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March 16, 2012

Joseph asks…

if i’m under hud apartments (subsidized) ?

if i’m under hud subsidized apartments already. could i receive a section 8 voucher. so i could move elswere and how long would it take to receive a voucher like that and could it be pushed up. if theres certain circumstances.
something like a death. cause my brother died a few years ago in his room from a diabetic shock and gets to me sometimes. it tends to get harder. i thought it would get easier. but it seems to be getting harder. could i receive a section 8 voucher

Administrator answers:

Was your brother living in the unit legally? That might make a difference.

Betty asks…

What would you like to ask?is there a application for hud apartments?

Administrator answers:

You apply through the housing authority in the county you live and/or work in.

Once you qualify for subsidized housing then you have to be approved by the complex with the vacancy.

Nancy asks…

HUD apartments-60 days notice no reason?

Hi I live in HUD apartments and i received a 60days notice. I asked why and they would not give me a reason and gave me a name to a lawyer and said they don’t need a reason to give me a 60 days notice, is that true? I’m still on the lease. Do I have to get out in 60 days or do they have to take me to court after the 60 days? One of my neighbors hates me and crazy and tells them i do things i don’t. Don’t they have to prove this to be true? I’ve called the police on her several times. I live in California.

Administrator answers:

This is appropriate notice. They do not need a reason, do not need to prove anything is true.

They no longer wish to rent to you. End of story. You can not force them to do so.

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