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January 11, 2013

Betty asks…

Nightmare of a Landlord! Help!?

My boyfriends parents are renting a condo in Mount Prospect, IL. The lease is up at the end of March and they found another place to move. Here’s the problem, the landlord is a real pain in the a$s! First, a month after they signed the lease and moved in, she asked if they could clean up bc she had people coming to look at the condo that were interested in buying it! My bf’s dad was pissed and refused to let her bc they had a 1yr lease! Then a few weeks ago she asked them about renewing, the tried to talk to her about lowering the rent, bc a condo in the same complex was renting for $150 less a month, so would only go $50 less, so they decided to look for something else. So when they told her they werent renewing, she flipped out! She was going on and on about how she lowered the rent, and blah blah blah! But they had enough of her. So now, they found an apartment, passed the credit check and are ready to move next weekend, the new landlord where they are moving to, tried to call the current landlord(the crazy lady) for a rental history, and she refuses to talk to him!!! Is this legal? Can she do this? What should they do? They moved up here from their house in Texas, so they have no other rental history!

This just in…now she is saying that she is going to Montreal until April 8th and wont be back to inspect the condo and give them their deposit back!! This lady is ridiculous! What should they do?

Thanks in advance!
Thank you Nusias9, that is what I meant about him refusing to let the landlord show the condo. They had a 1yr lease, she shouldnt have been trying to sell the condo!

But somebody brought up a good question, what should they do with the keys on March 31st when their lease is up if the landlord is out of town?

Administrator answers:

You parents need to takes tons of pictures and video record the condition of the unit. They need to make sure that they have her sign off on the key return process because if damages occurs while they have the key (which seems like crazy lady could do) they will be held responsible.

Request (via e-mail and certified letter) for a final walk-out inspection make it clear that it is your legal right to be present at the inspection and that you desire to be present…If she cannot be present tell her to assign someone to represent her for the walk-out (this can be anyone) Make the e-mail request includes the tracking number off of the certified letter.. Leases require important stuff to be via certified mail..e-mail is accept in court and a second form of notification.

Bring a tape recorder and camera. (some states allow you record if you are speaking in the conversation without letting her know it’s being recorded..check the laws out..)

Have her sign off on a walk-out inspection sheet listing damages at time of surrender..

Tell her all the information above in e-mail let her know you have some idea about tenant landlord laws .. Don’t say your recording conversations unless required by law.

She can refuse to do all the above but WHEN they take her to court for the deposit.. It well aide in giving a honest picture of the landlords character..

Don’t forget to mention interest on the deposit your parents are entitled to that as well (if required by state law).

Also local tenant landlord commission should be called.. File a complaint and have them involved as be a way to avoid a court battle. They will mediate the situation for free.

Also I just looked up law.. Here it goes:

Security Deposit money in Illinois is deemed to be security for any damage to the premises or non-payment of rent. The security deposit does not relieve the tenant of the duty to pay the last month’s rent. It must be returned to the tenant upon vacating the premises, if no damage has been done beyond normal wear and tear and the rent is fully paid. If a landlord fails to return the security deposit promptly, the tenant can sue to recover that portion of the security deposit to which the tenant is entitled.

To it must be returned when you surrender the unit! E-mail her the law! Http://

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