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February 23, 2013

Maria asks…

What organization is looking for houses to rent as group home for pregnant teenagers in Chicago?

I have a 5 bedroom 2 story house that I would rather rent out to an organization seeking houses for rent.

Administrator answers:

Well you should start by getting a list of local and national non-profits and calling around. I’m sure some organization could benefit from it, as for which one??? I do not know.

Lizzie asks…

Are there any good websites where I can find houses to rent in Blackpool?

I’m looking for a house to rent in blackpool through a private landlord but can hardly find any decent websites that have any houses available in blackpool apart from the blackpool estate agents.

I’ve even checked the loot, gumtree and a few others. Does anybody know of a good site that would let me search for some houses in blackpool?

Administrator answers:

Try right move

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