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Your Questions About Income Based Apartments

April 4, 2012

Donna asks…

About Income Based Apartments?

I am 16, cannot live with parents anymore as they tell me that they don’t want me living with them anymore. Can’t go to family because my parents ruined it for me and I cannot impose on friends. I work 25 hours each week and get about $750 average each month. i am occasionally called in the weekends (as I work Monday-Friday). I have about $2300 saved up thus far and I have worked for four months. Can I apply and be accepted for an income-based apartment? (I still attend high school) Also, if not, what are my alternatives? My job is very easy to keep, BTW.

Administrator answers:

I doubt you’d be able to get a place to live because you’re a minor. Not that minors can’t live on their own, but apartment managers and property owners won’t want to be responsible for you.

Best you can do is call and ask, and don’t lie about your age, they check that stuff.

You’d definitely qualify to live in one if you were old enough. I think in my area (if it’s not standard), the maximum someone can make is $29,500 or so. I’m not even sure you’d make enough to live on your own though.

You’re going to end up having to wait until you’re 18 I’d say.

Helen asks…

How much or little money do you need to make to live in an income based apartment?

I’m looking to move out on my own and was wondering how much or how little I needed to make to live in an income based one bedroom one bath apartment! Please help me out!!

Administrator answers:

That depends on your city. They won’t always just hand you a income based place though – usually you have to have a good reason – if you have another option (like your parents) or don’t have kids they may not even let you.
I know in my area in NY if you don’t have kids you’re not getting assistance.

Charles asks…

What are some low income or income based apartments in mayport?

I am in Jacksonville Florida and I want to move by the naval base in mayport Atlantic beach Florida. PLEASE NO OUTTA THE WAY ANSWERS

Administrator answers:

You will only qualify for an income based rental if you live in the county already.

Contact the Housing Authority, they will tell you which, if any, you qualify for and tell you the process of getting on the wait list.

Sandy asks…

What are some low income or income based apartments in mayport? I am in Jacksonville?

I am in Jacksonville Florida and I want to move by the naval base in mayport Atlantic beach Florida. PLEASE NO OUTTA THE WAY ANSWERS

Administrator answers:

I would suggest to contact your local Health and Human Services Department or Social Services Department (depending on which one your county has.) If they have one, ask to speak to an Economic Support Specialist, or something similar.

Betty asks…

what website do i go on to find income based apartments?

Administrator answers:

You would need H>U>D> hud it is more commonly called just type in hud into google and you will see all types of hud houseing rentals and for sale.

Mandy asks…

are there apartments in columbus ohio that are strictly based on your income?

I need to know because i am looking for a job, but my boyfriend has a job. we live at his moms house and we both want to get out. My grandma suggested low income apartments, but i dont know of any. so do you know any places that base your rent off your income. thanks :)

Administrator answers:

Most places have the rates set, unless you qualify for section 8. You can go on-line and see if you qualify.

Mark asks…

Does anyone know of any apartments in kings mountain that are based on income?

im 20 yrs old i only lived with friends and family so i never rented before but i just had a baby and i am looking for any apartment that is income based, i have no credit and i get money from dss, a cheap anything would do for me my baby and boyfriend, i only get 236 a month, so i really need some help if anyone can help please do

Administrator answers:

$236? Thats pretty low. As long as your boy friend isn’t rich, you could find a government apartment and it could be $500 a month Everything included, heat gas electric water. Its good, i wish i could get that.

William asks…

Any one know of the Locations of Income based apartments/town-homes in the Lake county area?

in IL sorry

Administrator answers:

You need to ask your case worker for the list of the ones you qualify for. I can’t imagine that they just send you out on your own to figure out.

Richard asks…

What do you think is too much to make in order to receive income based housing/apartments?

Administrator answers:

It varies by city. The limits are based on average incomes there, not nationwide.

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