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July 11, 2013

Betty asks…

What do Apartment Complexes normally check?

If I were to go rent an apt. from an Apartment Complex,what do they normally check on or what kind of a report do they have / use?
What pulls verses what information you give to them and what they will find out?

And what does / can it show up on you?

Does it show up the good AND bad things,
and if so what is that?

(I don’t think I have anything on my record at all, however I am not 100% sure, so I would like to find out how, what, when, where, why, Before Igo to fill out a Rental Application, just to be sure)

Administrator answers:

Most places tell you they will check:

Rental History
Employment History
Criminal (Which includes traffic)

Some places check nothing, others check everything. The biggest hurdle is always going to be criminal charges, followed by credit problems or defaulted leases.

If you have concerns about your criminal or traffic histories, your county Sherriff’s department can run a check for you. Most have their own form, and some charge for it while others don’t.

If you are not looking urgently, you can also request credit report from all three tracking companies. Unlike the “” like companies (which require you to sign up for a pay service before you get anywhere) Federal law mandates that each of the three major companies supply you with one free report per year. You may have to request them by mail, but it is actually free (after postage :)

Also, you should be aware that any time you are rejected for credit, you have 30 days to request the report used to come to that decision.

You should also be aware that each attempt to receive credit (where you actually approve the search) is listed as an inquiry on your credit report. Too many inquiries can also cause for alarm for both credit companies and rental agencies. (It looks like you are fishing for credit.) Searches done by credit card companies BEFORE they send you a “pre-approved offer” are not listed as inquiries.

If you have no or little credit history, utility companies are usually willing to issue a letter stating that your accounts have been in satisfactory standing for X number of years.

Experian (formerly TRW), Equifax, and TransUnion have teamed up to provide a central clearing house for these requests at:

About 50% of the time, you will go through all the forms then be told there is something about your report that prevents immediate viewing. At that point, it will link to a form that can be submitted by mail. If you want to skip trying, the link to the form is:

The mailing address and additional requirements are:

Annual Credit Report Request Service
P.O. Box 105281
Atlanta, GA 30348-5281

Please include with the attached form a copy of one item in EACH of the categories below in order to enable us to verify your identification and address. The item you submit from the “Identity” category MUST contain your Social Security Number and the item you submit from the “Address” category MUST contain your current home mailing address.

Social Security card
Pay stub with Social Security Number
W2 form

Driver’s license
Rental or lease agreement/house deed
Pay stub with address
Utility bill (gas, electric, water, cable, residential telephone bills)

To ensure that your request is processed without delay, please enlarge photocopies of any items that contain small print (i.e. Driver’s license, W2 forms, etc). To avoid additional delays, keep in mind that if photocopies you submit are not legible or contain highlighting, we may ask that you resubmit your request with more legible documents.

This is probably way more than you were asking for, but I hope it helps.

Good Luck :)

Robert asks…

i need legal info. about signing a lease for my first apartment?

i would just like to know is there anything particular i should add or look for in my lease. i cant afford to go through a real estate agent so i,m pretty much on my own.

Administrator answers:

There is no such thing as a “break out clause” It is up to you to personally inspect your unit before moving it. Then you fill out an inventory and condition form to mark anything that is either in need of repair ar spots on carpet, etc, so you are not charged for them.

Just to clear this up, if you use an agent to move somewhere, the landlord pays for the agent, not you. So you’ll get the service for free and also your lease will be written on a form that has been tested in court thousands of times.

George asks…

Could someone explain Taxe Scolaire (school tax?) in Montreal, Canada?


I own an apartment in central Montreal. I am a UK citizen living most of my time in the UK so I rent out my apartment most of the time.

I recently received an invoice from ‘Comite de gestion de laTaxe Scolaire’ totalling nearly CAD1000 for the last two and a half years.

I don’t understand what this tax is for and where a) I should be paying it as a non-Canadian resident or b) if it should be me (the property owner) or my tenant (the resident) who is legally responsible for paying it?

Anyone with experience in this area able to help me out?


Administrator answers:

Hello…okay, I’ll try to explain that to you…
School tax is what makes Public School free in Montreal, here is some info:

School taxes are a significant portion 24% of the school board’s annual budget. In an effort to maintain its educational objectives the council of commissioners has mandated the administration to collect all taxes which are in arrears.

The school tax invoice issuance date is in mid-August with payment due date for mid-September (for a precise date, please see date given on invoice). This will cover the period of July 1st to June 30th of the current year. The taxation rate is $0.35 per $100 of evaluation. All accounts in arrears carry an interest rate of 16% (calculated daily 0.0438%). Non payment could result in legal intervention.

Tax Sections:
School taxes are collected from property owners in accordance with the current Education Act.
Section 304 (In summary) An individual property owner with children in the Western Quebec School Board must pay school taxes to this board.
Section 305 (In summary) An individual property owners who resides on the school board’s territory would be billed, either from the English (WQ) or the French school board, depending on which electoral list their names appears.
NOTE: The law permits an individual to choose on which electoral list he/she would have their name appear. Outside of a revision period for elections, one may request, in writing to the Director General of the School Board that their name be added to the current electoral list. Exact name in full, date of birth, gender, full domicile address and signature are necessary to fulfill the request. The school board has made a form available to facilitate this procedure.
Section 306 (In summary) An individual who resides outside of the school board’s territory (non-elector) but who owns property within the territory may choose which school board they want to support.
Section 307 (In summary) Property owners not within the above three sections (companies, organizations, associations, clubs, etc.) are billed by both the English and the French school boards on a percentage basis. This percentage is determined by the ratio of children in attendance at school with the school boards who share the territory. The sum of the percentage from the English and the French board would be 100%.

Unfortunatelly for you, it is set up by districts, so the way people get charge is when they have a property a particular district they pay taxes there, even if you don’t live there (that meens you get revenus from your property) you have to pay it.
Yes you have to pay your School taxes even if you are a non-resident, because you pay as an owner. The tax goes with the property and not the person living in it…the tenant as nothing to do with this tax. You may want to ajust your tenant’s lease if you want it to absorb this bill, but you can’t just boost a lease like that …you may want to check out La Regie du Logement’s Site at :
for that.

The way I see it is that School tax is there for us to pay for the education of the children as they will pay for us when we are elderly and they will be working…
Unfortunatelly you may not be here when you are elderly…but that the way it works…
I hope this will help you.

Chris asks…

Landlord and tenants act? Canada?

I will try to summarize this the best I can.
My sister and I lived in an apartment our lease ran out in August so they upped the rent from 1800$ to 1900$. We decided that we couldnt pay this anymore so we did not sign and renew the lease for september. So On Septemeber 6th I went to ask to put my notice in they said we were already into the month so we couldnt leave until November. This was not acceptable because we couldnt afford it. We talked to the lady and she said if she could get the walkthrough done and get new tenants in that we could get our damage deposit back. ((of 1800) We did the walktrhough and she said that theres some things that are more than wear and tear but we would still get money back. Now she is saying that we still owe 1900 for the month of October even though we vacated the premises on Sept 29 and she promised money back. We did not have a lease agreement for september or October.. Any ideas on how we could get it back?Thanks
sorry:0) I live in Alberta
thanks Im sure its probably similar I will try calling tommorow as well.

Administrator answers:

Canada follows Common Law the same as the United States. You would be surprised to learn that these sorts of disputes go back a couple hundred years to England.

A lease agreement is a contract. When your lease expired it began to be called a periodic tenancy, which either goes month to month or year to year. Typically, you must give ample notice that you will vacate. This must be within 30 days of the bill period. If you rent is due on the 1st you must give notice at least 30 days before the next 1st. An exception to this can arise if the landlord handed you the new lease without giving YOU proper notice. You must be given enough time to consider the new contract. If the terms are not agreeable to you, this is known as a constructive eviction.

In the US, you do not need a lawyer, but can file a claim in small claims court and go before a judge. You don’t have to prepare forms properly, only have a general claim upon which relief may be granted. I’m not sure about Canada, but it may follow the original code pleading of the Common Law system, in which case you must be very specific.

In the state of Pennsylvania, you may recover up to double the amount of damage deposit less damage to the property excused.

Your landlord is required to give you notification within 30-60 days and sometimes more. If your landlord gave you less than a month, you are not responsible and may recover if he/she does not pay. This is true in any English Common Law system unless a legislature changes it, but the change will most likely be in your favor.

Most attorneys will tell you the law for free if it is a quick question, just call them up

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