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July 31, 2012

Mark asks…

Eviction notice for apartment in tennessee?

i live in an apartment complex and just recieved an evicition notice. We have been getting free rent paid by rural development not hud or section 8 or housing authority those are diffrent when we moved in at first we were paying rent bc we had a job then lost the job and got free rent but new owners bought the property and remodeled we were contracted for a 2 bedroom they moved us temporarily to remodel our apt which was finished back in march and now someone is living in our apt but they put us in a one bedroom and now refuse to move us back to a 2bedroom we now have a job again and didnt tell them about it for a month or so they said since we did not tell them right away we terminated our lease and now we are being evicted is there anything we can do about this ? they have not asked us to pay anything also how long will they give us to get out? what can we do we dont really have the money for a deposit and first month rent right now bc the job is fast food and only 20 hrs a week

Administrator answers:

You took a big risk not complying with the rules to report any change in income and household members within 10 days. When you violate the HUD rules that is considered fraud and they have the right to terminate your participation in the HUD housing program. I am sorry for you that you did not tell them about the job. If you are a couple you are only entitled to a 1-bdrm. Apt.

They can evict you and you may lose your voucher and be thrown off the HUD program. It is a rural subsidized program. You wont be eligible for any other type of housing. They give you the standard 30 days to move if you are lucky. You have to move to a room for rent if you cant afford an apartment.

There is nothing you can do because HUD has terminated your voucher and they will not pay the landlord for the rent. If you want to stay there, you must pay the entire rent yourselves. Speak to the landlord about that.

Donald asks…

A little advice please?

My husband just went to jail for a domestic violence, he was already on parole and faces going back to prison now for 15 months or more. since we lost his income, and he hadnt paid the bills for two months I am now facing eviction june 1st. Victims assistance in my area wont pay for me to stay in my apartment now for fear that I may take my husband back, but the rent here is only 800 per month, they may help and they may not as well, pay for me to move, but then the rent will be 1500 per month, and they will only pay for the month of june and the deposit to get me into the place. I work for walmart and only make 9 an hour and even if I stay at my current apartment I dont make enough money to pay my rent.The section 8 or HUD housing assistance program has a two year waiting list. does anyone out there have any suggestions as to what I should do?

Administrator answers:

My friend of 15 years just went through this. She moved in with me for a few months until she was able to get back on her feet. She worked overtime as much as possible and picked up a second job. She worked her but off but she now has her own place. The assistance office also helped her with food stamps and babysitting for her daughter.

Thomas asks…

how to get rid of german roaches?

i live in an apartment and it has become infested when i first moved in i didnt see any after 3 days of me being there they start to come out the neighbor had moved now there infested they crawl on my kids at nite ive seen it my self my land loard is getting 700 a month rent from section 8 hud and all he did was gave me a bottle of spray and said spray but the spray dosent work its gotten so bad that they are in the living room and bedrooms they crawl on me and my children and im a clean freak my house is spotless and my land loard wont do nothing how can i get rid of this problem i dont have much money so i need to know how to eliminate thios problem please help me

Administrator answers:

Sorry to read this.
I found a site that offers alternative (non-chemical) ways to kills bugs on
As for the landlord you would have to check under your state for section8 all the sites I looked at said that they are “suppossed” to take care of that kind of problem.
Good Luck!

Steven asks…

what to expect when going through the section 8 process?

I am going to apply for section 8 and or HUD and i want to know what other people have gone through and what to expect. how bad would i have to screw up or do wrong to be denied. do i have to previously own or rent a home or apartment, or have utility’s in my name? none if the bills are in my name? theirs currently 4 of us squished into a 2 bedroom apt. And lastly what should i expect at the appointments , and can my boyfriend live with us hes my children’s father. thank you in advanced.

Administrator answers:

Landlords will screen you the same as they would any other tenant. The only difference is that they will not require you to make the income requirements. You do not have to have owned before, but good rental history is needed.

Your boyfriend cannot live with you unless he is included on your Section 8. If you get a place and move him in without approval then you will get evicted and lose your Section 8.

You will be required to pay your own utilities.

As far as what to expect at appointments: Just be honest, provide all the info they ask for and you should be fine.

Mandy asks…

I just signed a lease for my mothers apartment?

My name is on the lease and because Im over 18 and live with her part time I had to sign as well. Problem is I didnt know what I was doing until I talked to my father about it and now Im scared as hell….. He says that because I signed it, if she doesn’t pay her rent or ruins something in the apartment that they could come after me for it. My mother didnt tell me this, she had insisted it was no big deal and it was just normal routine. She has a HUD voucher or whatever and only will have to pay a portion of her rent and utilities so Im not horribly worried but she has my young niece who has awful habits (tempers, drawing on walls, breaking things etc) and I think theres a good chance that something may get ruined and I know my mother probably wont be able to afford to fix it. Is my father right? Would they really come after me and will any of this crap effect my credit or anything else? Please help, any information on how this all could come back on me and if theres any way out of it would be great. I made a huge mistake and should have checked everything out first.

Administrator answers:

Yep, you signed it and are responsible if your Mom backs out. You might have some legal out if you ask a lawyer how you can opt out of your mom’s business. It’s worth a try, anyway.
It is unlikely that they would come after you unless there is MAJOR damage and mom moves out with no forwarding address. If they do contact you, just give them your mom’s new address.

Advice- don’t sign anything for anyone-ever! Good luck!

Susan asks…

Can welfare help me with a small cheap apartment?

Hi i’m 20 years old about to turn 21 i live with my mom and her boyfriend, her boyfriend is like most mother’s boyfriends he’s rude and mean he doesn’t want me to be here he just wants for him and my mom to be together and live by themselfs which i understand he always picks little things i do to get mad about and sometimes i stick up for myself and he will say pack your crap and move out! But my mom talks to him and he doesn’t bring it up for awhile by the way he pays all the bills my mom don’t work because she has back problems so she doesn’t like to fight with her boyfriend because she knows he can leave her and she will have nothing.

And i’m getting tired of living in his home because he’s a smoker and he smokes 2 packs a day and i have a 10 month old baby and he doesn’t care he still smokes and when my mom asked him if he can go outside and smoke because the baby he says no this is my house i smoke when i want where i want. And i don’t understand why he has to be so rude i know he just want it to be him and my mom but still he’s just plane mean.

Yes i do have a job but my checks are not much at all, i’m thinking about getting a second job too

But yes i was wanting to know can welfare help me pay for an apartment? I know it’s not gonna pay all the bills and all the rent but just a little help with money would be wonderful!
And I live in Texas if y’all needed to know that!
And if y’all know how much the welfare will give a month that would be helpful as well!
If i do get an apartment i would just need some help with rent and i know of an once bedroom that that has free water and the rent is less then $500.
And i heard of the HUD housing but where i live there is no more room on the list which kinda sucks.
Cause HUD could of helped me out big time!
Thank You!! Gob Bless!! :)
I met “i know of an ONE bedroom” Not a once bedroom lol sorry about that!

Administrator answers:

Get a job and, if you still cannot afford it, get a roommate to help. Stop trying to get taxpayers to pay for you.

James asks…

I’ve been approved for Section 8????

I have a family of 4 (me, my husband, and my 2 kids). We found an apartment for $550 a month..Do you think HUD will cover the cost for the rent?

Administrator answers:

I hear you say that you are approve ed for section 8, I used to work for them, ok so when you were notified they will tell you what they are going to pay for your rent. This is all based on the income from you and your husband. To make it clear you are assigned a caseworker that will go over everything, what they will pay and what you will pay, every question you have will be answered. Best wishes to you and your family.

Laura asks…

any help for disbled not drunk homEless vets?

disblededtoo poor for help
need gi billor vocrehab too bad youll never get there,.
again ALL the help goes to the rehab programs. like this one
The HUD/VASH program is a limited grant. There are 30 slots now which are filling up and they expect 30 more in October. The person must be a veteran, homeless, earn $15,000-$25,000 per year, be willing to be in treatment if needed and participate in case management for 5 years. It is in conjunction with Section VIII Housing, so the person would pay 1/3 of the rent and the 2/3 is paid for 5 years. Currently it is being facilitated through Long Beach and the person needs to be willing to live in Long Beach for at least 2 years. The case manager would help them find an apartment and negotiate with the landlord but the person needs to be able to pay the 1/3 deposit money for the apartment.

Administrator answers:

It’s hard to understand what you are saying.

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