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July 14, 2012

Mary asks…

How can I come up with the money for my move to North Carolina?

I live in a small town in North Central PA, we get really cold and snowy weather up here plus I live in a small town with no mall or public transportation.

I plan on moving to Lumberton NC, but I work minimum wage at McD’s and my wife collects SSI from a congenital debilitating deformity. $330 out of her check goes toward our current apartment (she get’s $600 and something a month), and then the last check I got from work was $213. and some cents.

We are not making enough money to cover our first months rent and security for our new place in Lumberton, I’m currently making too much to keep hud for the apartment I have now (yet not enough to keep up with the bills) and I’ve yet to tell them.

We’re supposed to make our move at the end of October before we start getting snow storms, but I might have to wait until my tax return comes in the spring of next year. I don’t wanna be in this lil town for that long.

My parents have an extra bedroom at their place, I told them time and time again that if we could move in for two months (so we don’t have to worry about rent getting in the way) we’d be able to relocate. But they don’t think that’s a good idea, especially my step dad (god I hate his guts).

We told our landlord that we might need to stay a lil longer then we expected, he kinda gave us signals that he wants us to hurry up and move. We are quiet neighbors and paying two months back rent after two years of paying rent on time I think that qualifies us as model tenants. So I don’t know what our landlord’s beef with us is.

Any suggestions on how I can come up with the money to move to Lumberton NC?
Our furniture are old and used, they were given to us. We figure we can always find used furniture down in NC, my parents are offering to move us along with our personal belongings down to Lumberton in their extended cab pick up truck. But we gotta come up with first months rent and security for an apartment on our own. It sounds simple enough, but it’s becoming a pain in the @$$.
Thanks Thomas.
Actually “My Take On It”. You don’t know $hit about me and my reasons for hating my stepdad. How would you like it if you got beat with the belt till you p*ss your pants at 5 years old for just cutting up a bed sheet? Or get a wooden mop handle broken over your hip? Or getting woken up out of your sleep at 4:AM to get beat with the belt for not picking up your toys in your bedroom. My stepdad is an abusive piece of scum and he owes me for my pain and suffering.
And another thing, there is NOTHING my stepdad can do that’ll make me forgive him for all the things he did to me as a child. I have reoccurring dreams of me stabbing him, I kick, punch, curse, and scream when I have these nightmares. My wife can’t even sleep in the same bed with me anymore because of it, last time I accidentally punched her in my sleep. Whenever I visit my parents house my stepdad and I don’t talk to each other, I stay out of his way and he stays out of mine.

Administrator answers:

The only suggestion is a second job. Pizza delivery etc. Even a hundred a week would make a huge difference in getting ready.

Unless you have assets that can be sold to raise funds.

Certainly unless your furniture and other house hold items are expensive you might easily be better off selling it in PA as this would decrease your moving costs and raise some funds as well.

Best of luck

William asks…

Advice? Moving to Oregon, wrong?

I am 18 years old and just moved to California to live with my mom about seven months ago. I hate California, and most of the people here, some are cool, but California is just not my thing. I miss Oregon sooo bad, all of my friends live there.
My mom and I are not getting along, every day we have a huge fight, and I just do not want to ruin the relationship, so I am planning on moving back to oregon, but there is a problem. My mom just lost her HUD ( they help pay our rent) and we had to apply for more welfare to make up for the loss of HUD but if I move, mom looses that extra bit from welfare, and looses her apartment. I dont want my mom to loose her apartment, but I really want to go back to Oregon with my friend.
What should I do?
I am getting my GED in August, and as soon as I have it I want to go back home. I have an apartment that is available for my friends and I, for 249 including utililties a month..

Administrator answers:

Whatever you do you need to go to school and get an education so you don’t end up in the same situation later in life.

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