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April 15, 2012

Nancy asks…

How old do you have to be to apply for HUD apartment?

I have a 19 year old cousin who is trying to get on her feet she has a new born baby and she is trying to find a place on her own is there anyway HUD could help her out?

Administrator answers:

There could be. She has to contact HUD and find out. The best way to do that is to go to Social Services or whatever your agency is called there and talk to somebody. They can direct her to the right place. But she should be forewarned: some of these programs have a VERY long waiting list, though. The one around here is like 5 years. Or longer.

Paul asks…

Single mother looking for income apartments in Georgia?

I am a single mother of two and I am looking for an apartment based on income in Georgia. I am not looking for an apartment through I want an apartment that is based on my income. Can anyone help me find one. I would greatly appreciate it.

Administrator answers:

The income based housing is all run through HUD. It is subsidized housing. You apply via the housing authority. They will give you a list of apartments. The apartments can not rent to you without HUD approval.

Lisa asks…

Building codes for HUD-subsidized apartment complex?

I know of a person who lives in a privately-owned HUD subsidized apartment complex built, I am told by the owner, after 1987. There is no insulation in between his walls and the walls of the neighboring apartments. You can hear everything from talking to stereo. Are building codes not being adheared to? If so, what can be done? How does one go about finding out what the building codes are, and if they have been followed? What recourse does my friend have? Also, any other comments or suggestions would be most welcomed. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

The local codes enforcement department

Richard asks…

how do i find apartments that are under HUD?

Administrator answers:

You didn’t clarify what state you are in or what state you wanted hud for so here is a link and just click on the state you want

James asks…

I’m a single 25 yr old mother of 2 daughters, I live in HUD housing apartments & theyve one to crap. My dad…

has a house in his name it needs a lot i mean ALOT of work on it b/c its so old. Which I think I can handle with family help but the area is not the best right behind it is the “projects” a very ghetto place its in a very small town of maybe 300 people and houses have been broke into there when no one was home, so I plan on getting ADT and a fence and big dog, plus an inside dog, the house will be mine and I won’t have a home to ever worry about but the area is what hesitates me. The crime rate really isn’t bad and most of the people behind there I went to school with, and I am white I’m not being racist by any means cause white can be ghetto as well.. But what should I do? I’m so confused I want to live there but my mom which is very sheltered VERY.. is being very negative and to a point its making me think. So help me please!?
Yes Financially I can handle everything, and I already have the prices set up for remodeling. But i’m concerned about would you move there? With the area behind it, would u take the chance?

Administrator answers:

I had the same problem…it’s really up to you.. Yet it is a small town so everyone knows everybody…But adt does work dogs do also…. But your worry should be about your kids if you think the environment is not good for them then maybe you should consider living somewhere else…
And if your mom is so worried about it why don’t she help you find a place to live??

Mark asks…

What is the hud age rule for children staying in the same room?

I live in income based apartments, that is run by hud. I have a 5 year daughter and a 2 year old son, I live in a two bed room apartment, and I already know i need a three bed room. However, i have been on there waiting list for a three bed for two years and counting. At what point does it become illegal or against huds rules for them to share a room.

Administrator answers:

There isn’t an age rule, it is a sex rule. Your daughter is to bunk in with you. Sucks but that is the way it is.

Carol asks…


Administrator answers:

Nobody. NO landlord is ever required to take HUD or Section 8 and there is nothing you can do to force them to.

If you need those kinds of programs and your current place does not offer it then you have to find one that does.

If you are the landlord then you need to contact HUD and find out the requirements.

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