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October 19, 2012

Carol asks…

is it normal to be very attracted to a couple gorgeous women i just met??

they work in the apartment place im going to be renting,& there both gorgeous!! i felt like flirting with them,but thought it might not be right since i am just renting a place there & i try to be professional.

Administrator answers:

Yes, it is very normal, you can call it chemistry or whatever, but it’s ok, i don’t think is “unprofessional” to flirt, you’re not working there, right?, still, be careful, try not to make it a simple use it and dump it, because THAT would be uncomfortable later on…

Laura asks…

Would you be able to share an Apartment with a Gorgeous person of the opposite Gender without having Sex?


Administrator answers:

Yes yes yes ! =)

Lisa asks…

White walls, beige carpet and a gorgeous blue, red and cream colored quilt. What shade of curtain?

I’m completely lost on this one. I’ve been leaning to a cream/beige colored curtain, something in a traditional style. Any ideas or help? Will a natural colored curtain look bad on a stark white wall? I can’t paint in my apartment. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Use blue for the curtains, and it does not have to be the same shade of blue, but in the same family. If you have an overstuffed chair in the bedroom, continue this theme with pillows of beige, blue, cream, tossed onto it.
I find that it helps if I go to a paint store and get swatches of color and take them home and try them against each other.

Paul asks…

Which of these 3 apartments would you go for?

My boyfriend and I are having an apartment dilemma! We’ve found 3 at the same price, but can’t decide between them. Want to help me decide?! :-)

The first is in a brilliant location and is gorgeous; but it has curved outer walls, odd-shaped rooms and a small lounge with a slightly awkward pillar in the middle which divides the room into 2. This one gives us the biggest buzz, but we don’t know if the space is workable.

The second is the sensible option – good sized, even rooms, 2 parking spaces (which is rare in the city centre) and in a good location. But it’s missing that x-factor!

The third is the most spacious and stunning, and has a huge balcony overlooking the city. However, the area isn’t great and it’s the furthest from town… although this area is supposed to be totally revamped in the next 5 years.

So which one would you go for?! Location and buzz, the sensible choice, or the stunning one in the currently bad area?

Thanks guys! xx Emmie
I should have said – we’re buying, not renting :-)

Administrator answers:

I would go for the one that is likely to make the most money come resale time. If you are renting either of these places, then you can make whichever decision you like, but if you are thinking of buying it, then you want to make sure that you will be able to sell it, at a good profit, when the time comes, in which case, things like wow factor and stunning views may well count less than good size rooms and two parking spaces. If you are spending money to buy, then the sensible option is just exactly that. Chances are you will be able to resell it easily at a good price, especially if you do the decor particularly well. Nice neutral colours with accent colours and keep it nice and open to maximise the space.

Although the third one could well be a good investment if you intend to stay in it long term, bad areas do so often become good, and then so good that everybody wants a slice of the action, this is happening now in parts of East London due to the Olympics here in 2012, but bad areas also take a long time to lose their bad reputations, and even with massive investment, it is not always easy to create a good area out of bad, so whilst the property itself may be the best for resale, it may be that the area will prevent people from moving there when the time comes for you to sell.

The first one, is too whacky and out there to guarantee a good sale when you want to trade up, you would need to rely on somone buying it who wants that wow factor, these buyers do not come along as often as one might think, like you, people know that if they are buying, a sensible, resaleable option, is likely to be the better, and in truth, though a little duller, it is the one I would go for. The two parking spaces, generous even rooms and good area are things that people will always be looking for, and if you are buying, I would go for this type of property every time.

As I said, if you are renting, you can afford totake the chance, and it really comes down to personal choice Just think though, if you chose the one in the bad area, if you have to come home late at night on your own, slightly worse for wear, would you feel, or even be safe?

Good luck, whichever you chose.

Sharon asks…

Would you be able to share an apartment with a Gorgeous person of the opposite gender without having Sex?


Administrator answers:

Yes it is possible, But more likely you will end up having sex with each other especially if they find you attractive. One late night, a few drinks, goofy conversation and then BAM!!!!

Daniel asks…

How far is atwater from downtown (in montreal)?

I found a gorgeous apartment at a great deal in montreal (im moving from ontario) but we had our hearts set on living downtown. is it very far away, are there good bars/shops/restaurants in atwater?

Administrator answers:

It’s actually walking distance. Atwater Ave. Is the western boundary of what is considered downtown.

Near Atwater are a whole lot of bars/shops/restaurants, which cater to the Dawson College crowd. Dawson is located at DeMaisonneuve and Atwater.

Alexis Nihon Plaza, a shopping mall, is also across the street, as is the old Forum, converted into a shopping mall/movie theater complex.

You will also be very near Ste. Catherine street, with restaurants and shops galore. Head east on that strip and you reach the downtown core in less than 15 minutes.

About two blocks west is Westmount Square and its luxury shops.

Atwater metro station will also be across the street. From there, you can get to anywhere you want in town in mere minutes.

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