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February 26, 2013

Laura asks…

Any good websites that have house rentals listed?

I’m moving in a month across the country, and need to find a house before I move. I’ve looked on Craigslist, and called one realtor, but his list of houses for rent hasn’t changed much in the past 3-4 months, and nothing on the list fits my needs. Are there any other good websites you could recommend to me to find lists of houses for rent (not condos, townhouses, or apartments) in/near the Tampa Florida area? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Just type into google houses for rent in tampa, FL.
Or type in rental agencies in tampa, FL.

Good Luck

Lisa asks…

Where do I find house rentals in Jamaica?

I am moving to Jamaica soon and I need to know a website where I can find houses for rent. Not 800$ a night vacation villas, but a house to live in. I would also appreciate some information on how much it costs to live there. Any other usefull information will be appreciated too. Thank You.

Administrator answers:

New Worl Realtors
Ohio Rios:(876)-974-5717
Montego Bay(876)-979-0204

Nancy asks…

where can i find beach house rentals in North Myrtle Beach that rents out to students?

Me and my friends are trying to rent a beach house for beach week after graduation, but most of the places we find are family’s only or you have to have someone at least 25 to sign for the house. So does anyone know a good website where we can look that has houses that will rent out to student. i would really appreciate the help. (preferably in the cherry grove area) Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Since you are under 25, your best bet is to contact condo / cabin owners directly to see if they will rent to you. Very few hotels or motels will accept visitors under the age of 25.

Rather than give you a specific property name and location, I would suggest that you do some research on the available houses/condos, the prices and the locations. I have used in the past and it was quite helpful for narrowing down my choices and booking a few nights stay.

Susan asks…

Where is the best place to look for beach house rentals?

We have three adults and 6 kids and would like to rent a beach house in March. Preferably somewhere warm enough to go swimming that time of the year.

Administrator answers:

VRBO is good but here are a few other sites that provide vacation home rentals, cabin rentals and cottage rentals from all over the United States. I advertise on these sites and find them to be very user friendly with lots of photos and area information:

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