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Your Questions About House Rentals In Myrtle Beach

January 28, 2013

Charles asks…

what would be the annual rental cost of a beach house in myrtle beach?

what would be the annual rental cost of a beach house in myrtle beach?

thank you

Administrator answers:

Have you checked with a realtor in that area? Most rental beach houses rent by the week, not by the year, although you could negotiate with the owner for an annual rental cost. For one set up to rent by the year, it would very possibly be listed with a realtor.

Jenny asks…

Best Condo/House Vacation Rental in Myrtle Beach South Carolina?

We will be going the weekend of Labor Day, We have 2 kids, and 3 adults and want to stay 7 nights. We need a full Kitchen, and atleast 3 bedrooms, We really want Ocean Front, with a deck and a grill. If you have stayed anywhere nice, please tell me what to check out. Also North or South Myrtle Beach??

Administrator answers:

Call rose reality or ocean side village. They are in surfside beach but its real close and u get a beach. I dont know the numbers but u can find it online. Enjoy i love living here

Thomas asks…

Have you ever stayed in a rental house in Surfside Beach, SC, near Myrtle Beach? Too busy/noisy?

May stay there in a large house next summer.

Administrator answers:

My family always stays in Surfside when we go to Myrtle Beach. We normally stay at the Lakeside or Ocean Lakes Campgrounds. You can bring your camper or rent a house (we have done both). Everything is well maintained, it is close to downtown with out being in all the noise and traffic. It is more quiet and family oriented than the hotels in Myrtle Beach where the teens and college students stay. The only problem is that you need to book early because they tend to fill up fast.

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