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February 14, 2012

Ken asks…

Can parolees live in Hud apartments?

My landlord accepts HUD as part of my rent. When my loved one is paroled, can he live in this apartment without causing me to be in violation of HUD policies?

Administrator answers:

Not if he was convicted of a felony.

Lisa asks…

Why does HUD affordable apartments want my bank statement?

HUD wants to my bank statements for the interview what for ? And also my proof of residence I never had a lease what can I do?

Administrator answers:

1. Housing wants to verify your income. They dont take your word for it.
2. You can get a letter from your landlord that you reside at such and such address. You can also show the utility bills and anything else with that address on it.

Helen asks…

looking for sect 8 (hud) apartments in Santa rosa, rohnert park ca?

do you know of any apartments (1 bedroom) that take section 8 (hud) housing in santa rosa, rohnert park, or that general area in California?

Please help.

I am having a hard time finding places that take it from just looking online at apartment guides and newspapers. Any tips to ones that do would be greatly appreciated and could get best answer.

Administrator answers:

There won’t be many, section 8 does not pay enough. Ask your case worker.

Daniel asks…

How do you go about applying for Hud homes/apartments in Texas?

I do not make enough money to buy a house or really rent an apartment and still be able to pay a car payment. I know there are programs for people like me, I just do not know how to find and apply for them. I work full-time and just would like to pay my bills and still go to school-any help?

Administrator answers:

Contact Lonnie Stapp at He puts out a list of HUD homes in the Houston area every week. He’s a great old dude and will gladely answer any questions you might have. He has a great reference web site where you can find all kinds of information. If you don’t see what you’re looking for then drop him a line. He will definately write you back and lead you in the right direction. I bought my patio home off a list that came to my e-mail once a week. It only cost $1,000 down when I put in the bid and another $500 at closing (3% of selling price) with no closing costs (they were rolled into the loan). Also, I went through Countrywide for my mortgage. There are all kinds of programs out there to help low income people get into homes.

Good Luck!!!

Donna asks…

Section 8 or HUD apartments?

I am a single mother struggling to find an apartment. I read that the waiting list is so long for section 8 that you can not even sign up anymore. I found an apartment complex that has HUD apartments available in a few months. Will i be able to rent those and have a lower rate even if im not on sectoin 8 or whatever? Im really confused about all this and need help please!

Administrator answers:

No, the HUD apartments are the section 8 apartments, you need a section 8 voucher to rent those.

You would have to pay fair market rent for them, just like any one else. No discounts.

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