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July 30, 2013

Joseph asks…

How to decorate my apartment with a zen/Asian style?

I’m moving into a new, smaller apartment and would love a minimalistic, calming decor. I can’t afford to spend too much, but I am very crafty, own a sewing machine. I have a set of textured red curtains that look gorgeous.

Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

I love bamboo roman shades paired with beautiful curtains. Keep your furniture very minimal, and get a few asian inspired throw pillows for your couch, or chairs or whatever you have. Something that will match your curtains. Or you can find some fun asian inspired fabric to make the throw pillows out of (try e-bay for some cheap fabrics).

Check out this fabric, this is beautiful with a little hint of red, and it’s not tooo busy: pretty cheap on e-bay

You could do a couple of throw pillows out of that.

I would leave everything else very minimal, maybe do a nice mirrow with a big frame (black or something pretty plain). I would do a lot of natural things, like the bamboo shades, maybe a seagrass or jute rug,

Maybe a woven trunk for storage that can double as an ottoman. I recently picked up 3 of these at my local target, but they were 50% off.


They are darker in color as they appear on the website. I have used two pushed next to each other as a coffee table, and one as a side table next to a chair in my living room.

What is most important, is to bring stuff into the room that makes you feel the most comfortable in your space. I have “inspiration pieces” in all my rooms that really make the room for me. In my living room it’s a palm tree painting from a local artist here, every time I look at it, I’m absorbed into it for a little while.

In my bedroom it’s my down european pillows on my bed, They are so comfortable and comforting. Find something that you LOVE and build your room off of that. But use it as your “main attraction”.

Happy Decorating, and Happy Holidays.

Richard asks…

Thailand hotel built-in dual voltage converter in bathroom doesn’t charge toothbrush. What am I doing wrong?

I am now living in Thailand and am staying at a gorgeous executive serviced apartment that has a built-in voltage converter that one can go between 220 and 110 with a flip of a switch. I flipped the switch to 110, plugged in my toothbrush charger base and set the toothbrush in the cradle. The light blinks for about a 1 minute or so to show that it is charging but then stops blinking all together. When I test the toothbrush, it seems to be in working order. Is it still charging when it’s not blinking? Is the charger base broken? I know that the voltage difference will cause things to charge more slowly but I am not sure that it is working here at all. Does anyone understand how this works?

Administrator answers:

Hi, usually the bathroom dual voltage socket is meant for low power devices like the electric shaver. So the 110Volt outlet is not going to be that efficient in charging other electrical products, though it still might at a slower rate.

BangkokBob is probably correct in saying that the blinking light may go off when your electrical toothbrush is fully charge. It might be best to refer to your product guide or instruction sheet on the meaning of the charging light, especially if it does go off when completed charging.

The next thing you might want to consider is to check of your electrical toothbrush charger is dual powered, that is it can take either 110 or 220 volts power automatically or if there is a fused switch to switch between the 2 current supply. The 220V power outlet might be more efficient as it is the standard power supply for Thailand.

I will try to explain how to check.

One way is to look at the charger and see if it has something like 110v~220v written on it, which meant it can auto-detect and auto-regulate the charging power supply. Then you can safely use any power outlet for your charger.

If not, see if there is a rotary dial which you need to use a screwdriver to adjust from a pointer or arrow indicating 110V to the other position indicated 220V. You will need to do this carefully . Seek assistance if you are still unsure.

If all else fail, and you are stuck with a 110V power charger, then, just continue to use the 110V outlet as long as your toothbrush still works.

Whew, hope I had not been too much of a mouthful in trying to explain this to you.

By the way, which part of Thailand are you in, if you do not mind my asking?

Ruth asks…

One day an unmarried guy went to the roof of the house?

One day a bachelor or unmarried guy washed his underwear and went on to the roof of the building to put it for drying in the open sun. In the meantime, a gorgeous girl from the neighbouring apartment also came to the roof top to put her panties for drying.
the guy told her “Please remind me to remove my underwear when you remove your panties”??

basically he wanted to tell her to remind him to take his underwear after drying to his room.

Administrator answers:

LOL that’s funny.A case of say what you mean and mean what you say!

James asks…

Chow Chow dogs and apartments?

First off, please direct me to the correct forum if this is not it.

I have had the most gorgeous Chow for about a year now. While I won’t get into great detail about how I acquired her, my family rescued her from a neglectful home. She has since made us incredibly happy. She has the spunkiest personality I’ve ever seen in an animal while still being well behaved and obedient.

Our dog is a huge part of our life. We are planning on moving into an apartment within the next two months, and while I’m looking online, I’m having a tough time finding apartment complexes that allow dogs over 40-50 pounds. A few properties even list themselves as having “strict breed restrictions.” Our dog is around 60 pounds, and while she is the sweetest ball of fur ever, I know that some people who are uneducated or have had a bad experience with a Chow are incredibly weary, and because of that, Chows have a less-than-desirable reputation.

For those of you who have moved into an apartment with your pup, did you encounter any of these problems? How did you handle them, and do you have any advice for me? I’ve never rented an apartment before. I’m moving with my mom, but I’d like to help her out by doing as much of the research as I can.
I should mention that I’d like people who have experience with Chows.

Even though she is a large dog, she is a breed that IS suitable for apartments and townhomes. I’d like someone who has knowledge on this particular breed, as Chows are different than say a rottweiler or mastiff.
I would also like to state that the fact that I am moving does not mean my home or homelife is unstable, and that was a very rude comment to make.

Administrator answers:

I personally have a Chow, but I own my own home so I may not be able to help to the fullest amount. Having insurance on a dog can help, but it my also toss up a flag to the renters as they may see this as you are expecting for something to happen. Expecting to put down a large pet deposit is almost certain. I agree with Simpson G that renting from an individual would be a better bet than a major apartment since individuals usually don’t care as much and aren’t as concerned. They care more for money than they do dog worries. I see more individual people worry over potential property damage than a specific breed of dog.

I added the link to since it is simple, popular, and has an option in the search engine to look for apartments for large breeds of dogs! But you can also try the option since houses can come cheap and simple like apartments. Although the site doesn’t have an option for animals, so you will have to call the contact info on the house to learn if they accept pets. The last link I found by accident, but I thought was neat since it offers several different links to sites that may be able to help depending on your area.

Just for giggles, I know of only 3 types of people when it comes to Chows. The ones that actually know their personality (these all have Chows themselves), the haters that have heard way to many stories or have had a bad experience with a poorly trained Chow, and the ones who know nothing and approach the big fluffy dog like it will instantly adore them (hoards of women and teens in my experience).

Charles asks…

About how much would it cost a month to rent an apartment in Cape Cod next summer?

My friend and I would like to rent an apartment next summer for about a month. I’m reading listings that say for example 800/ . Does that mean per week or month? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

To be honest it kinda depends what part of the Cape you are thinking of going to… When I was younger my parents and I used to spend our summers at the Cape and for 5500 a month we rented a house but we were in Wellfleet and Im sure you can find some places but look up cape cod rentals, look according to the area you wish to be in and the time of year as well, most towns that have locals living there are pretty much ghost towns in the off season with the exception of a few tiny mom and pop stores, a cop shop maybe a church etc….

Summer is always way higher, usually after Sept or so it is considered the “off” season and will go down dramaticly I wish you the best of luck on your search and a couple of pearls to remember.. Its highly unlikely you will see the Kennedys running around Hyannisport they stay pretty much in their compound, the deeper into the cape ya go the more it will just be lighthouses, privacy for you, beach and beautiful water and hey one possitive thing the north atlantic is too cold for sharks or those little jelly things like in the Miami beaches, also look online for live feed webcams for cape cod you can some pretty good ideas too at times by just seeing ahead the place you are interested in, and absolutely nooffense here but if you have a same sex partner Provincetown is basically where alot of the coouples go that are into same sex relationships and Provincetown as tons of beautiful art to see if you are into art and art galleries

ENJOY!! And if you do end up going and taking photos I would love to see a little of my childhood summers again my parents are long gone but i love the memories =) and I almost forgot to mention I lived in Waterville ME for some time and if you want an alternative check out Bar Harbor ME, the cat ferry that takes ya to nova scotia in 3 hrs they even have original titanic deck chairs where they dock, acadia natl park is gorgeous the mountains meet the sea and george bushs daughter was proposed to there, also a little quote I remember hearing I think it was mark twain or hemmingway who said that was the eastern most point in the country and have all of america standing at your back, one other thing check out the lobster fest 4 bucks a lb for lobster is a damn good deal and ya get to see king neptune with his trident :D

Helen asks…

Considering moving to San Francisco or the Bay Area, detailed description of apartments or small houses?

Details, or don’t bother. Please list the areas, as many as possible, and describe what the good and bad areas are. If there is many apartments, condos or houses. I would not like a link to apartment/ condo website, but a detailed description of the area and whether or not there are condos/ apartments/ houses. Please include how expensive the areas would be too.
I will greatly appreciatly any answers.

If San Francisco is not your area, I’m going to be asking for ALOT! more areas. So, you can answer those too. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

The sunset:
good-you get awesome sunsets…its all homes in that district, and schools. The schools are better in this area
bad- it is always foggy, if you get a warm day its a treat

The Haight
good- culture, beautiful victorians, cute shops and cafes
bad-homeless people, rich people pretending to be homelesss, drugs, crime isnt horrible, your car will get broken into if parked overnight though. But not a lot of real violence

The marina- very foo-foo shiek, gorgeous area, clean, cute shops, decent schools,
bad-sunnier than the sunset but still can get cold, its on landfill so if an earthquake hits–there goes the neighborhood.

SoMa- very sheik, this is for singles and young couples, bars, the stadium, downtown shopping near by.
Bad- not “homey” plus it can be kinda creepy at night

The main areas to avoid would be Tenderloin, lower nob hill aka tender nob, excelsior, hunters point, bayview, potrero ( most parts) , possibly the mission even though I love it…maybe not the best place to live, bernal heights

The thing about the city is that our neighborhoods are VERY diverse, everyone mixes-black white asain poor middle class rich–everyone
So just because one block looks great, around that very corner might be projects. San Francisco really isnt a violent place. If you stay out of trouble then it stays from you.

However neighborhoods you might feel better about would be: Richmond, Sunset, Noe Valley, Castro, Nob Hill, Marina,Russian Hill, North Beach, NoMa Glen Park, West Potal

Mark asks…

Looking for good value apartment style hotel in melbourne?

I’m looking for a one bedroom apartment style hotel room in melbourne. We will be taking our baby daughter so it must be child friendly and have a microwave and fridge for bottles etc. can anyone recommend a good place for us? Also it can’t be a studio apartment as i need a separate room to put the baby in for naps during the day.

Administrator answers:

I like the Quest on Burke. They are gorgeous spacious apartment right in the middle of the city. They have a separate bedroom and a kitchen.

Costs around $170 a night.

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