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April 10, 2012

Daniel asks…

HUD apartment: Can we switch to another apartment?

My parents and I really want to move out of the apartment because there’s too many gangs in the area. Moving out of here might be the only way to cut the connection between my brother and his gangster friends. But my question is, can we move to another HUD apartment without reapplying? Thanks

Administrator answers:

No you need to reapply

Susan asks…

How to get qualified for HUD home?

My boyfriend, my daughter and I want to move in together instead of living with parents and we were thinking about getting an HUD apartment or house. I live in kansas city missouri but i want a home in kansas city kansas because it will be closer to where i work. What is the process and basic rules?
btw…i already went to the website and it doesnt help much. it doesnt say which office i have to go to. I just need basic info please

Administrator answers:

Look in the Kansas City, Kansas phone book under the section for government. Look for Housing Authority or some such thing. They will handle HUD contracts. Call them and ask for an application. Fill it out and turn it back in to the Kansas City, Kansas office.

They also can tell you what their minimum income requirements are for a single mother with one child.

Robert asks…

Can Hud enter my apartment without notice?

I live in Texas and I am on HUD. Can Hud enter my apartment without notice?
I really don’t need any rude comments I’m a full time nursing student, working, and a single mom. I’m being harassed by the Housing office and just need an answer.

Administrator answers:

Yes they can if they suspect that you are breaking their rules. Usually it is very early morning. A friend of mine is a Section 8 investigator. He, the cops, and parole agents make raids on Section 8 apartments frequently…..usually about 5:00 AM. Looking for parole violators, drugs, guns, stolen property, and unauthorized tenants. He has thrown 100′s of Section 8 violators off the program and have often prosecuted them in criminal court.

You signed a waiver saying that they can come into your premises unannounced at any time.

I’d quess Rebeccah has her boy friend living with her or they suspect her of child abuse/abandonment and/or drugs.

Mark asks…

I have good credit…my boyfriend doesn’t…. How is this going to affect us getting into a HUD apartment?

He has 1 card he is starting to pay off to debt collectors and 2 others that are at debt collectors and arn’t being payed off… but I have pay off all my payments on time..

Administrator answers:

Who know but HUD isn’t that picky

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