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July 27, 2013

David asks…

Where is a good place to look for houses for rent on the net for Cape Coral?

Trying to find a search engine for houses for annual rent in Cape Coral, FL.

Administrator answers:

Look in to and click on Real Estate then type in the area and fill in your requirements and price range. Lots and lots of places for rent .
Good Luck

Linda asks…

where to find houses to rent in Rhyl or nearby?

Is there a website with houses to rent? For a family of four eventually hoping to buy a house in or near Rhyl, N.Wales.

Administrator answers:

Helen asks…

Is it too early to be previewing houses for rent in june?

My lease for my apartment is ending when June begins, and i’ve been looking around at houses for rent. Most of them are usually looking for people to lease the place immediately. Is it rude for me to be previewing houses when I’m looking to lease one so far in the future?

Administrator answers:

You should probably wait till 30 days before the lease is up before looking because most likely someone else will take the house before your lease is up.

James asks…

is there any houses for rent?

is there any houses for rent in CA and in pasadena or altadena?
it has to be below 1000$
well if yes then can you tell me the info
and if no then dont even answer
all those people saying crap about cardboard boxes leave me alone dont even bother to answer
i’m serious i need a house for rent

Administrator answers:

You can check and see.

George asks…

What are some LEGIT websites where I can look for houses for rent listings?

Im moving from Brooklyn, NY to Atlanta, GA and I wanted to know some websites where I can find legit houses for rent.

Administrator answers:

Try – they have some rental listings

Maria asks…

How to say the old TENANT to increase the house rent?

we have one tenant… who became very close to us and now we want to increase the house rent, but how can we say to them it is not striking to my mind.
Please help me for the same

Administrator answers:

I don’t like to increase rent on a good tenant but if they stay for a long time expenses rise and it is necessary. I just write a letter and explain how expenses have gone up and so that when the next lease is due to be signed, the rent will be $$$. I think they have the right to know before the lease is due so that if they decide to look around or move, they have the time to do so. When I first bought the aparments, the previous owner had not fixed anything in a long time and as their leases came due, I sent that letter saying that there were a lot of expenses to bring the apartments into better condition and that the cost of maintaining the apartments at that level will cause the rent to be increased to $$$. I always figure that if someone moves into an apartment and it isn’t fixed up as much as it should be, the rent reflects that. As things improve, rents go up to reflect that. That’s basic business that most tenants don’t understand.

Thomas asks…

Can I pay rent to my wife for the home owned by her? She is also stayin with me as a family member?

I am planning to do so for claiming Income Tax benefits-to claim exemption for the House rent allowance given by my company. Is it possible?

Administrator answers:

No. You cannot claim Income Tax benefits-to claim exemption for the House rent allowance given by my company even if your Company may allow it but the Income Tax authorities may not allow it as in your case both you & your wife are living together as spouse & both your income (income of self as well wife)will be clubbed together for the purpose of accessing your taxable income & in this case the Rent to pay her will be her income which will be clubbed with your income to determine your taxable income & even you try claim exemption for the house rent allowance on one hand on the other hand it will be included in your taxable income. Yes you could get this exemption for house rent allowance if this was the house in name of any other relative with whom your income could not be clubbed for the purpose of determining your taxable income.

Jenny asks…

How much is the housing rent or utilities..etc for lakewood washington? it expensive?

How much is the housing rent or utilities..etc for lakewood washington?
3-5 bedrooms.
…what kind of job would i need….
$8-12.00 an hour??
3 people living together..maybe 4.

Administrator answers:

This 1st link shows many homes with pix for rent in Lakewood , Wash. + monthly rental costs.


Lakewood is just south of Seattle. The cost of living here is about 1.9% above the national average. Here is some demographic info.




NOTE: Boeing is hiring for their new Passenger aircraft carrier project…(600+ plane back-logged ordered) They hire apprentices, train them for 10 weeks and then start pay at $15.00 /hr.

Joseph asks…

Write a c++ program that inputs basic salary and calculates 35% allowance and 25% house rent and then displays?

Write a c++ program that inputs basic salary and calculates 35% allowance and 25% house rent and then displays Gross Salary.

Administrator answers:

using namespace std;

void main()
int bSalary = 0;
// int value for your basic salary, initialized at 0.

Cout <> bSalary;
// input into the bSalary value.

Cout << endl;
// space to make reading easier.

Cout << "35% allowance is " << bSalary * .35 << endl;
// 35% of you base salary is bSalary * .35.

Cout << "25% House Rent is " << bSalary * .25 << endl;
// same idea as before, with 25%.

Cout << "Gross Salary: " << bSalary * (1-(.35+.25));
/* gross or take-home salary is your base salary
multiplied by one minus the sum of .35 and .25,
or .4 */

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