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Your Questions About House Rental Application

June 26, 2012

Lizzie asks…

I have a small bench warrant, will it show up on my house application rental?

I JUST got a bench warrant for forgetting my court date and applied to rent a house today. Will it show up? will they check court records?

Administrator answers:

Go tomorrow morning and turn yourself in. If it is a matter of paying a fine, pay it.

They will check and you may be denied because of it, but if it is handled then it will not be an issue

David asks…

rental house application criteria?

I was wondering if anyone knows the basic criteria required on a rental application for a house. My husband is being asked to accept a job transfer from Michigan to Tampa, FL and we won’t be able to afford to buy a home so we will be looking to rent something, however we have never rented before and I don’t know what the criteria is. He has decent credit, the score isn’t as good as we think it should be it’s almost 600 which I don’t think is that great, is that what they go by just like a mortgage company or is there more leniency with renting?

Thanks for your help if you can !!!
i should have said that we are currently buying and not renting here in michigan…..

Administrator answers:

Criteria will vary from company to company and landlord to landlord, but in general they are looking at:

1. Credit history to determine if you have an established pattern of meeting the obligations you commit to pay.

2. Employment history to determine if you are established in a career or tend to earn a stable income and that you have an expectation of continued employment.

3. Income level (monthly) that is @3x the rent amount. (rule of thumb – can vary)

4. Rental references from at least one and preferably two former landlords who can attest that you were good tenants and left in good standing.

Companies will generally have their criteria written do you can get specifics as to what they evaluate. Private individuals seldom do, so you’re in a case by case scenario with them. Good hunting!

Mark asks…

Completed rental application and I do not want the house anymore?

Me and my husband filled out a rental application and have been approved. Our present landlord offered us a better deal to stay where we live now.Since I filled out the rental application do I have to live in the house I filled out the application for? Or can I cancel and have them tear up the application? Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

You only signed the application. This is not a binding contract. As long as you did not sign a lease or rental agreement you are under no obligation to rent the place.

Simply call the landlord and inform them you have changed your mind.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


Linda asks…

What does tag # mean on a rental application?

I am filling out a house rental application and in the vehicle section it has a space listed for Tag #. Is that another word for license plate? I asked a few people and they said it might be, so I want to make extra sure before I send this out

Administrator answers:

Yes it’s for your license plate number.

Mandy asks…

At what point do I disclose of a recent bad credit on a housing rental application?

I’m relocating to another state and in the process of filing bankrupt. I’m needing to rent housing but I’m not sure at what point do I dispose of my credit and bankruptcy situation? On the housing rental applications how do I deal with the fact of my recent bad credit and filing bankruptcy? My bad credit is due to my business dwindling down to near nothing and eventually closing because of the many layoffs in my area since last December. It is all recent.

Administrator answers:

Most applications will ask if you have ever filled a bankruptcy. This is where you can give details of the situation.

BUT the best bet is to mention it prior to paying your application fee. If the landlord feels they can work around it then you can move forward or they will say that they can not rent to you if you have filled a bankruptcy and you just saved your application fee.

Carol asks…

Is it fair to deny someones house rental application because of traffic accidents?

I am kind of in a desperate situation for information. 

My boyfriend, his roommate and myself are looking to cut our living costs after our leases are up in 2 months and rent a house together. We looked at a beautiful home, filled out the applications, and paid a “non-refundable” application fee. 

She ran the credit and background checks, cashed our checks and sent us letters saying we all were denied. We were totally shocked and totally puzzled. The letter didn’t state why we were denied and all of us have good backgrounds (no arrests or anything crazy). Also, we all have good credit standing so we called her to ask why we were denied. She was very vague at first saying she REALLY didn’t have to tell us why we were all denied; but, we told her it was a shock and we were totally clueless. She finally told Brendan (my boyfriend) that when she ran him and his current roommate, and misdemeanors came up on the report. Now, these two boys have NEVER been in any trouble in their lives. They have been in 3 traffic accidents (total, between them both 2008 and earlier) where they were cited with reckless operation, (which I have now learned shows up on your criminal report as a misdemeanor). They also have a few speeding tickets between them over the years. Me, I drive like a granny and I’ve never had an accident that was my fault or ticket in my life, so I think I was denied because the other two were. 

Have you ever heard of people being denied tenancy because of some traffic accidents? 

Something smells VERY fishy to me and I don’t want to be led blindly by this lady if something else is going on and she is trying to scam us/steal our money. 

Any help and information would be very much appreciated in this situation. 

Administrator answers:

She’s not scamming you, why would she go to that trouble for a small application fee. Every landlord has standards, and apparently your friend’s record doesn’t meet theirs. It seems a bit extreme, but without knowing the exact circumstances, and particularly what the landlord has faced in the past, it’s not possible to judge. Certainly several reckless driving citations indicates an immature and (yes) reckless approach to life, and she may have been burned by people like them in the past. Your friends’ attitude, appearance, etc may have also helped her sway the question.

You were denied simply because all three of you applied, and all three live or die together, so to speak.

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