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September 22, 2012

Ken asks…

Why do so many americans diss their own country?

We have;

Deserts (arizona, texas, new mexico)
Snovy Cold arctic areas (alaska, maine)
Forests (Pacific Northwest, parts of alaska, Adirondacks)
Farmland (Most of the Midsection of U.S.)
Tropical areas (Hawaii, So. Florida, So, cali)
.and lots more

I DARE YOU to name 1 country that is as geographically diverse as the U.S. ….China comes close but it still lacks a few environments.

We have TOTALLY unique cities!

Las Vegas (Glitsy Gambling)
NYC, Chicago (Big Buildings)
Miami (Resorts and highrise condo’s and hot girls and beaches!!!)
Los Angeles (EVERYTHNG in one)
Detroit, St. Louis (Ghetto)
Honolulu (Expensive tropical apartments, condos)
New Orleans (Abandoned city [for the most part])
Washington D.C. (gorgeous European-LIKE capital (well parts of it!lol)

Sure we have our fair share of idiotic leaders, but what country hasn’t?

Sure some of us act arrogant and overlypatriotic, but in a nation like ours, who can blame us?
Sorry, I have to go!

Im going snowboarding in alaska, then mudbathing in Kansas than going ATV offroading in arizona, than flying to Miami Beach and “spending time” with all the hot girls than going to Detroit and getting robbed and raped than ending it with going to a church in Atlanta to get over my mental trauma.

I love being an american!
I think one root of american hatred is jealousy.

Administrator answers:

For the most part, New Orleans isn’t abandoned. The further east you go, however, east of the French Quarter, the less people there will be, because that’s where most of the destruction was. Most of the western half is repopulated now, and most of it is rebuilt. And Los Angeles seems very boring and overrated.

Linda asks…

Girls i need help, what is my problem?

Sorry guys this is pretty long. I was living in North Carolina at the time, flew back home to Chicago for a friend’s birthday party. I met this girl during the party in august 2006. I was 22, 5″11 270lbs – and she’s 29, gorgeous, carry’s herself very well, independent. She is the birthday girl’s older cousin. I didn’t talk with her at all. Fast forward to December 2006, decided I wanted to move back to Chicago, tell all my friends to meet up for a get together. So I purchased 10 tickets for blue man group for everyone. I arrive 70lbs lighter at 200lbs in just 4 months. Shocked everybody! I didn’t invite her to the show, but one of my friends couldn’t make it, so she subbed instead. So after the show, we all have dinner at a fancy place downtown. She sits right next to me, and we start talking, laughing just having a good time. She was saying how she was almost kicked out of a strip club because she was giving her friend a lap dance, because the dancers there ignored them. She said she gives good lap dances. So I say you are going to have to show me. She laughs. So after dinner, we didn’t have any plans, so she invited all of us to her apartment for some drinks. We get a little tipsy, and I started to bring out the lap dance conversation. So she starts dancing on me, and I get a boner almost immediately. I take my hands and pretend to put them on her chest, but not really since I wanted to respect her, so she takes my hands and puts them on her chest and moves them up and down her body. So its gets late, and I leave, but I didn’t get her number. She adds me as a friend on face book, and then wrote on my wall saying “thanks for the show handsome!” So my friend has her number, and we call her to have lunch with her one day. She asks me for my number, so we exchange numbers. A couple of weeks later, she decides to raise money for the Susan G. Komen walk. So I donate $250 to her cause. She then texted me asking me if I know someone who has had breast cancer, and I say yes. She then thanks me for my donation. Her walk is on my birthday, so I tell her it’s going to be a special day, so she responds with “I’ll be wearing pink panties then!” She calls me a couple of months later asking if I could work on her car, since I work for a dealership. I tell her no problem. So all she wants is an oil change, wiper inserts, to fix a squeaking noise, and find a bracelet that she lost, and see if she can get the car washed. I got her oil changed, replaced the wiper inserts, and her front brakes were due, so I installed new brake pads for her, I found her bracelet, and got her car detailed like it was brand new. I only charged her for parts $110. She currently is going to school and doesn’t have the money at the time, so she gives me half. I tell her, don’t worry I can wait. So it is close to her deadline for the breast cancer. She needs only $660 more to reach her goal. I donate the rest of the money anonymously on her page, but it tells her that I donated it. She calls me up at like 11:30pm, I’m asleep, and leaves a voice mail asking if I had the money to do that. I don’t call her back, but I text her saying it is for a good cause and I have plenty of money. I then proceeded to hint at ask her out, so a couple of days later I text her asking if she likes sushi, and if she knows any good sushi restaurants in the city. She responded with “yes I do and she names her favorite places” then she adds, “you’re going to have sushi without me?” Then I asked her if she wanted to have dinner with me. She quickly responds with a NO! I then ask her that we could go dancing after dinner also, since I knew she loves dancing. She then responds with “I’m busy this weekend, and then I ask her what about next weekend? She doesn’t respond. I took the hint, so I stopped pursuing it. Is this a result of being too generous, too young for her? I really need your advise.

Administrator answers:

Leave her along not to be rude in any way but a she is not the one for you.

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