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Your Questions About Income Based Apartments

February 19, 2012

Chris asks…

Does anyone know of any income based apartments in Kansas City, MO?

I am looking for a place for me and my daughter, but only can afford it if it is income based.

Administrator answers:

There is a brand new complex in Kansas City 64158 (Liberty commerce area). Called Clay Terrace. They are pretty nice. Hope that helps

Donald asks…

Can I apply for income based apartments now and get accepted by not move in until August?

Can I apply now and be guaranteed an apartment when I move there in August. Its my son and I . I am 18 and wanting to transfer colleges. I currently work as well and have saved up plenty of money. Thanks. If not is there any other kind of assistance I can get so I can move over there immediatley in August. Please don’t judge. Im young and only using assistance temporarily for my son and I until I get my degree. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Call up the local program and ask. You’ll probably be on the phone 30 minutes just to talk to someone, but thats the only way to really find out. Some groups have years long waiting lists and it might be a really good idea to apply now, but others it isn’t nearly so bad, so best just to call and ask. Best luck, and no judgements here – do what you have to do.

Mary asks…

does income based apartments check rental history?

I am trying to get into deer hill apartments in north carolina but I have a balance at an old apartment complex that I am still paying on. Will this show up as a bad thing?

Administrator answers:

When you applied, did they ask in writing if they could do a credit check?
If so, then they will check your credit reports.
Most landlords will check the reports, not the score (that would cost them extra).
Is the debt on your reports?
Check them at Annual Credit…

Steven asks…

What is the normal percent of income charged for income based apartments?

Also if I have an eviction, but my wife was not on that lease and she is the one leasing is it likely we wont run into problems. The eviction was job lay off related if that counts.

Administrator answers:

It is a third of your income. No evictions are lay off based, they are ALL for illegally detaining someones property and will disqualify you for public housing assistance. You will not be allowed to live with your wife in public housing without approval from HUD, which won’t happen with the eviction.

Ruth asks…

what income based apartments are felon friendly in grand rapids mi?

ive been to prison and now on probation, what apartment complexes are felon friendly in grand rapids? what housing resourses are out there for felons?

Administrator answers:

None. Income based is subsidized, and you do not qualify for subsidized housing as a felon.

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