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Your Questions About Income Based Apartments

March 11, 2012

George asks…

Where can i find income based senior living apartments in Gulfport or Long beach Mississippi?

Grandparents looking for an apartment on fixed income. Need some help finding something. Doesn’t have to be senior apartments but something income based or rent controlled.
Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

They need to apply with the housing authority.

Do not be surprised if the wait list is at least 2 years.

Lisa asks…

how do they find out your rent for based on income apartments?what percentage do they go by?

What financial guides do they use when you go and apply for a based on income apartment?How do they figure out your rent?

Administrator answers:

Income based are still a set amount.

The question is if you qualify or not, there are several levels. All based on the median income where you are. The lowest is 30%, usually seniors with only social security, most are 50%, and some are 60%.

Your case working with the housing authority can tell you what you qualify for.

The poster above me is talking about section 8, not income based housing.

Paul asks…

Does anyone know of income based or cheap apartments in or around Shepherdsville KY?

Our family currently lives in incomebased apartments in Tennessee. We’re looking to move to Shepherdsville or around that area (close to it). We have a very low income and I can’t seem to find any information on income based housing or the PHA, or any cheap (yet decent) apartments around there. Any help or info would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Call local real estate offices.

I am glad you have internet access!!!

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