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November 4, 2012

Nancy asks…

bathing suit help! any tankini stores?

i live in forest hills, ny, and i need a tankini. i went to almost EVERYWHERe possible, and i found a few tankinis… but not my size. let’s just say im developed. but the thing is, no matter where i went, i couldn’t find anything! do you know any stores in the queens center mall to department stores around queens that sell tankinis? or a bathing suit store in general around queens!!?? THANKS SO MUCH =]

Administrator answers:

Hey darling, i dont live around there…but i thought if you couldnt find any tankinis in the stores, maybe you could try buying some offline, here are a few cute ones:

Im sure other stores have them, and what you should buy an xl top..or whatever size you are, and a bottom that fits you down there. I hope you find what your looking for. :)

Lisa asks…



Administrator answers:

Www,, search in your state and search for apartments/homes.

Donald asks…


well you see ive been searching for a week now to try to find a shcool that teaches eathier judo or jujitsu i went to look at several schools and they turned up a shot down. some are too far and some are just new and no experienced teachers. i live in elmhurts queens ny, i am willing to travel to eathier steinway or forest hills or maspeth or anywhere to find a good school. please any suggestions or sites i can check out ?

Administrator answers:

You live in the area and can’t find a good school. Most of us live nowhere near you. How do you expect us to find a school any better? Just keep looking. If you still can’t find one, you may have to accept that there aren’t any good schools in your area. Have you considered any other martial arts?

Daniel asks…

Any thoughts on Kweller Prep School or Nationwide Master for SAT preparation?


I’m talking about the Kweller prep school in Forest Hills, or Nationwide Master in Flushing.
I’m looking into SAT prep schools & i’m wondering if anybody has went to either one of those schools and can share their thoughts on it.

I’ve only read 5-star reviews on Kweller, so it makes me a tad skeptical..

Please leave your opinions, and what are you general thoughts about them or the school you’re mentioning!

Administrator answers:

Both programs are good. I went to Mega for the SHSAT (got into Stuyvesant) and to Kweller Prep for the SAT (got into NYU Stern) and the SAT 2. I scored a 2250 on my SAT, 740 Math I, 780 Chem, and 690 Physics. My Asian friends went to Nationwide and it was a lot like Mega, just not so clean, they said.

Kweller Prep is the best if you want a small center and a lot of personal attention. Kweller Prep is run by a lawyer and very strict. Mega and Nationwide are huge. Huge Asian population. Kweller Prep has small rooms and about 4 to 10 kids in a group.

Kweller Prep also has a better location, in Forest Hills rather than in congested flushing.

-MEGA is really good but driving there sucks. It’s on a one way street and it will take you forever to get there. I got stuck on Main Street regularly on my way there and two blocks can take almost an hour during rush hours. There is no shortcut way to get to Mega because it’s on a one-way street, so you have to go through main street to get there.

- KWELLER PREP is located in the Parker Towers building in Forest Hills, on Queens Blvd & 69th Avenue. It is right near Austin Street and really easy to get to by the E or F trains or a variety of buses. The office is located on the first floor of a 24-hour doorman building.


-At MEGA, you sit on metal chairs in a room with over thirty kids. Mega is mostly Asian students who have already gone there for SHSAT prep. It’s in a large building. The rooms are large and very clean. There are over 30 kids in a room. If you need personal attention, good luck getting it.

-KWELLER PREP – classes at Kweller are smaller in size (8 kids at most at Kweller Prep whereas there are about 35 in each class at Nationwide and Mega. At Kweller, the instructors are able to give a lot more attention and help to each individual student. Aside from group tutoring, Kweller Prep also concentrates heavily on one-on-one tutoring.


-KWELLER PREP offers one-on-one and small group tutoring, which is taught by students who attend Ivy League institutions and prestigious high schools, such as Stuyvesant, or other Universities that are top notch. I feel as though being taught by tutors who are around my age, as opposed to an adult, makes it easier for me to understand the material. Students are also more in tune with recent changes and updates and really helpful regarding the college admissions process. Kweller Prep tutors have taken the SAT or SAT 2 subject tests and aced it.
Kweller Prep is really strict and the hiring department makes you log in to verify your SAT and Subject test scores at the center, so there is no way that you can lie about your score.

- MEGA ACADEMY offers mostly large group tutoring. Mega hires certified teachers. This is good because they all have teaching credentials and can handle a large classroom. The teachers design their own materials too. Personally, I really Kweller Prep teachers more because I really liked having a younger tutor who had just gone through the college application process himself or herself.


KWELLER PREP has a nice couch, comfy chairs, and lots of free snacks. They have Mac Computers and print stations for virtually unlimited printing at the center. They give students access to everything. Kweller had Ipads, Mac books, and PC’s, and a smart board for students to use.
MEGA doesn’t have any modern technology. Mega has hard metal chairs you are expected to sit on for three hour stretches. The rooms at Mega are really large, and kind of intimidating.

MEGA Offers a 7 week Summer Camp for 3 hours each. They review SAT Math & Reading only. Mega charges extra for SAT Writing. Mega charges for any snacks and refreshments you may want.

KWELLER PREP has an 8 week Summer Camp. The 3 hours include SAT writing and they give a full-length SAT test Every Friday. Kweller Prep offers free snacks and refreshments to anyone in their courses. The kids also have access to a fridge to bring their own food.
I know that Kweller Prep’s AM Summer Camp is already sold out. They max out at about 8 kids per class. The PM Class (Called “Sleep In Come In) is from 2:00 pm -5:00 pm and the evening class (“beach then teach”) is from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

John asks…

I didn’t get matched to any school in round 1 but, got one match in round 2 that i absolutely hate?

I had a 95 average in seventh grade, 2 medical absences, never late, good conduct, and right now i have a 97 average. In round 1 i applied to townsend harris and hunter but didnt get matched. I didnt apply to other schools because i missed alot of deadlines. (I go to private school and my guidance counselor doesnt really help or helped because she kept trying to persuade me to go to catholic school, which i cant afford) . So in round 2 i applied to forest hill’s zoned program (i live in astoria), bayside, and other schools (8 total). I got matched to my last resort choice…queens prepratory academy. I hate it. I dont want to go there. I would have been happy with any other school on ny list, any school at all. a couple months ago when i got my first results my mom went to the department of education and the lady she spoke to said if i didnt get matched to the program she might be able to do something for us. Im crying right now because i cant believe this. I feel like i did all this work for nothing, like i wont be able to do anything. Im not special ed, i dont have any medical issues, or safety issues, i live in astoria though and the school is in jamaica but, there is no guarentee that i’ll be accpeted anywhere and even if i did file for an appeal, i wouldnt know what schools to put down my 3 choices. i need advice, help me please! Thanks

Administrator answers:

You can appeal your placement, but there are limited reasons for appealing.

Here is a blog post about the appeals process from the website – its from last year, but the process is essentially the same.


Here is another post from insideschools from this week, but it’s short. Read the comments though. There is a lot of good info there.


But, before you appeal, read up on the high school admissions process more on – its a non-profit website set up to help kids and parents navigate the school system. It’s a bit late to start doing this, but it might help you with the appeal, and even if it doesn’t, it will help you apply for transfer next year.

Start by going to the tab at the top for high school. You can do a search for particular kinds of high schools in particular locations. They provide you with reviews of every school. And the reviews are worthwhile, they are NOT must test scores!

Pay particular attention to school’s listed as noteworthy on insideschools – those are the schools they particularly like!

Good luck.

Sandra asks…

The best ginecology in forest hills, Queens, NY? Dr Solaima soukkary?

Hi , tomorrow I will get a surgery with Dr Solaima Soukkary, I just have a miscarriage, so she’s going to clean all the tissues that i have inside.

I will like to know if you guys know her, I wrote her rewies and everybody says she is a good doctor.

I would like to know if she is really good?


Administrator answers:

The people on Y!A are from all over the world. All over the US, Canada, UK, Australia, etc. Chances are extremely small that someone who knows this doctor would see your question right now.

But you can look her up on this site and see what people have said about her:

Good luck with your procedure!

*edit* looks like she’s good

Lizzie asks…

How do I get to The Forest Hills Jewish Center in Queens, NY from Hoboken, NJ via mass transit?

I have to get to the Forest Hills Jewish Center in Queens, NY from Hoboken, NJ by taking subways and such. I know how to get to the PATH station in Hoboken, and i am familiar with the 33rd st PATH train. I am unfamiliar with the NY area, however. The address is:

106-06 Queens Blvd
(the entrance is between 69th Rd. and Austin St.)

I was told that I could take the E or F train to 71st Continental. Which PATH train do I take and what stop do I get off on when I go? Where can I catch the E or F trains? If you could think of a better way to get there, please let me know. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Take the Queens-bound (F) train at Herald Square and take it to Forest Hills/71st Avenue. You take the PATH to 33rd Street and then follow the signs to the (F).

If the (F) is too crowded and an (M) comes first, you can also take it to Forest Hills, though it will be slower because it’s local.

I hope this information was very helpful.

Steven asks…

good jewish neighborhoods in ny or nj?

Im very confused on wear to look to move. I have a 16 month old and second on the way. We are not frum but we do shabat every friday and saturday, we use the phone and tv but we dont go out or spend money. we observe all the holidays, we go to an orthodox shul. I (a woman) wear pants and no head covering but we are kosher in the house and out. we live in forest hills queens now, but have decided its time for a house. I dont like great neck as i feel its a bit too flashy and people arent so nice. Im looking for a nice town where i can fit in and that has kosher supermarket and resteraunts and nice houses at good prices, good schools and jewish schools with an orthodox synagogue that is modern. I am half sephardi half ashki and my husband is sephardi. so if there is a sephardi synagogue thats a plus, otherwise ashki will do fine. please help! (someone reccomended marlboro new jersey? true?) 0h, also, i need a good town, preferably one i can walk to, im a stay home mom working parttime from home.
thanks for the info. as for the people who come on here to leave hate messages, its totally uncalled for. we dont do that to you so please stop wasting your time looking for places to leave your ignorance. Im sure there are better ways to use your time. like reading a book.
thanks to everyone else.
I have to add a note: I grew up going to a chabad that was completely welcoming of me even tho i dont cover my head or wear pants, i still go there when i see my parents cause they go there. My rabbi now in queens is also chabad and hes amazing and never judges. I dont prefer a conservative synagogue. I like an orthodox synagogue, but im really stuck cause there isnt that many happy mediums for people like me. unless i move to montreal! which i dont think my hubby will agree with!

Administrator answers:

Try East Brunswick New Jersey or any of the towns in that area. East Brunswick has many types of shuls, of many different levels of observance. There are a lot of Jewish people in that area and you should probably find a group where you will fit in.

In Edison NJ (not far from there) there is a Jewish Day School, but it’s become more orthodox than it was when I was a kid (I went there, but it was more liberal back then – the 1960s.)

EDIT: As to the person who suggested Park Slope – I live in Park Slope now. It’s a wonderful place for someone who is like you, but NOT because of Chabad!!! Chabad is NOT the kind of organization that you would want to look for if you wear pants and don’t cover your head, etc.

There is a nice Conservative Shul in Park Slope that is very traditional in the kind of services and religious practice, but very liberal socially. It’s called the Park Slope Jewish Center. It is very accepting of all kinds of Jews, but you should know that it encourages women to take full part in services and that Gay people are very welcome there. (I like that about PSJC. To me it’s inclusive, but you might not feel that way.)

But the services there seem very much like the ones I attended as a child (I grew up going to both Orthodox and Conservative shuls as a kid.) There are some English passages occasionally, but it’s mostly in Hebrew, and the whole service, not just little bits and peices. AND the entire congregation really participates!!! People know how to read Hebrew, and everyone joins in and sings along all the time. It’s a wonderful service!


I know that you were asking about Orthodox shuls. I wouldn’t normally have suggested a Conservative shul to you, except for the fact that we get a lot of people who were Orthodox but find that there is no longer an Orthodox shul that they like because most of them have become more frum.

I don’t say that this shul is for you. But there are a lot of people in this shul that sound like you. But it is very socially liberal, as I say.

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