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June 29, 2012

Joseph asks…

What would you prefer? A luxurious home or 2 apartments?

The beautiful home with gorgeous landscaping and pool, but swallows so much money that you can’t travel.
An apartment in a beautiful city and an apartment in a tropical area to spend the winters. Plus money extra to travel at your hearts whim.

Administrator answers:

Option #3: A less expensive home that is still quite nice that allows you to have enough money to still travel, even if you don’t maintain an apartment. Or enough $ for you to be able to asve, should a great deal on an apartment in a tropical area become available.

Mary asks…

How can I make the most of my apartment space?

I have a gorgeous apartment but I don’t have it decorated so that it feels like home/sophisticated, which is my style. Can you offer any tips on economical ways to make my apartment look more sophisticated for entertaining and having family over? PS I will only be here for another year or so, and I am on a budget.

Administrator answers:

Less is more! Decide what you really NEED to make the space liveable, and only furnish with those pieces. For windowns, nice simple shades from Smith & Noble can make a big difference to the room, as well as a simple sofa, lamp, coffee table and rug. These are the staples! Ikea, Pottery Barn, West Elm would be your best bets so that you don’t overpay. Good Luck!

Helen asks…

What are some helpful tips for moving into first apartment?

I am moving into my first apartment by myself in a few weeks. Its a one bedroom, and the guy who rented before is leaving a lot of his things (bed, entertainment center, kitchen table, etc). What is some advice, or things I need to buy in order to have a gorgeous apartment that I will love?
Thanks everyone!!
The guy who had the apartment before me is a family friend– so its not like its creepy or anything. I am definitly buying a new mattress though. And he couldn’t take everything because he moved from florida to arizona with just a small Uhaul.

Administrator answers:

First of all, let me say–CONGRATULATIONS!!! Renting your first apartment is very rewarding and at the same time challenging. Be sure that the things the other renter left behind are in good condition or at least partial condition because you don’t want these things to cause you trouble down the road. Once you move your things in, be sure you do a thorough “clean-thru” before you start placing things where you want them. When I say “clean-thru,” I mean go room by room and sweep/mop the floors, vacuum floors ( if carpeted), clean windows, if windows open, air the rooms out for a couple of hours, (don’t forget to close if you go out), make sure you do a VERY thorough clean-thru in the bathroom…..VERY important. Clean the shower/tub, sink, and toilet with all purpose cleaner so any/all germs will be killed. Place air fresheners in every room so they will have a clean scent to them at all times. The best ones I’ve found that do a pretty good job are the Glade scented oils and those air fresheners that release a mist of freshness every few minutes. You can set the timer for however often you want the mist to release into the room. I like the mists, but my favorite is the scented oils. To me it seems they last longer. A few things you can buy for your apartment are listed below:

1. Broom, dust pan, mop, bucket, vacuum(if floors carpeted)

2. Trash can for kitchen, bathroom, bed room

3. Cleaning supplies for bathroom use, kitchen use, and regular houskeeping use

4. Bathroom set (includes–shower curtain, soap dish, toothbrush holder, trashcan, lotion holder, and most importantly…..towel and washcloth set) (hint: shower curtain usually comes with the inside panel; the towel and washcloth set should have two washcloths, two hand towels, and two bath towels–you can pick what color, design, etc. You want–depends on your taste–bathroom set should all coordinate)

5. Make sure you have enough washcloths, towels, etc. Not only for yourself, but guests as well

6. PLEASE make sure you have PLENTY of toilet paper….this one is a BIGGIE!!!

7. You also need to get a matching kitchen set which should include dish cloth, dish towel, and if you prefer….matching pot holder and glove

8. Make sure you get yourself a can opener and a hand can opener in case something goes wrong with the regular can opener.

9. Get yourself a nice dishrack, silverware tray, and a few kitchen counter essentials that you can decorate the counter with. (ex. Sugar, flour, pasta, and cookie jars)–you can also get those bottles that have dried vegetables/beans in them too–look in houseware/kitchenware aisles

10. You can also get mats to put at front/back doors to keep yourself as well as guests from tracking dirt, mud, etc. Into apartment. You can also get area rugs to place in rooms throughout apartment as well.

11. Last but not least–if you would like, place a nice wreath on outside of door to make your home as inviting to guests as it is to you. (another favorite of mine is the ficus trees you find in most people’s living rooms. One on either side of couch, loveseat, and what have have you makes your home look gorgeous as well.

12. MOST IMPORTANT–most everything I’ve listed above can be found at Wal-Mart, Kmart, Pier 1(nice prices), Target, and even at a few other little stores around–Family Dollar, Dollar General

Whatever you decide, make your apartment feel as much as home to you as you possibly can.

Again, congratulations, and may your home say to you….home sweet home.

P.S. Don’t forget the dinnerware–plates, cups, bowls–this comes in a set as well–

I know your apartment will be BEAUTIFUL…..congrats!!

John asks…

Do i have a gorgeous apartment?

This is my living area in my studio flat. Though i have replaced the black cushion on the white chair with a red cushion for a splash of colour.


Administrator answers:

Me? ..yes, as gorgeous as sinking ship.. :(

Sharon asks…

Will moving 45 minutes away from my guy drastically change our relationship?

My boyfriend and I have been in a good relationship for a year. We live in the same hometown, and recently I’ve decided to move to a different town 45 minutes away (gorgeous apartment…I live in a hole now) that is closer to my place of work. He is getting mad, saying that he has stayed in our hometown for me even though his place of work is also 45 minutes away (opposite direction). Is he being reasonable and is there any way I can move without hurting our relationship?

Administrator answers:

Long distance relationships-lol-Farther away you get,faster they die.

Donald asks…

How frequently does the 28 tram run in Lisbon, Portugal?

Thinking of spending New Year in hilly Lisbon and have found a gorgeous apartment to rent near the no 28 tram line. Does it really run every 7 minutes as one website says? Is it the same in the evening and what time do the trams stop running? Or am I faced with a long uphill walk to get home each evening?

Administrator answers:

Yes it is!
Here’s the link for timetable:

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