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Your Questions About Homes For Rent Section 8 Housing

September 20, 2012

Sandy asks…

I have section 8 housing, can I rent a room in a friends home?

I recently was in a accident and broke my leg, I am bed bound, a friend of mine offered me a room for rent in his home so i could recover. can housing still pay for the rented room in a private home? the rent would include all utilities included…

Administrator answers:

No, all members of the household, including your friend would have to qualify for section 8. You can not have or be a roommate. They also require a years lease, not an arrangement for a couple of weeks.

Carol asks…

Is it legal for a parent to buy a home then rent it to a family member under section 8 housing?

Administrator answers:

Yes it is…..but the tenant has to prove that they are eligible for section 8 housing under guidelines set by hud and the parent must report to the government everything about that property to be eligible for the subsidy
i see where you are going with this….rent low to family, make up the money from the state – everybody makes out great -right?….doesnt matter so long as each party is eligible

Ruth asks…

I want to rent my house to Section 8?

I live in Pamldale Ca. I have not been able to sell my house & I’m in the process of buying a new one so I don’t want to be stuck with two mortgages. I was thinking of renting my house (mobile home) to section 8 but I can’t find anything on the process on how to put in out there. Can anyone tell me how do I put it up for renting to section 8 or can I go to an agency that can do the process for me? Please let me know details on this process its new to me so all the info that you can give me will be great.

Administrator answers:

Call your local public housing authority office


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