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July 30, 2013

Sharon asks…

Can you be married with two kids and move back into section 8 housing?

Can you live in section 8/government housing (the brick one story kind) and move out then get married and move back in? Can she move back in with him living in another state even if she adds him to the income part and all that good stuff with the plans of him moving in later. Even if the landlord tells you there’s an apartment available want she still have to go to the housing authority and start all over? Also will it be hard for her to get any of her benefits back?

Background details (if it helps):
She is a female age 26 who has HER two kids that are under age 10 who WAS living in section 8/government housing (since 2007) but had problems with paying bills on time including rent, electric etc..(due to no steady job/lasting long on a job) and having her boyfriend (now husband of 1yr) stay there he moved in spring 2010 KNOWING she had to report that he was living there which she didn’t and I’m sure the housing authority found out like they always do.which I’m sure is the other part due to her having to move out which was around sometime last year (2011) can’t remember exactly when. She has move to two other states with in the last year & trying to get back to her home state.

Just trying to cover the basics as to what people usually ask. I just hope she knows what she’s doing.

Administrator answers:

1, She would need to re-apply for a new Section 8 voucher.
2. She would need to still qualify for Section 8 including her husband’s income.
3. She broke the rules by letting her boyfriend stay in the Section 8 apartment without reporting his income. That is called welfare fraud. She might have problem getting another Section 8 voucher because of that. But,then again, it won’t hurt to re-apply.

Helen asks…

Need information about government assisted housing? (HUD and Section 8 housing)?

I hat that it has came to this, but I have lost my job, and my home due to the poor economy, and the high unemployment rate in the small North Carolina town I live in.

I am seeking information on Government assisted housing, such as HUD and Section 8. I would like to know if you can choose the place you stay, and like rent from just anyone, how much it pays, if I can get it not having a job or any source of income at the moment. I have family who says they are willing to help pay for my utilities, and such until I can get a job and get back on my feet. (I was laid off) But I will have to pay my rent. I already get Food Stamps, but that’s it.

So please if you know any thing about these programs let me know, any information I can get is a great help.

Administrator answers:

The waiting list for government housing is usually years long. Depends on where you live as to how it is run. A section 8 or HUD apt has to be approved by the state. You cannot just rent off of anyone,the apt has to be on their list and you usually do not get to choose. When an available apartment comes up and you are at the top of the waiting list,you go where they tell you. If you decline the apartment,your name goes down to the bottom of the list again. That is how it works where I live anyway. They generally make you pay 30 % of your income for rent. Don’t know how it works if you have no income.

Joseph asks…

hud/section 8/ general housing question?

I live in a apt in middle tn. im the secondary person on the lease, my mom being the first. She recently went into the nursing home and will be there for at least 90 days. I was wondering if there is a way to get my rent reduced until she is able to come rent is due on the first of every month, and i don’t have enough money to pay this coming months rent, if my mom had went into the nursing home at the start of the month i could have been saving. I pay 460 a month, and i only make about 200 on a good week. Also, i have a giant hole in my kitchen wall that my apt manager and the repair guy have been saying they will fix for at least 4 months, and my neighbor has a washing machine that isn’t hooked up right and its flooding my kitchen,hallway, and bathroom.(hole in wall was caused by repair guy trying to figure out where the water was coming from 4 months ago). It recently started creeping into a hall closet and a bedroom. I have a carpet cleaner that i use to get the water up, but i can only do so much. they tore the carpet and padding up about 3 days ago and said they would be back in a day or so to put new stuff down. they haven’t done anything. Im tired of paying that much for rent and living in something that’s not worth it. is there anything i can do? please help

Administrator answers:

No. The landlord does not lower their rent and take money out of their families accounts for expenses so that you can pay less.

460 is dirt cheap rent, you will have a hard time finding anything lower, but unless you are willing to work more then a couple of hours a week you will need to move.

Charles asks…

Section 8 welfare housing abuse and unfairness?

I have an acquantance who is a 22 year old white girl getting section 8. She is a high school dropout and doesn’t work. She lived with her aunt her whole life. Her aunt was disabled and passed away 2 years ago. When her aunt passed away the section 8 program got transfered to her name. For 2 years she was living in the same building that here aunt lived in.

A month age she moved to a onebedroom apartment that costs $1350 per month. She only pays $200 while our hard earned tax dollars pay the rest.

Four years ago I earned my BA degree. At age 27 I’m stuck living at home with my parents. I don’t even make enough money to share an apartment or rent a room for $900 per month. I work 45 hours per week.
Is this section 8 abuse? This girl does not qualify for the program. I’m upset because I can’t afford to live on my own. This girl stays up until 4am every morning and sleeps all day.
I don’t believe in free housing. Because I have IRAs, Stocks and have a job I don’t qualify for 8.
This girl also has very poor credit. She has a credit card and owes them $10,000. Why did the landlord rent to her. She does illiegal prostitution for money. As a taxpaying citizen and college graduate this makes me sick.
This apartment is in California. This girl calls me once a week to ask me for free car rides and if I can buy her food. I will not help anyone who takes advantage of our tax dollars.
This girl feels that she deserves section 8 because she has no family in the Los Angles are to live with. I’m sorry but its not the taxpayers job to support her.
I hope that Peter threw the section 8 tenent out that he had a bad experience with.

Administrator answers:

It depends on the caseworker, many bend the rules to qualify people they like. See what trying to better yourself with an education gets you… You would have been better off being a uneducated drug using sack of garbage producing 10 more little welfare dependants.

John asks…

section 8 house repossed! what do i do?(tenant)?

so we have over a month now that we moved in this house by section 8. we gave 1,400 deposit and already gave the rent for may. and also the rent for april.. but today we received a notice that the house is to be repossed:(.. but it also says that we have to leave the property within the next 3 days!. it also says that if we are a tenant renting we have 60 days to leave. the thing is that the owner received our rent and section 8‘s part knowing the house was owned by the bank. so basically he stole money from us! and section 8. because he didnt let them know that he was losing the house. so now we dont know what to do. tomorrow morning we’re gonna go to the housing authority and see what we can do . my quoestion is this.. is section 8 going to protect us so we can stay like maybe 3 months more or atleast give us the right amount of time so we can find a new place to move??i’m so scared i dont want to be without a home!.. and what about the “landlord” can he give us our deposit back?? we had already had a one yr lease contarct since the 1st of may with section 8 on this house! pls help..
how long do you think they have to give us?? it cant be possibly 3 days?!?

Administrator answers:

You have 60 days, clearly stated on the form. If they gave you a contact number use it and make sure they know you are renters.

60 days is plenty to find a new place, more then enough and 30 days more then the legal requirement.

All the housing authority can do is issue you a transfer voucher, which you need, you can’t just up and move without the right paper work.

Laura asks…

Landlords: Section 8 or Hire Property Manager?

I’m planning on having my current residence (3 Bedroom Townhome) available for rent as we are planning on buying a new detached home. I don’t have any experience as landlord so I am thinking of either hiring a property manager to screen tenants and manage my property or putting my house in Section 8 program. My neighbor put his house on section 8 and seems to be happy with his tenants and told me that they should take good care of the property because they are afraid to loose their housing assistance but it seems that his experience is not the same as what I’ve been reading here. If I hire a property manager, will the tenant problem be less? Which one is better, to hire a property manager or put my house on section 8?


Administrator answers:

They are not really related. With the manager you don’t have to deal with the tenant. Section 8 does not pre-screen, you you have to do that or have the manager do it.

I dont have any 3 bedroom in section 8, but you may do better then average, as they would have 2-4 children to house. Almost all of the section 8, where I am, CA, are druggies and they are hard on property.

Ken asks…

Do I have to go to a random house for section 8?

I currently live in a house that’s my home, it’s where I’ve lived almost my whole life and if I could live anywhere in the world, it would be right here. I’m 18 and the house is about to be sold (it’s currently owned by my grandparents) so they can get a house somewhere else.

A person I wanted to rent the house with suggested we go to an apartment instead and apply for section 8, but like I said before, I don’t want to move, I want to stay here. She told me it would be much cheaper with section 8, so I looked it up and I’m pretty sure I qualify, I work at minimum wage (full time but it’s well under the median income for my area).

I asked my grandma about it and she said when SHE was trying to get the house I live in on section 8 for my mom, the government or whatever it is said that if the house was put up for section 8 that whoever was on the waiting list for it would get to move in and not who the owner wants. To me, I don’t really think that’s right so I thought I’d ask here. I was trying to google it but apparently by googling skills are lacking because I couldn’t find anything like that OR she was just wrong about it.

The way it sounds is that if I apply for section 8, I have to wait for them to get a house I can rent, which sounds terrible. My house is in walking distance from my job and it would just be so convenient.

I live in Texas if that matters.

Can my grandparents sell the house to the buyer, the buyer put the house on section 8 and I rent it or would that not work? If my understanding of section 8 is off, an explanation of what I’m misunderstanding would be nice.
Well I did say that it wouldn’t be with my grandparents, it would be with the person buying the house FROM my grandparents, also even if I can’t get the assistance I wanted, I’d like to learn how it (section 8) all works.

Upon further googling, I found this page:

“PHAs may establish local preferences for selecting applicants from its waiting list. For example, PHAs may give a preference to a family who is (1) homeless or living in substandard housing, (2) paying more than 50% of its income for rent, or “

I would be paying more than 50% of my income in just rent alone, not counting utilities

Administrator answers:

Well, it is illegal for the owner and renter to be related on section 8. You also would only be able to rent a 1 bedroom house, unless you have children, it is 2 people per bedroom.

You also have to wait your turn for a voucher, 5-6 years from your application. Unless you are disabled or have children you are not going to qualify.

Robert asks…

My mom has section 8 and I’m moving out?

So my mom and two sisters share a 3 bedroom home right now. section 8 is paying $1350 of the rent I think and we pay $175 more. This was with my mom’s job and mine and my sister’s part time jobs(we’re college students).

Anyways, I just graduated and landed a very good job paying 75k a year. I know that section 8 counts the income as a whole household so with my income included, my mom and sisters would lose the section 8 housing assistance.

I don’t mind paying the rent if they did lose but I will be getting married in less than a year and that would leave my mom and sisters with no assistance(you have to get back in line and it can take years to get section 8 again)

So I figured that the best thing for me to do is move out now so my mom can keep her voucher. The only problem then would be that they would qualify for a 2 bedroom house instead of 3. Would they have to instantly move to a 2 bedroom? or would section 8 just pay the specified amount for a 2 bedroom and have my mom pay the new difference?

Administrator answers:

My mom has sec. 8 as well we got a 4 br with me, 2 sisters and my brother. After I moved out they let her keep the 4 br. Maybe they will let ur mom? I think before anything ur mom signed. A lease. That lease will most likely need to finish before mom moved. Depending on how many room sec 8 pays more or less. Like 3 room is 1300 4room will b 1500. (I’m guessing prices k) so less rooms less money. Also I’m not sure but if u move before the lease is over she may need to pay difference between the 3 n 2 bedroom costs. (Idk if that’s ur question)…..maybe u could get an ok place n pay the difference to help her out? But maybe!…. Sec 8 will understand n help?

Steven asks…

Can you rent Section 8 housing to your own family?

I have a home that we’re looking into letting our son rent through Section 8. Will this be allowed? And if not could his girlfriend rent and him live there also?

Administrator answers:

Have to check with the agency. If his girlfriend is the only one who is on the voucher then your son would not allowed to live there. Section 8 has very strict rules that have to be followed or the person on it will be kicked off. Be careful and check with the local office.

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