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Your Questions About Hud Apartments Florida

February 11, 2012

David asks…

how to apply for a section 8 or a hud apartment?

i am pregnant and i would like to apply for one of those apartment to have somewhere to live with me and my baby because my mom isnt going to well with this pregnancy. does any one know how to apply for section 8 or hud in florida

Administrator answers:

What you’re asking about sounds more like public housing.

Public housing are apartments that are based on 30% of your income and are owned by the housing authority. The first step is to seek out the public housing authorities near you and ask how you apply. Try to find a list of PHAs (public housing authorities), keep in mind that HUD will not have applications. Be aware that they may not be accepting applications at this time- if that is the case try to find out their process in notifying the public. Depending on the jurisdiction you’re applying for, there may be a waiting list once you’re approved for housing.

The first answer is incorrect, you are not required to work unless your PHA is a MTW or a Hope 6, which are not very common. There is no employment requirement nor do you have to receive child support. Most PHAs will, however, require you to at least be able to keep your utilities on, which you are responsible for having turned on. If, for whatever reason, you cannot keep them on, this is a violation of your lease (HUD rules) and you will be evicted. Your income can be anything from financial aid, child support, SSI, to family assistance. The key is you have to report ALL income.

A few tings that will help speed up the process is to bring in all the information required at your interview with the housing authority. Many authorities will do landlord checks, make sure that you give accurate information. Also, keep in contact and find out what is needed of you.

Section 8, now called Housing Choice Vouchers, is somewhat similar and you’ll find that many PHAs will also administer vouchers; however, the waiting lists are typically 3-5 years long where I live.

Richard asks…

I’m planning a move to florida in the year 2011 early 2012?

Is there anything that I have to know about orlando , florida? I’m planning on renting. Does anyone know if there is good local transportation in orlando, florida? I would be transferring to the Federal Building in Orlando, Florida to finish out my years at HUD before I retire. Is there any apartments that have an upstairs bedroom?

Administrator answers:

Public transportation in Orlando could definitely be alot better. There is the Lynx Bus System, but that’s it..Having a car is basically a must. As for apartments with upstairs bedrooms, I don’t know any specific ones, but there are tons of condos for rent that may meet your needs better than an apartment. Good luck on your move!

William asks…

Do we qualify for hud housing?

Me and my boyfriend live in an apartment and its section 8 housing. What else do we need to qualify for hud? We live in Florida by the way.

Administrator answers:

Here’s a website that should answer your questions:

Sandy asks…

I am trying to relocate to Orlando, Florida.?

I am a single mother of three children and I am low income living in a hud apartment in Ohio. I am at the end of my college degree which I could finish up their and speaking to the women on the phone she offered me a position at Walt Disney World, I would love to work their. My car engine just blew out of my car, so trying to see are there organizations that will help you relocate if you are on low income with having the potential of getting a job when you get down there that could take you off of low income.
Does any one have any ideals running out of hope.

Administrator answers:

I know finishing school is tough (I work full time, have a family and a child with special needs and I’m in school full time, too; finish in August!)

You’re going to want to look for housing in the Davenport/Winter Haven/Auburndale area. These are less expensive than Orlando, but only about 20 minutes away from the parks. There are several apartment complexes that offer hud programs as well; so that would help you with housing cost…but you need to call them asap, as they fill quickly.

You should call your Disney recruiter back and explain that you want the position but need some help getting here. They don’t always offer relocation “bonuses” but they would probably have information on who to contact.

You can check this site out:
and see what services they offer.

The Department of Children & Families may be able to direct you as well…
Ann Berner
Circuit 10 Administrator
4720 Old Highway 37
Lakeland 338131

And there are a lot of colleges in the area for you to transfer to: Florida Southern, Southeastern, Weber, Warner Southern and depending on your degree USF…but if you’re really close to finishing, the new school may require additional credit hours (FL Southern require 30 hrs with their school to graduate, so that would tack on additional tuition)…so talk to your advisor. Best of luck…hope all turns out well for you.

Linda asks…

im looking for low income house an apartment im on disabilility and i have a 8 yr boy need to move soon to fla

hello im a 40 yr female single mom of a 8 yr boy searching for low income houseing in florida some where near clearwater, tampa, St.Pete. please if anyone can help me or advise me to hud asst. apartment living im on diasbility and have been sence 1992. please i have been searching the web and found a bunch of nothing to help me.

Administrator answers:

If you have housing authority there go there or department of social services both of those should help you you can also contact the social security office and they should have a list of section 8 housing another thing you can do is call apartments some of those have private section 8 look in your local news paper sometimes they advertise housing for low income, i use to be an apartment manager and i had section 8 on my property my sister property had private section 8 you need to tell them you need emergency housing you are disabled and have a child the webs not going to give you a lot to go on you need to do what Ive told you ,good luck and God bless

Mary asks…

is it true that the goverment is going to far?

i dont know how many ppl got this email and i dont know if its true here i copyed and pasted

The Plant City Living Center has told Mrs. Arnold, an 85-year-old grandmother in Florida, that federal law prohibits her from displaying any religious words or items associated with Christmas in the common area of her apartment building.

According to the Center, The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) issued a directive banning “any religious symbols or religious words associated with Christmas.” Under the guidelines issued by HUD, the elderly grandmother cannot place a small Christmas tree outside her door (because that area is a “commons area”) if it contains any religious symbols or religious words, even an angel!

If the residents want to have a Christmas party in their Community room, they cannot call it a Christmas party. The Center says HUD directs residents not to use the word “Christmas” but to use the word “Holiday.”
frankly this is to much. i took a class that was all about american history and the constatution and the bill of rights and the decleration of indapendence. it taught us all about that stuff im 13 but im very aware of things. plus the part of the outside of her door being called a commons area is absalutly disturbing. she is paing for the apartment and somone can not just come and sit on her porch for no reason. even if its not true. i still dont like it.
Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Administrator answers:

Federal money should not be used to fund religious displays. However apparently religious fanatics caused HUD to give in and allowed the display:

The area outside her door is a common area for the other residents.

The community room is paid for by government money. As such, if a Christmas party was held by residents in that room the government would be paying a part of the cost of a Christmas party. Unless they are planning a winter solstice party as well they are establishing Christianity over other religions. The Plant City Living Center is a HUD assisted living facility, not a full price apartment complex.

You can not operate a church in the rotunda of the US capital building either.

Donald asks…

Can I Rent an Apartment in a HUD Housing Community as a Sex Offender?

I Committed an Offence in Florida where I had Consensual Sex with a Minor 16 Years old (who said they were 18) this happened in 1996. I have a Letter from The Office of The California Attorney General that is Dated 12/2009 advising me the following:

“Pursuant to California Penal Code Section 290 et. seq., you are no longer required to register as a sex offender in the State of California for your 1997 Conviction in the State of Florida for Lewd & Lascivious Acts with a minor.
The Department of Justice (DOJ) has updated it’s records and a notification concerning this action has been sent to the law enforcement agency with which you last registered. it is recommended that you retain this letter as evidence that you are no longer required to register.

I Found a Place in The Northern California Area I would like to Live and I’m on SSI as well so I would Qualify because of my Income. However, it is a non-profit corporation that accepts section 8 vouchers (i don’t have one) as well as check or money order to pay for the rent, therefore they get federal funding. I have been Crime Free since My Release from Incarceration on 06/20/2007.

Administrator answers:

No. You are a convicted felon.

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