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May 2, 2012

Steven asks…

If I am renting a HUD/section 8 approved apartment?

and my downstairs gets flooded, my air conditioner tares up and my shower quits working all within three days and I wasn’t able to stay there for over two weeks, Do I still have to pay for a full months rent?

Administrator answers:

If you are in a Section 8 then it is Section 8 that is paying the rent, not you. Perhaps you pay a portion in accordance with your income but it is not a good idea to withhold the rent for any reason unless there is a court order.You might put your Section 8 benefits at risk by not paying rent even though it seems justifiable.

Your best option is to file a formal complaint with Section 8 and see how they handle it if the landlord is unresponsive. Sorry, but when we depend on others to pay our bills then it is more difficult to resolve issues. I am surprised that the apartment passed the Section 8 inspection.

George asks…

can a lanlord charge a years rent when you didnt sign for another yearly lease?

On September 27, 2010 I signed a lease through HUD for an apartment. I moved out before my year was up and gave the landlord a 60 day knotice with 2 last months rent paid through october- november. I am not on HUD now and not even in the same county. I did not sign another years lease but yet the landlord is charging me for December and January’s rent which is $500 a month and I only paid $25 through HUD. He also says I’ve violated the lease agreement which I did not. My security deposit was $500 and I new I wouldn’t get it back but I never heard from the landlord for 2 in half months after I moved. Even though I called and left several messages. Finally when I called one last time and said I’d take legal action he said he was giving me an invoice (bill) of things I owe back. I figured it would be the entire security deposit amount boy was I wrong. He’s charging me for Decembers rent, classified ad, electric bill (which i do understand and isn’t over $20), carpet cleaning rental, labor for cleaning, that all minus my deposit is $388.38 that I supposably owe him, and at the bottom of the letter it says he’ll be sending me another invoice for Januarys rent ($500). How is it possible! I have no job and I have a 2 year old daughter, and i’m no longer on hud! There were cockroaches in the apartment (no I didn’t bring them) I’m a clean freak I hate bugs! and when I called the landlord he said nothing but saying he wont pay for an exterminater. I’ve called hud about it had an inspection showed the inspecter the traps with roaches and the inspecter went downstairs to the other unit and they had more roaches than I ever had and still do! our children were getting sick! the inspecter said we were to get new stoves and we never did. the landlord would basically harrass me and the tenats downstairs. WHAT DO I DO! fight it? what. I need help asap! theres no way I can pay $6,000 for a year when I’m not even living there!

Administrator answers:

When you moved out did you check with HUD about how to break your lease? Or did you just pay your $50 and give the 60 day notice?

If you only paid your $50, HUD did not pay the 95% of the rent since you weren’t living there. That probably violated your lease. Leaving you with the obligation of paying rent until the apartment is rented. That is how it is possible.

So, you can’t pay rent if you don’t live there but you don’t mind if the government pays rent if you don’t live there? Did you think HUD would still pay their portion or that he should just not get that income that month?

Open your eyes. You cannot take advantage of people and then act all innocent. And expecting him to eat the $450 he was owed by HUD or expecting HUD to pay rent when you weren’t there was taking advantage of the situation.

Chris asks…

How much can you get when you sue for housing discrimination?

I have a case as well as the other 5 members in my family, it has been reported to HUD already. We were discriminated against having too many kids so they would not rent us an apartment. How much is it possible to sue for and does it count for each family member even each child?

Administrator answers:

This video might be able to help you out.

please feel free to give me a call with any further questions.

Kacie (503) 933-4749

Susan asks…

Do you have to fill out an application for income-based housing? w/HUD or w/the apartment place? ino…?

that if you get it it is 30 percent of your income for the rent, do they have any assistance for utilities? how would i go about getting that?

Administrator answers:

You are refering to several differnt programs and all require a seperate applicaiton.

HUD & Section 8 you have to apply for at your local housing authority. Once approved you have to find an apartment or house rental that will accept it.

Many low income apartments are part of the HUD program but manage things on their own & require a seperate application.

Some places do have utitlity asitance. That is usualy on a one time basis only. Most places do not have a monthly program for utilitties.

Mary asks…

Does anyone know a good website for house’s for rent?

I’m looking for a house to rent or a loft if anyone has ever watched JAG the tv show I would love a house like Commander Harm’s on the show they have shown a few times,I will have hud and its gotta be a hud house or apartment if anyone can help me please let me know.But if it is a apartment I need no steps cause got nerve damage and I would like it to be some place where I would have to worry about making anyone mad with music…..

Administrator answers:

Robert asks…

Hud housing Income limits ?

My husband and I are 20 years old we have 2 little girls. Husband works part time at fed ex wear-house. We live with his mother at the moment. We applied to town home apartments that are equal housing opportunity an got accepted, But our income is only 1200 a month. The lady who works in the apartment office told my husband that our median is 645.00 plus water and electric. Dose this mean that our rent will be 645 plus utilities or will she subtract 30% because I thought that was how it worked. If we have to pay 645 we will never be able to afford it ! I tryed looking up more information about hud housing but I cant find anything about what our rent will actually be. I would call but I don’t want to sound stupid so I thought Id ask on here first ? any information would be a Big help !!!! The apartments are in Rising Sun MD

Administrator answers:

Yes, your share of the rent is 645 plus everything else. The rest of the actual rent is paid by less lazy people.

Nancy asks…

what should i say 2 my friend because i dont want to get a job and she wont leave me alone?

heres my prob. i currently dont have a job. i live in a hud apartment place where ur rent is based on ur income so i dont have to pay rent at all. i get enogh foodstamps a month to get more than enogh food 4 me and my 3 year old. plus i get wic. i get cash assistence and help from a local church 4 stuff like dipers toilet paper and tampons and soap. and i am pregnant and i get insurance to pay for my appointments and stuff like that. i have a friend that keeps annyoing me about gettin a job and she does stuff like tapes want ads to my front door and crap. i think its none of her busness because my little boy has plenty of food and we have everything we need so i dont see the big deal. plus my little boy has his mama all the time insted of a stranger. i have told her to stop and mind her own biz lots of times but shes keep bothering me about it and now she gets other people to annoy me about it too for no reason other than she is jelous cuz she has to work. what can i say or do to make her mind her busness?

Administrator answers:

Tell her to get back in the kitchen and stop complaining you’ll get a damn job when you want to

Sandy asks…

Prospective tenant threatens to turn me into HUD for not accepting him and pets as tenants…opinions?

I have an apartment open that I had been advertising. A couple of the places I have advertised is online classifieds for the area (not craigslist but kind of similar). I had a response from a man who had asked about doing a small fence for a garden (he specifically said a garden). When I spoke to him on the phone he then said he had 4 dogs and wanted to fence off part of the yard for his dogs.

I told him that we could not allow him to section off part of the yard. I told him a garden with a small fence would be fine that we have had tenants do things like that with flower gardens but we just couldn’t let him and only him have part of the yard. It was unfair to the other tenants and their pets because I did not do the same and could not offer them the same because of the limited space we have and we must all share it. I also told him that I could not allow 4 dogs in the apartment he wished to rent because it had wood flooring and had been restored. That I had another apartment that I would be ok with having pets in. But not the one he wished to rent. I also pointed out that it could get expensive as we charge a per pet security. (we normally only allow one small cat or dog under 25 lbs. Occasionally we will make an exception and allow 2 small pets. I also pointed out that we have strict rules about pets. We do not allow them to be in the yard without supervision, they must be vaccinated, licensed, etc. as well as taken care of indoors and out) He was very angry and went on a rampage telling me how it was unfair and he plans to turn me into HUD. (He is on it and I participate in it)

(I did tell him if he was interested in the other unit to let us know and we could meet and go from there. I was unsure because of all the pets. He also had a cat.)

Was I in any way wrong? (I am in PA)

*I asked this earlier but would just like to get a wider range of opinions. I really am not worried about it because I do not feel that i was wrong and he will not threaten or bully me into changing my mind. Just curious of others opinions. (FYI we were very unsure when we found out he had multiple pets but then to learn that he wanted enough yard for the 4 dogs to be able to be fenced in I just feel that we could not adequately accommodate him and I do not think that is wrong in any way shape or form.
I wanted to add that I do allow pets in the apartment with the hardwood floors but I would never allow that many pets in it. As I said I am unsure I would let 4 dogs and a cat in ANY of my units.
our lease already states that a tenant must get prior written permission from us before having a pet

Administrator answers:

You have the right to limit pets to 1, 2, more or none.
You also have the right to allow fences or not, allow fences for different reasons, etc.
He did not fit into any of your allowable categories so besides getting handouts, he also wants to make the rules.
He can’t.
Be done with him. He sounds like a tenant that will cause all sorts of trouble for every landlord. Probably why he’s looking for a place.
Also sounds like he has anger issues.

Maria asks…

HUD housing question?

My husband is in the military and we dont live near a base (hes in recruiting) We signed a one year contract for an apartment complex that wound up being hud housing where apparently you pay rent based on your income! Its me, my husband and our three year old and they put us in a three bedroom townhouse even though on the paper they gave us it says you need 5 people to qUlify for THREE BEDROOM, we pay $1100 per month which is insane bc our neighbors only pay $550 a month….bc the paper states that three people get a two bedroom can we change our lease and demand a two bedroom???

Administrator answers:

Contact the Federal agency, sounds like you are being taken advantage of.

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