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January 11, 2013

George asks…

Where can i find a FREE legal Renter’s Contract?

I want to rent my house out to a friend, but want a free legal Renter’s Contract i can have them sign, please help!!

Administrator answers:

WORD has many templates, including real estate transactions. If WORD doesn’t have it loaded on your machine, there are templates available free of charge at the Microsoft site.

APARTMENT LEASE: Agreement to lease an unfurnished apartment
By this agreement, made and entered into on _________[date], between _________, referred to as “lessor,” and _________, referred to as “lessee,” lessor demises and lets to lessee, and lessee hires and takes as tenant of lessor, apartment no. _________ of the building _________[known as _________], situated at _________[address], _________[city], _________ County, _________[state], to be used and occupied by lessee as a residence and for no other use or purpose whatever, for a term of _________ years beginning on _________[date], and ending on _________[date], at a rental of $_________ per month, payable monthly, in advance, during the entire term of this lease, to lessor at _________[address], _________[city], _________ County, _________[state], or to any other person or agent and at any other time or place that lessor may designate.
It is further mutually agreed between the parties as follows:
On the execution of this lease, lessee deposits with lessor $_________, receipt of which is acknowledged by lessor, as security for the faithful performance by lessee of the terms of this lease agreement, to be returned to lessee, without interest, on the full and faithful performance by lessee of the provisions of this lease agreement.
Lessee agrees that the leased apartment shall be occupied by no more than _________[number] persons, consisting of _________[number] adults and _________[number] children under the age of _________ years without the prior, express, and written consent of lessor.
Without the prior, express, and written consent of lessor, lessee shall not assign this lease, or sublet the premises or any part of the premises. A consent by lessor to one assignment or subletting shall not be deemed to be a consent to any subsequent assignment or subletting.
Lessee grants permission to lessor to show the apartment to new rental applicants at reasonable hours of the day, within _________ days of the expiration of the term of this lease.
Lessor shall have the right to enter the leased premises for inspection at all reasonable hours and whenever necessary to make repairs and alterations of the apartment or the apartment building, or to clean the apartment.
Electricity, gas, telephone service, and other utilities are not furnished as a part of this lease unless otherwise indicated in this lease agreement. These expenses are the responsibility of and shall be obtained at the expense of lessee. Charges for _________[water and garbage service or as the case may be] furnished to the apartment are included as a part of this lease and shall be borne by lessor.
Lessor shall be responsible for repairs to the interior and exterior of the building, provided, however, repairs required through damage caused by lessee shall be charged to lessee as additional rent. It is agreed that lessee will not make or permit to be made any alterations, additions, improvements, or changes in the leased apartment without in each case first obtaining the written consent of lessor. A consent to a particular alteration, addition, improvement, or change shall not be deemed a consent to or a waiver of restrictions against alterations, additions, improvements, or changes for the future. All alterations, changes, and improvements built, constructed, or placed in the leased apartment by lessee, with the exception of fixtures removable without damage to the apartment and movable personal property, shall, unless otherwise provided by written agreement between lessor and lessee, be the property of lessor and remain in the leased apartment at the expiration or earlier termination of this lease.
Lessee shall keep no domestic or other animals in or about the apartment or on the apartment house premises without the prior, express, and written consent of lessor.
Lessee agrees that _________[he or she] will not commit waste on the premises, or maintain or permit to be maintained a nuisance on the premises, or use or permit the premises to be used in an unlawful manner.
A waiver by lessor of a breach of any covenant or duty of lessee under this lease is not a waiver of a breach of any other covenant or duty of lessee, or of any subsequent breach of the same covenant or duty.
The parties agree that any holding over by lessee under this lease, without lessor’s written consent, shall be a tenancy at will which may be terminated by lessor on _________ days’ notice in writing.
Lessee is granted a license to use parking space No. _________ in the apartment building for the purpose of parking one motor vehicle during the term of this lease.
Lessee is granted the option of renewing this lease for an additional term of _________[number] _________[months or years] on the same terms and conditions as contained in this lease agreement and at the _________[monthly or annual] rent of $_________. If lessee elects to exercise this option, _________[he or she] must give at least _________ days’ written notice to lessor prior to the termination of this lease.
At the end of the term of this lease, lessee shall quit and deliver up the premises to lessor in as good condition as they are now, ordinary wear, decay, and damage by the elements excepted.
If lessee defaults in the payment of rent or any part of the rent at the times specified above, or if lessee defaults in the performance of or compliance with any other term or condition of this lease agreement _________[or of the regulations attached to and made a part of this lease agreement, which regulations shall be subject to occasional amendment or addition by lessor], the lease, at the option of lessor, shall terminate and be forfeited, and lessor may reenter the premises and retake possession and recover damages, including costs and attorney fees. Lessee shall be given _________[written] notice of any default or breach. Termination and forfeiture of the lease shall not result if, within _________ days of receipt of such notice, lessee has corrected the default or breach or has taken action reasonably likely to effect correction within a reasonable time.
In the event the leased premises are destroyed or rendered untenantable by fire, storm, or earthquake, or other casualty not caused by the negligence of lessee, or if the leased premises are taken by eminent domain, this lease shall be at an end from such time except for the purpose of enforcing rights that may have then accrued under this lease agreement. The rental shall then be accounted for between lessor and lessee up to the time of such injury or destruction or taking of the premises, lessee paying up to such date and lessor refunding the rent collected beyond such date. Should a part only of the leased premises be destroyed or rendered untenantable by fire, storm, earthquake, or other casualty not caused by the negligence of lessee, the rental shall abate in the proportion that the injured part bears to the whole leased premises. The part so injured shall be restored by lessor as speedily as practicable, after which the full rent shall recommence and the lease continue according to its terms. Any condemnation award concerning the leased premises shall belong exclusively to lessor.
In the event possession cannot be delivered to lessee on commencement of the lease term, through no fault of lessor or lessor’s agents, there shall be no liability on lessor or lessor’s agents, but the rental provided in this lease agreement shall abate until possession is given. Lessor or lessor’s agents shall have _________ days in which to give possession, and if possession is tendered within that time, lessee agrees to accept the leased premises and pay the rental provided in this lease agreement. In the event possession cannot be delivered within that time, through no fault of lessor or lessor’s agents, then this lease and all rights under this lease agreement shall be at an end.
The covenants and conditions contained in this lease agreement shall apply to and bind the heirs, legal representatives, and assigns of the parties to this lease agreement, and all covenants are to be construed as conditions of this lease.
It is agreed that this lease agreement shall be governed by, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of _________[state].
In the event that any action is filed in relation to this lease agreement, the unsuccessful party in the action shall pay to the successful party, in addition to all the sums that either party may be called on to pay, a reasonable sum for the successful party’s attorney fees.
It is specifically declared and agreed that time is of the essence of this lease agreement.
The titles to the paragraphs of this lease agreement are solely for the convenience of the parties and shall not be used to explain, modify, simplify, or aid in the interpretation of the provisions of this lease agreement.
In witness, each party to this lease agreement has caused it to be executed at _________[place of execution] on the date indicated below.

[Signatures and date(s) of signing]

Sandy asks…

Where can I get a free rental flyer?

I’m trying to find a site that will allow me to download a free rental flyer for sub-leasing an apartment. I found one on Microsoft Office 2007 that’s exactly what I’m trying to get (with the little contact information tabs that can be ripped off at the bottom), but I don’t have Office. Does anyone know of a site where you can download actually free flyers for this sort of thing? Thanks!!

Administrator answers:

You don’t need Microsoft Office. Download openoffice for free and it will accept the Excel template.

Richard asks…

Inappropriate questions about potential apartment renters?

I inquired about an apartment listing on craiglist, and got a response asking (in template form) questions about myself including if I was married, my age, and a picture..

To be fair, he did ask normal questions like when I would move/estimated time there/income per month, etc.

But this seems like a creepy way to discriminate against people applying for this apartment.


Administrator answers:

Though this might sound a little creepy, especially the picture part. Most rental applications request the name,age and martial status of any applicant. There would be a space for anyone residing in the rental unit with you as well as their age and sex.

Web sites might be a good place to find an apartment or house to rent, if you want to go through the entire list to find one in your state and then city.

The best place to look for places to rent is to go to the yellow pages of your telephone book, look under property managers.

These individuals list properties for rent in certain areas, so make sure you select the areas in which you wish to rent.

Call several of the property managers listed there, tell them you want a list of properties that they have for rent. Some will fax, email or mail the list of local places to rent along with the address, number of bedrooms and bath rooms, amenities available, such as washer and dryers or gyms, the monthly rental of the unit. Most will include a rental application. These list will include the monthly rental required, if a lease or month to month agreement will be signed. They will also indicate if they will accept Section 8 vouchers. They will also indicate it they have disabled access, allow pets and if so the type allowed.

They might indicate a web site that you might visit to get their list of places to rent. It does not cost to get a rental list from a reputable property manager.

Some will require you to stop by their office and pick up the list. A lot of them post their list outside so the list are available 24/7 365.

Make sure you don’t fall for the scams and purchase a list as 70%-80% of these list are composed of free list they have compiled. They are not the property managers of any property in most instances.

You might also google Property managers in whatever city or community you want to live in and see what comes up. Again do not pay for this information as it is free from reliable property managers.

You might consider obtaining a crime report from the city in which you would want to reside.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


Sandra asks…

question on moving out at 18?

I am going to be turning 18 in January and i want to move out and go share an apartment with my friend. We decided on a apartment we can both afford and that we would split everything 50/50. All of the finance is taken care of. The only thing that concerns me is the law. Is there a law in the state of Texas that concerns people moving out at the age of 18. Couldnt they move out technically because they are 18?

Administrator answers:

ClayJ, you will be an ADULT when you are 18 years old, so you will be able to make your own decisions about your living situation, UNLESS you have some legal incapacity, such as a mental disability, etc. (MAVERICK_777’s comment not withstanding).

You should know whether or not you have been declared “legally incompetent”. If not, then you can legally sign a lease or rental agreement for your new apartment at 12:01 am on your birthday in January.

Before making a final decision, try discussing the situation with your family. Tell them why you want to move out, and see if there are any alternatives. Most teens I know want to move out because they have problems at home. However, moving out of the family home may cause more problems than it solves for you, if your parents are against it. Renting an apartment, groceries, utilities, transportation, etc., will cost you money every month. You might alternately be able to live at home, and use some or all of these funds to finance your continued education, so you can ultimately get a better job, and improve your life over time. What if your friend doesn’t hold up their end of the deal? Are you prepared to shoulder the load on your own? Also your parents and adult family members may be able to give you valuable advice about making your way in the world. Moving out on a bad note may chill communication between you for a time.

If moving out is really your final choice, then you are very intelligent to be concerned about the law. Learn all about your rights and responsibilities in renting an apartment, at work, your privacy, and all of the other consumer issues you will have to make decisions about for yourself as an adult. Don’t believe anything a landlord, employer, or used car salesperson tells you. Find out for yourself! Remember to read every word of every contract before you sign it, and think of the long-term consequences. The Texas State Bar has free pamphlets you can download. They should get you started.


I wish you an early “Happy Birthday” ClayJ, and the best of luck and success in managing your adult life!

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