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April 13, 2012

Sharon asks…

Can I rent a home at 18?

I’m 18 years old and I would like to rent either an apartment or a home, which ever is more accessible to me. I am still in school, but I do have a job. I also do not plan to move out alone. My partner also has a part time job. We were looking at HUD homes. Is it possible for me to move into one of those homes? Or what are my best options here?

Administrator answers:

Yes you can rent out a home at 18. The process with an apartment is you fill out an application which costs $ by the way. If you or your partner don’t have any credit, you’ll need a co-signer (who has credit). This was my situation & my boyfriend got his mom’s b/f to be our co-signer which puts his name on the lease. One of us had to have a job for at least a year (its not like this everywhere mind you) and he was asked to bring in pay stubs from the past month & we both had to bring in id for them to copy. Depending on how much rent is & how much he made was determined on whether we got it or not (the co-signer also had good credit)

Paul asks…

Do I have to pay back money to the organization for HUD?

I am living in a low income HUD apartment for people with disabilities. The contract states my rent is $0 until I secure employment. Then, I will need to pay 30% of my rent. Now, it looks like I may get a job and it is located in the northern part of the state. But, the salary is 2X the income limit to qualify to live here. I will have to move. Do I need to pay back 4 months of rent? It is not specified in my contract. I will ask the director eventually. But, does anyone know?
Reread Question: Do I need to pay for the 4 months I lived here for free?

Administrator answers:

No, you won’t, because you did not have that job at the time you lived there. You qualified at that time. When your circumstances changed, that is when you didn’t qualify or would owe a certain amount.

As for the MORON who chided you about paying your own way, I guess he needs to go back to elementary school and learn to read. This person has a disability…duh!!!

Good luck with your new job.

Ken asks…

Can people with felonies get apartments?

Someone I am trying to get an apartment with has a felony, it was in 2006 and is not of violent nature (she took too much from unemployment). She has disclosed this information to apartments but they continually deny her – and there are virtually no apartments for rent by owner that aren’t completely out of our price range (1600-2000 for 2 bedrooms).
Also anything like HAP/HUD has waiting lists.
Constructive advice would be helpful.
Yes, they did tell us that it was because of her felony that we were denied. And we offered to give extra deposit, everything – but most of the apartment complexes out here are managed by huge corporations who won’t allow it. The apartment manager was willing to, but the head honchos simply aren’t.
Homelessness is a huge problem in this city (Portland) – and family services has no room, other than to put us on a waiting list (we stay with family/friends and in hotels).
Update Number 2:
I am not insisting they allow her, I am not saying that this is wrong or illegal. Infact, I never EVER stated anything close. And two of the answers heavily rely on that.

I want to know how to get an apartment with this hinderence.

Administrator answers:

Go to family services and have her explain that she is homeless and needs an apartment. They might help. Your other best bet is to find private apartments and don’t mention the felony if you don’t have to. The private people who only have a couple of apartments rarely check criminal records, they just want the deposit.

Another option is to ask why you were denied and offer to give 2 months deposit. It is really rare that any apartment will not take that. Also, you could just get the apartment in your name and leave her off the lease.

Thomas asks…

How do I rent an apartment?

I understand you have to go into the property management and apply, usually along with a fee, but I’m barely 18, and I have been kicked out of my house and desperately need a place to move into soon. I don’t qualify for any set monthly rental, because I need to make 3 times the rent. I make roughly 600$ a month. It’s not much, but I am on the streets. I don’t like the idea of it, but how does section 8 housing work? Am I old enough? And if not section 8 how do I apply for low income apartments? I have found some listing that said 30% of income as applicable by HUD. I’m I eligible for those? Or am I eligible for any apartments? Any help is much appreciated guys, thanks so much.

Administrator answers:

HUD usually takes a while for you to get approved for housing. I used to work in section 42 apartments, which are based by income. In Indiana, there was a waiting list for HUD housing assistance. And Sec 42 housing requires you make at least 2x the rent usually. With the corporate red-tape in big apartment communities, and the tax guidelines in those types of places, it will be near impossible for you to be approved. Try finding a landlord who rents houses, or who owns a single apt building in town somewhere. Or a single room within a household for rent (try A lot of landlords will let you in if you’ve got cash, especially in urban areas. My father is a landlord of several propperties, and he sometimes lets tennants work for him to pay their rent- you may be able to find someone generous like that if you are lucky. But you’re not going to find a break at a corporate apartment complex. Try to find someone local. Good luck!

Jenny asks…

Do I qualify for HUD assistance in Michigan?

I have searched and searched to no avail. I’m 18 years old and need a place to live ASAP. I need assistance paying rent for an apartment, but have gotten mixed answers online and phone menu after phone menu. I’m a single female, still in high school, with good grades and a part time job. My income is at most $400/month, and I’m in the “thumb area.” I need some real answers, preferrably from people who have had to move out of their homes sooner than expected, or have dealt with similar situations. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

I recommend going to the county’s housing program office or the one in your area. You should be able to locate it in the blue pages of the telephone book. The housing list may or may not be open at this time due to available funds.

Lisa asks…

Me and my daughter are renting apartment through Hud Houseing “Arrowhead” ?

Don’t know how many ppl know about Hud houseing. So I forgot to report that I was receiveing childsupport for the last 3 months and I only get 25 dollars a month for my daughter. The apartment complexs is making a big deal and saying I could get kicked out. Hud houseing has tenants pay rent base on there income. Can they kick me out just by forgetting to report that I receive childsupport ? I only owe them a back payment too of 20ish dollars. If they do kick me out how can I fight against it? I have a disibility and have someone that pays my bills and not use to having to report income .. I am scared of losing my place and feel like I am getting word put in my mouth. Any advise. I signed a paper Thursday from them to call childsupport and see how many months and how much I was receive and they said there call me when they decided what there do. Heard from quit abit of ppl they would not kick me out for this little bit of a thing. Any advise on what will happen and what I can do..

Administrator answers:

Felonies are always a “big deal”. You are living off the income of others, you are required to report all income. Not reporting income is welfare fraud, which is a felony, making this “a big deal”.

They certainly can, and really should, kick you out. You are not entitled to commit fraud, no matter how darn special you think you are.

Pay what you owe, or they will enforce the law, welfare fraud is not tolerated when caught.

Helen asks…

I’m looking for an affordable apartment,house for rent in east bay in Northern CA. Any programs anyone know of

Programs such as hud homes for rent. I searched Hud homes to no avail. The site is under construction.

Administrator answers:

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