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March 29, 2012

Sandy asks…

What is HUD looking for on there 1st inspection?

I am interested in a apartment. This is the first time I have had HUD. HUD has approved the rent amount and are now going to inspect the apartment I want to move too. What do they look for?
The carpet is not the best, you can tell its been repaired in one spot. but its not sticking up were you would trip or anything
The carpet is not the best, you can tell its been repaired in one spot. but its not sticking up were you would trip or anything

Administrator answers:

There are certain guidelines that HUD follows, such as handrails on the stairs and meticulous details that any HUD approved apt must have. Most apartments come pre-approved for HUD, but in your instance, it was not, and they need to come out and inspect before approving the apartment for you.

Lisa asks…

Why wouldn’t landlords participate in HUD/section 8?

I’m new to the section 8 thing and am finding it extremely difficult to find HUD approved apartments/homes…why wouldn’t landlords want to participate if their rent is gauranteed?

Administrator answers:

Several reasons, it is a humongous amount of paperwork. You have to do initial qualifications, and annual qualifications. Background checks, employment verifications, reports to the state. The rent is not guaranteed. The person can always not pay. With most, it is a problem. Many bring drugs, violence and problems. Unfortunately these are the people that bring an awful stigma to section 8 housing. We had one part of the complex that people could only qualify for if they were physically or mentally disabled or elderly. Many people are just not willing to go through the risk and the hassle. Its not fair, but its true.

Sandra asks…

how do i get help on getting an apartment approved for hud?

i’m wanting 2 rent an apt and the landlord said he would agree to get it passed for hud inspections

Administrator answers:

I managed apartments for awhile & we had to get them ready for hud tenants. Here are some of the things that I remember:
1. All of the electrical outlets have to work.
2 make sure all of the light fixtures have bulbs..they want to know that they work.
3. All of the electrical outlets have to have covers
4. They carpet & flooring has to be clean
5. Make sure the carpet is stretched enough (trip hazards)
6. Check under sinks (leaks)
7. All of the eyes on the stove have to work & oven
8. Make sure refrigerator & freezer work properly.

Hmmm.. That’s all that I can think of right now. Just make sure that you have all of your paperwork & deposit ready.

Linda asks…

If I rent an apartment with a section 8 voucher, is it required to have egress windows or is two doors enough?

I am looking at a basement apartment in an older home which has no egress windows and am wondering if it will qualify. I have checked the HUD website and googled a few things and can’t find an answer. Unfortunately, where I live (Minot, ND) there is very little housing available that fits in my budget, and so this may be all I can find. :(

Administrator answers:

No it will not pass, egress windows are required on all bedroom windows.

Michael asks…

I am looking for Subsidized/low income housing in Atlanta and nearby. Where are safe places like this?

I am moving with my daughter to Atlanta. I am not in the position to afford the better neighborhoods. I am looking into low income/ hud subsidized rent (not public housing) apartments. There are several to choose from. Can someone tell the names of the safer ones? responses are greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Im moving there myself with my two kids and I’m looking for the same thing. BUT what I will say to do is visit one day and get there Apartment book ( in the apartment book you will find TONS of apartment that are low income. Plus alot of the apartments have a thing where if you have a job you are approved for the apartment and it will say in the apartment book too. I like forest park, Riverdale and Decatur. Its some nice safe places in those low income areas. Plus try some apartment websites too.

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