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Your Questions About Forest Hills Queens Rentals

June 23, 2012

David asks…

brokers in NYC – how should i deal with them?

Hi all, i am abt to start looking for a 1 bedrm apt rental in queens(forest hills area)…. most of the listings i find involve brokers… and seems like i will inevitably have to go to one! how should i deal with them to make sure i dont get ripped off? whats the fee, generally? do i have to pay a broker for finding an apt if the building is no-fee? should the broker fee be negotiated early on or after i find an apt? also, are there instances where the landlord is responsible fr paying the broker fee and not the tenant?
its all overwhelming, any tips would be appreciated!

Administrator answers:

Generally you pay 1 months rent to find a place for you!

Good Luck!

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