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August 2, 2012

Michael asks…

Tenant got lease was not happy refuses to pay me and is threatening to leave opinions?

My husband, mother, and i bought an apartment building in Oct 2008. At that time we did automatically renewing month to month leases with all of our tenants bc they had already been there over a yr. We did not want to bind them into contracts with us bc we did not know what type of tenant they would be. Our one tenant was recently approved for HUD. HUD wanted us to redo our lease for one 1 (and to incorporate some of their rules). We did so also while revising other sections. One part we added was no smoking inside. The building is a historical building. the whole family smokes a ridiculious amount. We have told them from the beginning that we were changing things. We did not want to spring a lot of changes on them but was instead slowly incorporating them. We told them (in oct.) that at that point it was not non smoking but we would more than likely change it to a non smoking building. There have been a few problems with the tenant and her children that we never addressed in the lease. we used the new lease as an oppurtunity to address all the issues. Tonight I had her boyfriend on my doorstep. he wanted to know what the new lease was all about. I explained that things were out of control (the previous owner had no rules as long as he got his rent). I explained we wanted things to run smoother so that this may be (I live in the building as well) a nice home for everyone. He was angry about the no smoking and told me that they will be moving they are going tomorrow to look at other homes. I told him OK let me know when they will be out. Then I asked him if the tenant had the papers from HUD that needed turned in so I could be paid this month (HUD pays about 40% of her rent and she has to pay the other 60%). He said no and now she doesn’t know if she will hand them in if they are leaving and she isn’t signing the lease. then he informed me that basically she will not be paying rent instead her 60% she should pay will go towards a new place. while I won’t even get the 40% from HUD bc she won’t turn in the papers until I change some of the rules. I refused to change the smoking rules or anything else (as I said the only thing they are angry about is smoking). she has until the 7th to pay rent. If she does not I will issue a notice to quit. But can I have some opinions please? I want to be sure that I was not wrong for making the building non smoking. All it says in the lease is it is non smoking. and all cigarette butts must be put in some type of receptical that the tenant must provide.

Administrator answers:

I do not think that you were wrong for doing this. Most places are going to no smoking due to health regulations, and due to safety regulations. I know that up here, there are many apartments, and many buildings that will not allow smoking or any sort of activity like that to happen up where I live.

Instead of saying what you were mentioning in the details, you should have put something to the terms like “Due to health and safety concerns of smoking within the building, we have decided to make this a non-smoking establishment. We request that all residents use the receptables out at the front of the building, or they can smoke on their balconies or patios. But we request that there is no smoking in the building. Those who are caught not obeying this, may be subject to legal action if a fire should break out, or if there are other damages as a result of the negligence”. Something like that, and specifying what would happen, would be a lot better than just assuming that tenants would understand the way that you wrote it.

The boyfriend was wrong at coming over, and the girl should have signed the forms for getting the rent for their apartment. In which case, you should try and withhold the damage deposit, so that you can get your portion of money, or call the agency, and specify that they refuse to give you the signed form, and see what they can do to help you.

Good luck!

Sharon asks…

i got my disability benefits in 2003 but my friend whose paralyzed has been denied 3 times! What do you think ?

is happening with SSDI benefits? I get a monthly check and HUD housing pays most of my rent. I only pay 150.00 to live in my own apartment! DO YOU THINK THE GOVERNMENT IS GOING TO STOP SSDI BENEFITS? I GET SSDI FOR BIPOLAR DISORDER! I CAN’T BELIEVE MY FRIEND HAS BEEN DENIED BECAUSE SHE REALLY NEEDS THE BENEFITS!

Administrator answers:

It doesn’t matter what the disorder is…really. I know because i helped my husband and others win their cases. Going through this yourself, you know it’s based on steps called the sequential step process…this process bases eligibility on age, time worked, and conditions. Here’s the difference

SSI is for low income people who have children with disabilities. Basically, supplemental income.

Disability is for those who have detoriating conditions that may lead to death or will worsen over time.

So, just because you have benefits, probably SSI, before your friend, Disability benefits, there’s a long process. The second denial is when your friend should request consulation with an attorney to help prepare the paperwork that is needed (basically, tell your friend to keep all the medical history, hospital records handy), so when he/she or the attorney goes to the ALJ (Administrative Law Judge), they will be able to make a decision without having to submit paperwork later.

***Your friend can have someone other than an attorney prepare your friends paperwork since she/he is paralyzed. Like an advocate, the only thing is, that person needs to be approved to represent by them by SS (it’s not hard, usually if the person is of sound mind, then someone can represent them)

Charles asks…

Will we owe money or will he owe us?

We had a month to month lease but haven’t moved into our apartment yet. We talked to HUD to see if they would approve the place and they cant and my children’s father is refusing to help with them so we talked to the landlord and told him we weren’t able to move in. We did not receive the key when we filled out the application or the lease. We wrote out our letters to him with our reasons why we cant move in and now he wants to fight us for the rent and keep the security deposit. I am just wondering if we will owe Home anything or if he has to give us our deposit back because we never received the key. Any information will help out right now. We just need to know if we are going to owe rent or any information about the deposit and key situation. I was always told when you give them the deposit then they must give you the key but he never did but I could be wrong. Well thanks so much and I hope you all have a great day!
I wanted to give a little bit more information. First when we signed the papers, we were talk it was an application, that we had to pay $35 for. We can afford the place but our children wont have a really good life living their if my childrens father isnt helping out with them. My boyfriend has one child and I have two haha! Hud told us to talk to the landlord and just let him keep the deposit, I just want to make sure we wont have to pay him anything else because we never moved in. We know we put him in a jam but now I have to wait for the courts to make my ex help with their kids so we wouldnt be able to move in now and still let our children have a good life. Thanks so much again and I hope that helps a little more.

Administrator answers:

If you only filled out an application and not a lease, then the apartment was never yours. The landlord can definitely keep the deposit, but that’s only $35.

If you never signed a lease, then you never agreed to pay rent for any length of time. He doesn’t have any paperwork to show that you violated any agreement.

Just forget the deposit and move on. It’s not worth fighting over.

Ken asks…

Tennessee apartment laws involving eviction?

We were getting paid rent through USDA (Not HUD or housing authority! thats diffrent) New owners bought the property did some remodeling and moved us temporarily to a one bedroom until the remodeled our 2 bedroom remodeling has been over since march of this year and they refuse to move us back my husband just recently found work and did not report it right away due to having to work alot and the landlord is almost never in the office when we did report it she told us it was a violation of our lease and he signed a paper allowing them to see how much he makes a week later we got a paper saying we terminated the lease and now have a court date the paper saying we terminated the lease also saying we damaged the property? and they want us to pay attorney fees what can be done about this? my husband is working in fast food only making 20 hrs a week minimum wage we are looking for a place to move but are having a tough time with money does anyone know what can or will happen?

Administrator answers:

You will be evicted and the court will order you to pay for the damages and the attorney fees, if you have proof to dispute the claims then present it and the court may rule in your favor, in the meantime you would be wise to find someway to move.}[

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