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October 13, 2012

Sandy asks…

House Rentals?

I am looking to rent at least a 4 bedroom 2-bath house in Riverside, California. Budget can handle maybe $1,000.00/month. Anything good out there?
I know about the newspaper, etc. I was asking people for their personal reference.

Administrator answers:

Look in the newspaper in the classifieds and real esate section. They advertise single family homes for rent.

Betty asks…

In Pa, is it legal to rent a restaurant & house that share septic, well, & some elec as two separate rentals?

Our landlord put together rentals for us, one for a restaurant and another for a house that both share the same address exactly and are next door to one another, that share well, septic and some electricity. Is it legal to have two rentals on a property like this? If someone else rented the house, wouldn’t the landlord have to put in a separate well, septic and get the part of the electricity that runs to the restaurant off the house rental?

Administrator answers:

He needs to get a separate electric meter and it should all be good. No new septic or well would be required.

It sounds like he may have already taken care of this, with the shared electric on the well only.

Laura asks…

Luxury Vacation House Rentals available to adults under the age of 25?

Are there any luxury vacation house rentals on the east coast available to adults under the age of 25 that are actually nice beachfront houses? Like are there any available to us with like 6+ bedrooms and bathrooms? I’m tired of taking dives just because we’re under the age of 25.

Administrator answers:

Pick your vacation city and call a realtor. After he talks with you on the phone he might sense you are responsible and his customers may be persuaded to rent to you. Many groups of 6+ people tend to party too much and destroy the properties. It’s the same thing renting a car. If you’re not 25 you’re screwed.

Being under 25 you may have to pay a double deposit as a security binder. Offer that token and see if they accept it.

Helen asks…

Web site for Long Island house rentals?

A few years ago, I found a house for rent on Long Island through a Web site that cost less than $100 for about 30 days of access and the listings changed on a daily basis, including those listed by owners. (These were regular rentals, not seasonal/vacation rentals.) Any idea if that site still exists and where I might find it?

Administrator answers:

This is the only one I have been dealing with for the past few years, they are good. I hope this helps you.

Richard asks…

Where’s the best place online to find private house rentals?

***GB Only

I’m looking for a house rental in a certain area of Surrey but don’t want to do it through an estate agent. Is there a website out there that specializes in advertising private rentals?

Administrator answers:

If you want to rent,lease,sell or buy a house any where in the U.K and U.S.You can contact are very legit beacuse i have worked with them,They will link you their site where you can view different properties and choose from,they gave me a nice home where i am staying with my family and we are very happy and greatful to them.

Maria asks…

Does building factories helps lower house rentals?

I need HELP! Um…Ok you see. I want to know if building factories helps to lower the house rentals in Hawaii. The rentals in Hawaii are really expensive and i guess its because everything has to be imported here. SO i guess building factories for Hawaii lowers the house rentals. Is this solution acceptable?
But if Hawaii’s government is to build factories, then more people would be able to earn more money to pay for their expensive rentals. Or still not acceptable? Help ASAP!

Administrator answers:

No. A factory has to employ people. As people come to work in the factory the need for housing increases, and by the law of supply and demand the rent goes up.

If you want to lower rent you build more apartments, so the supply is higher then the demand.

David asks…

short term house rentals in the mediterranean?

Looking to find a 3 month house rental in the Med somewhere but having problems finding resources that are not vacation rentals (and thus much more expensive). Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

You still might want to try Owner Direct Vacation Rentals. With most vacation rentals just being for a week or 2, you might very well find an owner who’d be more than happy to rent for 3 months at a discount, since then they wouldn’t have to worry about getting bookings for that whole time.

Have a look for vacation rentals in the Mediterranean here: by clicking on a country and starting to browse.

You never know what you might find. Their customer service can answer any question you throw at them, and they’ll probably check with the owner and get right back to you.. It’s certainly worth a try!

William asks…

How do key rentals work when viewing a rental house?

I’m looking online for rental homes, and a lot of the ads say to come by their office with a $20 refundable cash deposit to rent the key. Do you pay the money, get the key to let yourself in and look at the house, then get your money back when you return the key? Seems odd to me, I guess…

Administrator answers:

They are taking a $20 deposit to give you a key to go look at the place by yourself. This is in case you don’t bring the key back.

YES, You should get that back when you bring the key back.

It is a little odd but not completely unheard of.

EDIT: They may not just be being lazy, they are probably just busy. That accusation is rather offensive.

We let people look at places alone all the time because we are a 2 person company and we do not always have time to run out right at that second. We would rather let them look alone then risk losing the tenant because we are busy right then.

Steven asks…

What town near London offers a combination of reasonable house rentals, good schools and a viable commute?

I have been offered a job in London and am going to relocate with my family – 2 kids under 3 and French wife. We are looking to rent a 2 bedroom flat/house and needs to be within 1 hour of London by commute – is it possible and where do you recommend?

Administrator answers:

I have to be honest, this isn’t easy! What you want, i.e. A decent rent, 2 beds, decent schools, and this is the hardest bit, a one hour commute, is kind of what everybody wants. Considering the commuting times in Central London, it can take take a couple of hours to get from one area of London to another at rush hour, which doesn’t even really count as a commute as it’s still in London, I think what you mean is a commute to outside London in the home counties or somewhere? So I can make a few suggestions based on my 25 years experience of working in London

Central London is way overpriced, but if you have children you may want to pay more so you have more time with them and your wife, as commuting will dig into this time heavily. It may sound like a fortune but it will save you hours of frustration on the trains and tubes. You can probably get a 2 bed flat for maybe 1200 a month in an area next to a ‘nice’ area – don’t even think about a ‘nice’ area, with 2 kids you probably can’t afford it so maybe consider on the edge of nice. Example, Hackney in the Islington borders is okay, but don’t go into Central Hackney, maybe Stoke Newington or Newington Green? Not on the tube so prices lower but reasonablly frequent buses and cabbable from central London if you’re desperate or drunk..

Further out of town maybe try lewisham on the Blackheath borders, again not central lewisham but somewhere between the heath and Lewisham centre. It’s a pain of a train journey but takes less than half an hour, assuming you can fit in a carriage and there are no delays. If you are nearer the Blackheath station or even if not, it’s worth a walk to this station as even though it’s a zone further out and costs more, you can often get on a train at rushour before it reaches Lewisham when it’s almost impossible.

Further out even more, into Surrey and Middlesex, somewhere around Richmond, forget Richmond itself no-one bar rock stars can afford it but go to the slightly dodgy areas around there, Whitton just outside Twickenham maybe, and you may find something and there are lovely parks etc round there for weekends – the commute isn’t bad, maybe half an hour into Waterloo if you can squeeze on a fast train rather than one that takes ages, again assuming no delays, and also add on your journey to the station which will maybe be a bus ride as accommodation prices near stations are impossible but it’s also more expensive as you’re looking at zone 4 or maybe even 5 so you’re now faced with time commuting (you have to build in delays) away from the family AND higher travel costs.

Going further out, in a different direction, maybe Hertfordshire. Depends where in Central London you work as you have to consider travel at both ends to and from the station, in fact that is sooooooo important it will probably decide where you live. If you work near Euston or Kings Cross then Hertfordshire isn’t a bad bet. Look at somewhere like Kings Langley which is about half an hour from Euston so mabye if you have to travel at the other and and in Central London it may take an hour(without delays). The rents WERE quite low here but recently as commuters are moving further and further out to try and find exactly what you are looking for, the prices have risen a bit. Evidence of this is they have extended the platform and number of trains as commuters are rising so much in this area. Property builders have sussed this out and are building like there no tomorrow and prices are rising quickly. This is what happens when a new ‘find’ appears on the horizon, you have to be quick before it goes off the scale of affordable like everything else.

The only other thing I can suggest is that you rent a nice house too far out of London to be effected by all the commuter hell, where your family can be based and where your kids can go to a nice safe school, if it’s more than 90 mins from London then prices probably half. And you rent a weekday bedsit from which to work and stay in monday -Thursday. It sounds awful but I know a lot of people who did this when families came along, it was either that or moving out of London for good, which was the preferred option. You wil lonly see your family 3 nights on a weekday but you’ll be a lot less frustrated and you will have a lovely house with a bit of space and safety to go back to.

Sorry if that all sounds negative, but there is no answer to give you want if there was we’d all be there!! I hope this is useful


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