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Your Questions About House Rental Agreement

June 30, 2013

Joseph asks…

Breaking a rental house lease agreement?

My wife and I are looking to buy a house and we currently have a lease on our rental home until Dec 31st. We want to break the lease and buy before home prices start going up significantly again. Any advise? Any loop holes? We live in El Paso Texas.

Administrator answers:

It all depends on the lease that you singed when you moved in. Do you have a copy? If not, get one and review what it says for the early termination of the lease. Every contract is different though so you’re bound to whatever your specific contract says. Maybe if you’re renting from a private owner (rather than a property management company or business) you might have some luck just explaining your situation and seeing if there is any comprimise you can come to. Private owners are many times more willing to break the rules for you if you’re a good tenant.

For example, my old apartment would let you break the lease with 60 days notice and one extra month’s rent for a penalty. The apartment I’m currently living in has a lease that states the only way I can get out of my lease is if I find someone to take it over. Otherwise, I’m stuck paying the rent no matter what.

Good luck to you, I hope it’s easy for you to get out of.

Steven asks…

House Rental Agreement Problem?

Daughter rented a house for 3 months, but needed to leave early as they had bought a house. The agent found a tenant, he wanted the house early so my daughter agreed (they were glad to get some money back). The night before they cleaned, inventoried and posted the key as asked by the agent. The following day they were told the tenant was no longer going to move in, but the Agent would try to find another one. Agent told them although they would still have to pay the rent, it was best if they left the property empty, especially as the Bank Holiday was coming up. My daughter had no word from the Agent, and so drove round to the rental to see if it had been Let. There was nobody in the property, although the sign said Let, and when she rang the agent they weren’t even open over the Bank Holiday.
Can anyone tell me if she has a case against the agent? I think the Agent’s problem is with the new tenant, as she had already told my daughter to clean the house and return the key.Help!

Administrator answers:

I think she has a case against the Agent. Is he a member of ARLA (Assoc of Rental and Letting Agents)? If so, and he refuses to recompense your daughter, threaten to report him to ARLA. If not, small claims court. Ending the tenancy early was his idea, so he must be liable for the rent till he finds a paying tenant

Linda asks…

In Kansas, can you break a rental agreement with no penalties if you purchase a house?

I am trying to get out of my apartment. My roommates is the only one who signed the lease. He is buying a house in October. We heard that you can break a rental agreement if you purchase a home (good for the economy and all that) but I can’t find the info. Where should I look?

Administrator answers:

May be good for the economy
but no good for the landlord
you can break the lease
but you have to pay, same as everybody else who breaks the lease

Charles asks…

how can i get out of a house rental agreement before the contract ends, without paying any due rent?

Administrator answers:

Urgent job transfer…also find him a new party for rental

George asks…

were could I find a website that allows me to make a house rental agreement application for free?

Administrator answers:


Helen asks…

Can someone who is not on the bank house note be one the rental lease agreement?

I bought a house a few months back and i rented it out. I have a lease agreement on the house and the people are always late, so I ready to give them the boot and move in. The only thing is, my now ex boyfriend, put his name and my name on the lease. Since he is not on the bank note do this make this contract legal??? What can i do?? I have already sent the people living in the house a 3 day notice to vacate.

Administrator answers:

If he is not your agent, he has no right to put his name on the lease. Follow through with your eviction of your tenants.

Daniel asks…

Live in a house no rental agreement/lease and house in foreclosure can owner give 3-day and evict.?

Administrator answers:

The 3 day notice only applies if you are not paying your rent. He can file his law suit in 3 days.

If you are paying rent you are still entitled to a 30 day notice.

James asks…

Rental Agreement for House Sharing?

I am looking for a FREE rental agreement for house sharing that I can view. I am trying to assist a family member who wants to rent a portion of her house to a friend. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Administrator answers:

You can run an add in the local newspaper under roomates wanted. She can screen them individually in her home by saying…..”i think i have it rented out, but just in case it fails I want to show you” that way in case she doesnt like them she’s not hurting their feelings…I had to go through all this when I was in my early twenties. You will find someone, just make sure they work alot, and that their company is very limited. As far as a rental agreement just google around there are plenty to seek ideas and build your own personalized agreement. Best of luck! :)

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