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July 19, 2012

Donna asks…

ANYto help homeless DISABELD not just drunk VETS?

again disabeld under income and left in the road recovery program runs fro need less help recovering employed with savings account
MULIT DISBLED HOMLESS or need to use GI bill or voc rehab before can work?
PROGRAMS make sure it wont happen
he HUD/VASH program is a limited grant. There are 30 slots now which are filling up and they expect 30 more in October. The person must be a veteran, homeless, earn $15,000-$25,000 per year, be willing to be in treatment if needed and participate in case management for 5 years. It is in conjunction with Section VIII Housing, so the person would pay 1/3 of the rent and the 2/3 is paid for 5 years. Currently it is being facilitated through Long Beach and the person needs to be willing to live in Long Beach for at least 2 years. The case manager would help them find an apartment and negotiate with the landlord but the person needs to be able to pay the 1/3 deposit money for the apartment.

Administrator answers:

Are you retarded?

Paul asks…

How do I keep from losing my apartment? Options are running out!?

Hi. I am sure a lot of people are losing their homes or apartments due to bad times. However, I am hoping to prevent losing my apartment by taking action soon before anything happens. I am concerned because I have a job and work, but only work part time. I have asked the boss for more hours, but he won’t give me more hours. I just lost my SSI due to some stupid reasons that Ive been trying to appeal. I was on SSI for about 4 years but they suddenly stopped it. My father passed away about two years ago. So he can’t help me financially. I have already applied at HUD (for low income housing), but they denied me assistance because I have a domestic battery on my record from 2007. I tried for public aid, but so far havent heard back from them and may not get assistance from them. I have been trying to find a second job in hopes of working more may solve my problem, but so far NO luck with getting job interviews or getting hired. I’m getting more and more worried as I have tried many things. I cannot live with my mom as she won’t let me go backto live with her because I am too old to live with her (Im in my 20″s) and she doesnt want me back home. My mom is helping me a little bit financially though, but I cannot depend on her and I am not sure how long or how much she will help me with, so that doesnt help my situation very much. I am afraid I am going to lose my apartment and end up homeless this winter. I have no other friends I can stay with and my boyfriend just broke up with me a couple weeks ago so I obviously can’t stay with him either. I am getting desperate! Pls help!!! Any ideas how to keep from losing my apartment?? Remember I do have a job but I just don’t make enough to pay rent as it is too high.

Administrator answers:

The only possibility I can think of is roommates. If your apartment isn’t big enough to get a roommate, then you could move in with someone else.

Mary asks…

Can they kick me out of my home?

Okay, so I am a single parent with two children currently unemployed as to the cause that on 12/17/2010 my position as manager of these apartments was terminated because the company was bought by this other company and apparently they didnt want me as manage. So, I kind of knew they were planning to sell the property to a new owner (who accepted to buy the property with the tenants of the apt. as well all together.) So, I planned ahead and applied as a “tenant” and not a manager. The application became effective 12/01/2010 (I already paid the rent). And also the apt. are under HUD. So, what happened is that they sent me a 30 day notice to move out because my management contract ended. But I told them “i am enrolled as a tenant now” So, they came up with this story about how my application was false , that the “voucher for the HUD” became effective until 12/22/2010 so…..basically they were in charge of who becomes a tenant since the day the company was bought on the 17th….so it somehow gives them the right to choose who gets accepted as of the 17th and my voucher became effective 4 days after they bought the property. So, my question is can they kick me out legally? Can i report them to HUD for fraud? I mean, I paid already and its not my fault that HUD took 21 days after i applied as tenant to send them the vertification letter for a vouchure. Please help, I’ll give you as many points as i can give!!!!!!

Administrator answers:

Once your lease became effective (12/1/10) that covers you! You will be covered under the lease for the duration of the term of the lease (one year?)

When one company buys another company they must honor the existing contracts (leases) of the selling company.

As long as you pay your rent on time and don’t violate the terms of the lease, they can’t force you to move until your lease runs out. At the end of your lease they must give you notice, according to the lease requirements, that they will not renew your lease.

Donald asks…

How can you get financial help for an apartment?

I need an apartment so that I am closer to the college that I will be starting in fall and my job. I am 18, and I get 7.60 an hour, so I doubt I would be able to manage owning a house, paying for books, food, etc. I also don’t have anybody that I could have as a roommate, at least not where I need to be.

So how could I get money to help me get an apartment?

Also I am not helped by anything, my dad was telling me to get a bridge card, but I don’t want one, does it go on your record or anything bad if you get financial help from the government other than for school?
That stuff feels demeaning, so it’s embarrassing, and it also feels like I am taking from the people who really desperately need it.

I have tried but I can’t seem to get in touch with the right place for financial help with apartments, I called she said I had to look into my state’s Public Housing Authority,1607,7-141–61049–,00.html and something about rent, so maybe here,1607,7-141-5555—,00.html.

Please help, give tips, websites, numbers, etc.

Administrator answers:

If you don’t ask for help (even embarrassing help) you are not going to get it.

Have you filled out the FAFSA? You can get grants and loans to help you go to school and pay for a place to stay.

Jenny asks…

What recourse do we (tenants) have in apartment fire (landlord’s fault)?

I’ll lay the facts to make this simple:

1) Big House divided into 5 apartments. 3 floors/2 in divided basement.

2) Landlord’s father lives on 1st floor, we on 2nd.

3) 1st floor was on fire, not ours, but the fire dept. gutted the whole building – nasty thick smoke went everywhere and all windows were broken. It is uninhabitable.

4) Fire dept told us the cause was undeterminable, but next day insurance guy says they had violations for too many residences and something else but wouldn’t elaborate. The father, who occupies 1st floor and speaks little english, conveyed that he saw a switch smoking, called his son, son said don’t worry about it and that he will check it next day. It seems that was the cause but we have no real proof.

5) We have had to move, take work off, clean things, and get storage….already over a $1000 of expense accumulated in the first 3 days (moving, etc.).

6) We did not have renter’s insurance.

7) We heard no smoke alarm. Us, and the guy on the 3rd floor were last to hear about it. We all heard fire trucks, looked outside and it was us! A neighbor 4 houses down called it in!
8) There is allegations that the contract company that boarded everything up stole things. I can’t determine for sure yet as we are still sifting through everything.

9) One fireman told the 3rd floor guy not to go up due to high CO levels, the other told us it was ok. We were there 2 hours after packing valuables. We are no CO poisoned, but feel sick otherwise from breathing everything in.

10) They say they’ll give us this month’s rent and our deposit back. How should I approach the rest, or do I have no recourse here? The HUD website really doesn’t cite much information of use in this regard. Also, I’d like to keep tings amicable as our big stuff is still there.

11) Lastly, how can one get a copy of the cause – the fire departmnt? It would be nice to know the exact cause and fault of the fire.

Thank You

Administrator answers:

It’s a shame you didn’t have renters insurance — I think you need to get that!

As to the situation at hand, if there is a tenant’s office or rent or housing office in your local government, contact them right away. You can contact your state’s fire marshall, too, for information and advice, as well as your local police to request information. Your landlord’s insurance might be helpful, particularly if the landlord’s action/inaction caused the fire, but you should know that the landlord’s insurance will not be at all interested in helping you, and may even deny coverage to the landlord if the occupancy and code violations violate the contract of insurance. You may need to take legal action, and will need an attorney for that, but don’t say that unless and until that becomes necessary — the “I’m gonna sue” stuff does NOT make for friendly relationships which are helpful in recovering your stuff and getting information.

Good luck!

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