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November 10, 2012

William asks…

what percentage of salary should be the House Rent?

I am living in Abu Dhabi, where house rents are touching skies (probably literally). Now a question arises, what percentage of salary should be house Rent? Take into account the high inflation in this region in recent years.

Administrator answers:

It shouldn’t be more than 35% if you are married and have your family with you there.
If bachelor, you should share an appartment and percentage should be 25% only.

Daniel asks…

How can I negociate a house rent?

I found a house I’d really like to rent, but the price is a bit more than what I’ve been paying for the current apartment. I’d like to know a good way to negotiate a house rent, if it is a good idea at all.

Administrator answers:

You can always try to negotiate, especially if it has been empty for a while, but generally, house rents are higher than apartments.

If there are similar rentals in the area try to find out what they are paying in rent. Then you politely ask the landlord if he or she will consider a reduction in rent due to whatever positive factors you have learned.

Sandra asks…

How much is the house rent in Seattle?

If I want to rent a house in Seattle near the university of Washington with one bedroom ,one bathroom also it have a kitchen and a dinning room how much should I cost every month?

Administrator answers:

Expect $900+

Robert asks…

Is it possible to get a loan from the bank for a house rent deposit?

We’re planning to move to a house for rent. The deposit is $1000, and there is an application fee of $40 for each person. We don’t really have a $1000 at the moment and our current lease expires next month. I am just wondering is it possible to get a small loan from the bank for a $1000 or $1500 for the deposit? or do banks only give big loans like $5000+?

Administrator answers:

If you can’t afford a $1000 deposit, you can’t afford to be renting. You could maybe try a payday advance loan? Hard to believe you were approved for an apartment with nothing in savings, though.

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