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July 28, 2012

John asks…

Can you ask for a later closing date?

I am in the midst of trying to purchase a home. There is a program in my county that grants you funds to homes they own (kind of like a HUD program). I signed the sales agreement on the 28th of May and now that I am seeing the costs associated with moving into the house I think it would be in my best interest to move into the house closer to the end of the month. I live in a apartment and my lease is up on July 31st.

The broker I am working with who showed me the house seems to be in a rush to close and said we would close by July 11th, but like I said I am looking at my budget and I would be paying for 21 days prorated and my mortgage in September when the first payment is due.

Is there a way to get a later closing date? Its my first house so I’m clueless on what happens or if that messes up anything. I would rather pay 5-7 days prorated mortgage than pay 21 days.

Administrator answers:

Absolutely. Your broker just has to prepare an amendment to the purchase agreement. Don’t let his desire to get paid put stress on your financial situation. Good luck.

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