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Your Questions About Income Based Apartments

March 29, 2012

Donna asks…

where can i find any based on income apartments in the atlanta ga area?

im a single parent with two kids and in need of a place of our own but has to be based on income

Administrator answers:

Hey I would suggest you to check out these websites, I have found really helpful and beneficial information here:

James asks…

How does rent based income apartment works?

I live here in Fresno, CA and while searching for apartments online, I’ve seen some places that let you pay rent based on your income.I don’t really know much about it but,How do they actually calculate it? Is there a certain percentage they take from your gross income? Is every “rent based income” apartment in California the same? And does it matter how many people will be staying in the apartment? (just me, my hubby, and our son?) Also my hubby works full time and Im a full time student.

Administrator answers:

Those are subsidized housing. You will not qualify as you are low income by choice, you are a student. Both your and your husband would have to be working full time.

They take 30% of your gross income as rent, tax payers pick up the rest. There is usually a minimum and maximum income to qualify.

Steven asks…

are there any income based apartments or houses in or near oceanside ca?

Administrator answers:

There are, you have to qualify with the housing authority, here is the phone number, (619) 231-9400

Mark asks…

Im looking for apartments based on your income that are livable in richmond and petersburg Va!!! know any????

Based on your income apartments in Richmond,Va and in petersburg,Va that are livable even though they are based on your income

Administrator answers:

Look up Bill White in Roanoak, VA, He has tons of rental homes/appartments for cheap.

Lisa asks…

where can i find a list of income based apartments in atlanta, georgia/?

Administrator answers:

Go to see rentals.for rent magazine also list income restricted apts.

Richard asks…

does anyone live in MD and knows how to apply for income based apartments?

Administrator answers:

You apply with the housing authority.

The projects are all full in your area, unless you are a disabled senior you can expect to be waiting 3-5 years.

Sandra asks…

where can i find a list of income based apartments in Atlanta??

Administrator answers:

In Georgia

Jenny asks…

are income-based apartments considered govt assistance?

my husband works for the city and im going back to school in a few weeks. we have a 5 month old and were thinking about looking at income based apartments. there is just no way to pay the bills on a city employee’s income. are income based apartments considered government assistance? even if they are im still going to try, we pay our taxes so i think i should take advantage of it. im just a bit unsure about the process and everything. i hate the idea of govt assistance but i think its better to do that than live in some ghetto in south dallas and run the risk of muggings, murder, robbery, etc. what is your view on this.

*by the way, my husband just got this job and took a $5 an hour pay cut for the benefits, and thats quite a blow.
thanks for being so nice everyone. i really was prepared to be insulted. yall are so understanding and it really does make me feel better. especially the health insurance comparison. i really appreciate it.
army wife- wow im so sorry about your husband. that must be really difficult for yall. im sure his self esteem was hurt a bit by being deemed “useless” by the army. i hope everything goes well for you. good luck and thanks for the answer. i always thought soldiers and their families were just taken care of, that was very nieve of me.

Administrator answers:

It is often government subsidized either through HUD or section 8. I see absolutely nothing wrong with using it, you do pay into it after all. I lived in HUD housing for 4 years after I left my parents house. I worked full time and was in school so HUD was all I could afford.

Feeling bad for using government programs the way they were designed to be used would be like feeling bad for using your health insurance that you pay into. You may not notice it but you are paying into the government programs every time you get a paycheck.

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