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June 24, 2013

Mary asks…

Relocating to Canada. What are some reliable websites I can search houses for rent in Toronto?

I’ve tried Craigslist already and found a couple scams (no surprise!) Advice on where to look for residential houses or condos for rent in the Toronto area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Administrator answers:


craigslist is a waste of time compared to kijiji.

Betty asks…

What’s a good website to look for houses to rent?

I’ve found a few websites, but none of them actually have houses to rent. The description says you can search for house to rent, but when you get to the site it’s all apartments. I need a house to rent, not an apartment!! If you know any good sites that actually has houses to rent, please let me know. Thanks!!

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Donald asks…

Where can i find houses to rent for a party?

I want to rent a house for my grad party in vegas but i cant find any houses.

Administrator answers:

Wow! Vegas is the perfect place for a grad party. Check out they list vacation properties that are available for rent. The homeowner’s will have home insurance so no worries about mishaps. You will likely be required to also put down a deposit which is refundable if nothing goes wrong. If you can’t find a house that suits your style on that site, what about renting (or checking in) a penthouse sweet at one of the hotels on the strip? There is a promoter in Vegas who I’ve been helped by for a party, he can give you ideas and probably set up some very cool VIP access for you, his info is below. Congrats!!! I hope this helps.

Neal Michael Schnitzer
Vegas Group Entertainment
Director of Marketing and Promotions

Sharon asks…

Can anyone find any houses for rent in The Dalles Oregon for me?

I cant find any and are just looking for houses for rent. Somthing with 4 bedrooms or more, and a small place to keep a rock saw.

Administrator answers:

Try theses…

and go into google and type in “housing” you’ll get a menu that pops up and can search/filter from there

Lizzie asks…

What is the most recommended sites for searchin apartments/houses for rent within the Metro Vancouver, Canada?

What is the most recommended sites for searching apartments/houses for rent within the Metro Vancouver, Canada? My mom and my brother are soon coming to Canada to finally join my father in Vancouver, BC after almost 3 years of being away from each other. Thanks guys!

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