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April 4, 2012

John asks…

Could I be responsible for my dad’s apartment repairs/rent after his death if I wasn’t on lease?

My father passed away on 3/2/08 and he was receiving HUD assistance for his rent. We were told by other residents that he got 14 days, excluding weekends, to clear his apartment rent free. Now they say we owe rent from 3/1 & market rent from the 16th until we turn in the key. So out of his $212 deposit we’re getting $38. I dont’ want to drive 1 hour to drop off a key that he will have to change anyway, just to get $38. The landlord says that we will be billed rent until we return the key. Could I be held legally responsible for the rent if I wasn’t on the lease?

Administrator answers:

Nope. Your father’s debts are his own.

However, his estate is indeed responsible for whatever money he owed.

If he has assets, they need to go towards paying his creditors (or billers) before they’re distributed according to his will/trust.

As for getting the key back, just ask if you can mail it, or if they can just change the lock (which usually costs about 30-50 bucks anyway) and take it out of the deposit.

Lisa asks…

Do peopleon SSDI know they can get HUD/Section 8 housing? i’m on SSDI and i only pay 150.00 a month for rent-?

to live in my own apartment! call your local social security services. My apartment is brand new and regularlly would be 850.00 a month without HUD housing help! I’m very happy to live there.

Administrator answers:

What you forget to tell people that in some areas the wait list is 5 years or more. Not to mention the point system.

Laura asks…

What are my rights as a HUD renter?

I live in subsidized apartments (HUD pays a portion of my rent which is income based) I am being harassed by a the head maintenance man, who’s wife works in the offices of the company who manages my apartments. I have been accused of maintenance neglect that was there prior to my moving in. I did not pass inspection this year, I received a list of things that needed to be done that were already done. I am suffering from a broken back and very low income. In spite of my pain I keep up my place fairly well. I cannot afford car insurance or to register my vehicle and it is Christmas. I was given 10 days to remedy these problems or my kids and i will be evicted. And I was told to remove the car off the property immediately. I have no idea what to do. I over heard the maintenance man say that he was in my apartment taking pictures (without written notice) of my portable washing machine, which i need because i am unable to carry clothes to be cleaned. So, he knew just where to find it in my closet during inspection and report it to management. I understand following the rules, but why can’t an exception be made because of my back? i have no one else to help me! And I am told in my letter that I must do the repairs needed on my apartment at a cost to me. I do not know what to do, but would appreciate an advocate. I am so afraid of becoming homeless before Christmas. And I’m afraid to fight with this management out of fear of them using more against me to evict me. I’m trying so hard. I just need help.
This was managements inspection to make sure things are in order for HUD. HUD is supposed to randomly choose apartments later this month to inspect. So management is pinning maintenance issues on me that are not my doing.
my back is broken and i do have medical documentation. I make $500 dollars a month which is why i am already sweating Christmas. I do have many other bills including medical…there is no income based car insurance, it is simply not in my budget and i have no other alternatives. I am not an excuse maker, just everything is crashing down on me at once and i feel trapped and hopeless. I appreciate all the advice given…thank you.

Administrator answers:

Go to HUD housing counselor for advice and help.

Your back gives you no right to have unregistered vehicle on premises. It violates lease agreements and city/village ordinances. If your portable washing machine is a violation, then unless you can show under the ADA that it is required as an accommodation to you due to your disability, you cannot have it there.

Generally repairs are responsibility of management, unless they are damages done by tenants/occupants. Was this a HUD inspection which was failed? Generally it is LL, not tenant, who is responsible to make the repairs, it is part of their responsibility under the housing agreement. Talk to HUD counselor about this also.

You can’t have it both ways. You can’t break all the rules and just say you have to because you’re disabled. And then whine that it’s Christmas (not even December yet). You can’t fail to discuss issues with management. And LL should NOT be in your unit without notice, whether taking photos or inspecting or anything else.

Ken asks…

Is it possible to get HUD as a college student with no income?

I am a college student and I am trying to get all the aid i can this year. So far i have received a grant and a stafford loan. I need to find a place to live now. I plan to use part of my financial aid money to go towards housing. I currently don’t have a job but i am looking. I would like to get an apartment but i do not have a steady income. My boyfriend does, and ii think he would qualify for income based rent. Is there any way that i could apply for HUD as a college student with no income of my own but with somebody elses? If anyone could help me i would appreciate it. I really need to find a place to live by sept if not by august. I don’t mind living out of my car since i have done it before but i would really like a home this year. Also, if anyone knows of any other type of aid that will help me, please tell me. Thank you and God bless!

Administrator answers:

You need steady income to buy a HUD home, and your student grant will not count as you have to reapply each year. The purchase would never be done by Septemeber even if you managed to come up with the cash.

You are better off renting until you have completed your education.

Betty asks…

how old do you have to be for…..???

Foodstamps and to rent a apartment that is hud apartments?

Administrator answers:

Anywhere you have to be 18 to rent an apartment.

I think the government believes you need to have children in order to get help with the never ending raising food prices.

However I could be wrong.

Joseph asks…

In speaking to many apartment complexes, I am confused about HUD and Section 8.?

Some apartment complexes say they are strictly section 8. I am living in a HUD assisted building now, and have been for two years, but I would like to change states and move elsewhere under the same guidelines I now have, which is HUD pays for the better part of my rent, and I pay a small portion. I would like the same in the new state of choice.

Administrator answers:

HUD has several programs. If you are not on section 8 now you would not be when you move.

If you are on section 8 you have to talk to your case worker about moving, they still pay your rent in the new state. Unless you have a really good reason to move most states will deny this as they are basically giving their states funds away.

Section 8 is the only program that transfers, The others would require you to apply at the new state, meet that states guidelines, and possibly wait. No states allow you to apply unless you are already a resident.

Linda asks…

Do I qualify for HUD programs?

I need some information about low rent apartments. My 2009 year-to-date salary was for $12,680.01. Right now I am working a non steady part-time job. My bi-weekly salary is not constant, so it is difficult to determine what my income will be every two weeks. The last check I received on my last pay period was for $508.38. My next paycheck will be for $450. Is there any type of assistance available to me based on my low income and employment status?

Administrator answers:

You have to work at least 30 hours a week, and you would need to be either a senior or have dependent children living with you.

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