me a place please in Queens, NY preferably in the fresh meadows, flushing, kew gardens, or forest hills area
add links if possible

Thanks! I need it to be friday (tmr) around 8 or 9

Administrator answers:

Hit long island.

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