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April 21, 2012

Carol asks…

HUD apartment inspection question?

I live in a HUD apartment and know they do routine apartment inspections. I want to know, besides HUD inspecting the normal stuff like floors, fire alarms, ceilings, sinks, windows, etc…do they look at your personal belongings around the apartment to see if it violate any rules. My apartment is not the tidiest with clothes and personal stuff lying everywhere and piled high up. Will the building manager and HUD inspector penalize me for this?

Administrator answers:

They dont look in the closets or in your belongings as long as there is no apparent fire hazard. They may turn the tap on, check smoke detector, lights, look for bugs. It is really a maintenance check for the tenant’s benefit but you should make the place neat.


David asks…

How long do you have to live in your HUD apartment before you can move to another state? I live in VA.?

Administrator answers:

12 months.

The odds of getting a transfer approved are close to zero, very few counties are absorbing right now.

Richard asks…

What’s the worst that could happen if you failed a HUD inspection?

I live in a HUD housing authority apartment. I am on SSI for mental problems and have a hard time cleaning my apartment because of my illness. Could the housing authority kick me out if my apartment isn’t clean enough?

Administrator answers:


Nancy asks…

Will HUD or USDA apartments accept me if my credit score is 657(average)?

I read on their applications they require good credit score. My credit score went down cuz of bankruptcy filed 2 years ago.

Administrator answers:

A 657 average of your 3 main credit reporting agency scores is not bad at all if you are 1) young, and 2) have never owned your home.

If you are young, you by definition cannot have much history – your scores are partially determined by your “track record” of making your debt payments on time. Property management firms do not require that their tenants have great credit – if they did, they would have extremely high vacancy rates.

A BIG factor for credit report scores is if you have a good record regarding making your mortgage payments. If you have never owned a home, you cannot score points for prompt mortgage loan payments!!

It’s a bit of a “Catch-22″ situation.

Chris asks…

How do I sign up for HUD or section 8 apartments?

HUD section 8 applications

Administrator answers:

Go to the Housing Authority. If you do not know where it is look in the phone book.

Joseph asks…

To get a hud apartment can you get denied because of your credit?

Administrator answers:

Most assuredly you can be denied. You will be expected to pay a portion of your rent to a landlord. He does not have to accept you if your credit is not as desired. The very same applies to actual HUD owned units. You need to have good credit.

Linda asks…

Is there a list of properties that have been HUD homes?

I want to know if my apartment was ever a HUD home. It is in a converted townhouse, so at some point it was one home and is now 2 apartments.

Administrator answers:

Check out the property history through your property appraiser. It will probably take some digging but all past owners is a matter of public record. If you don’t want to or don’t know how then hire it done.

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