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Your Questions About Homes For Rent Section 8

July 10, 2013

Chris asks…

Where can I go to list my home under section 8?

I have en extra home that I want to post for rent under section 8. Where can I go to do that or a web site I can get more information on?
By the way, I live in Phoenix, AZ. if it makes a difference.

Administrator answers:

You do not need to list.

Just ad “sec. 8 OK” to any ad, the phone will ring off the hook.

Lisa asks…

Section 8 rental HOMES in Jefferson County CO?

Recently approved for section 8 in my county ( Jefferson ) here in Colorado, and trying to find listing of section 8 HOUSES for rent.

Administrator answers:

The size of the apartment or house you can rent depends on the number of bedrooms your voucher allows and the rent allowed under Housing guidelines.

Did you ask your case worker for a list of rentals?

William asks…

If I rent a house that i purchase and collect Section 8 does that make my house a HUD Home?

I am considering on buying a few homes and i want to rent them out and collect Section 8 for each house and I am wondering by doing this, will this make my properties a HUD Home? And if so, what are the negatives of doing this? Also, what would be the conditions & terms if I wanted to sell the houses in a year or so? Please help because I am very close to making these purchases for the Section 8 rental income…

Administrator answers:

No, HUD owns HUD homes, they rent them out, maintain them, etc.

They are used by very low income, felons, drug addicts, etc, the people not suitable to live in a section 8 home which is in a normal neighborhood.

You will just have section 8 rentals.

Section 8 will dictate the rent you can charge, and inspect the properties once a year, verify your insurance, etc. While you can sell them the leases go with them and section 8 tenants have to have 12 month leases, they are never month to month.

Ruth asks…

I’m trying to find homes for rent in Jackson county Ohio that except section 8 vouchers?

Administrator answers:

Since you are a Yahoo user, why not try:

Good luck with your search.

Carol asks…

UK Investor – Section 8 in Los Angeles?

I am a UK investor and would like to invest in section 8 homes in Los Angeles, California.

1) I would be grateful if you could list the cities in Los Angeles with the highest amount of Section 8 tenants or tell me which cities i should be looking at when purchasing a home to rent for section 8 tenants.

Thank you.

Administrator answers:

The higher the poverty rate in a county, the higher the number of people on Section 8 Housing. That would be L.A. County in your case. In specific, WATTS and The Barrios of East L.A.

Do be aware, HUD does not place people in your home. You have to advertise it, and if someone wants to rent it with section 8, then HUD will do an inspection to see if it meets standards and then sign a contract with you.
HUD does not find you renters, and does not do back ground checks. Over half of section 8 renters have extremely poor rental histories and criminal histories for violence. If you don’t do an in depth back ground check, they will cause more damage than the rent brings in.

Laura asks…

A list of section 8 home or apts for rent in IL ?

Administrator answers:

Check at your local housing authority. That can help you find an apartment or a house there.

Lizzie asks…

I have 2 homes to rent what is the best way to get started in renting out housing for section 8?

Administrator answers:

You did not state where you were locaated, or rather where the rental properties where located.

I would suggest locating the local Housing Authority for the cities in question and let them know you are interested in renting to Section 8 tenants.

They will most likely have a large list of people that have Section 8 vouchers and can work with you to place one of those families.

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