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April 27, 2012

William asks…

Interior decorating advice: How do I “soften up” an industrial apartment?

Hi, I just moved into an industrial loft apartment with lots of light and I LOVE it. However, I am kind of a girly-girl and the place currently feels a bit cold, sterile, and warehousey for my taste.

The floors and ceilings are brushed concrete, the walls are either exposed concrete or painted white or gray-blue. The apartment comes furnished with modern items with a lot of straight lines, stainless steel, granite & upholstery in gray or dull blue hues.

I would like to make it more warm, feminine, colorful, soft, and homey. What are some accents and touches I can use to create this effect? I like simple floral patterns, the occasional ruffle, pastel colors, etc. I want to find a nice balance between the industrial feel and a cozy, feminine home. Any ideas?
I’m looking for links to specific rugs, lamps, throw pillows, wall art, curtains, dishes, bedding and the like please!

Thanks so much! I can send you photos of the place if it would help.

PS I cannot paint the walls or change major furniture items like table, couch etc.
Thanks Kosher, I love the idea of bringing nature in. Thank you sunshine, those photo links are a great inspiration. I love the first one especially.
Here are some photos of my place:

Administrator answers:

You definitely need to show us a photo.

But my suggest would be the following:

Showing different types of texture in this type of environment can mean a lot in your case.

Also, your lighting has tremendous weight in softening an area.

Also, do not forget to bring inside some of the outdoors; like trees and some type of greenery.

Good Luck

Betty asks…

Apartments and loft in new york?

Hi all, do you know a website where i can find luxury apartments or lofts in manhattan?
Preferably in some skyscraper or building. I need photos, floor plans and price, it’s ok rent or buy.
The price is not a problem.
Thank you very much

Administrator answers:

Paul asks…


The Garden Wilshire Apartments is in just an okay area but down the road five minutes its really nice. The apartment itself is great! You can see the area by google mapping their address. a 12 month lease here is $2000.00 or 14 month lease is $1750.00

This second place, NoHo Common Lofts is in a really good area and the apartment is great as well. I would only have to sign a 6 month – 12 month lease for $2,064.00.

I just need to know which apartment you all think is all around a better place. I realize everyone has their own opinion but opinions and polls help. Keep in mind area, appeal, style, and somewhat pricing. I hope for detailed responses. Thanks Everyone! :)

Administrator answers:

The second looks much nicer. The fitness center would do it for me, it would certainly offset the additional costs.

Maria asks…

Decorating ideas for a small living space with odd angles and brick walls?

We’ve just moved into a wonderful little loft apartment that has a combination of red brick and regular white walls, but we are not very good with interior design and don’t have the slightest idea of what type of furniture would be best for our small “living room.” The apartment has an open floor plan and is oddly shaped with the walls of the living room area intersecting at an odd angle–about 67 degrees. We are having a tough time imagining what a good setup would be.

We got rid of all our (battered) furniture when we moved to a new state, so we’re a blank slate and have absolutely no living room furniture yet! We need help with things like shape and placement of a sofa, area rug, table…things like that. Could a curved sofa work? Would a square rug be bad? What’s a good way to use the odd angle to our advantage? We really like contemporary design and need a bit of direction.

Feel free to take a look at the pics to see our space….Thanks for any advice!

PS-We don’t plan on having a TV in that area so the furniture doesn’t need to be centered around one.

Administrator answers:

May I say…you are VERY FORTUNATE to have such a stunning space!!! What I would do with the corner – simply soften it with a large plant/tree…OR put a large piece of sculpture on a pedestal & uplight either one to create shadow & depth. Put your sofa on your long wall, then flank it with 2 chairs. (you’ll be essentially building your room from the corner out). I think you’ll need an 8×10 or 11 area rug, due to the volume of the space. I see a contemporary leather sofa & the chairs in a solid linen fabric. If space allows, 2 small square ottomans placed in front of the cocktail table. Soften the lines of the room with a round cocktail table or ottoman, which will repeat the shape of the spiral staircase. I can’t tell if your countertops are granite (it doesn’t look like it), but the space SCREAMS for dramatic granite with a lot of pattern movement.

I am jealous!!! Congratulations!!! :-)

P.S. By “uplighting”, I don’t mean a torchiere, as you have pictured…I mean uplighting from the floor, such as a can light, which would highlight the sculpture or plant. Also, replace the current window shades with a natural roman shade, such as bamboo, seagrass, sisal, etc.

Chris asks…

Apartments and lofts in new york?

Hi all, do you know a website where i can find luxury apartments or lofts in manhattan?
Preferably in some skyscraper or building. I need photos, floor plans and price, it’s ok rent or buy.
The price is not a problem because now it is just an idea.
Thank you very much
oh thank you elgil, so don’t answer

Administrator answers: They usually have floor plans and you can specify what you’re looking for.

Richard asks…

Nightmare what does it mean?

Basically, I am driving on a mountain road and get into a car accident. Both cars are totaled. But me and the guy I hit were unharmed. The guy calls his wife to pick him up and I walk to a friend’s home. Then the guy calls me and says he going to photos of the crash for his insurance. I say I want to go to. So he picks me and my friend up and we starting driving. As he’s driving we see people people commiting suicide. The man was distracted by this and he drives off the road. But there’s an invisible path that takes us white apartment with many people. We are invited into the apartment and everything seems nice. My friend starts watching TV in the loft and I go to check the rest of apartment out. I see two girls getting ready for bed and then I hear “You’re the murder.” I turn to see two young men getting to a fight. I turn back to the girls they are gone. I run to find my friend and I see a trail of blood going to the loft. I get to the top of stairs and I wake up. What does this mean
Some other details that could be helpful. The two young men were accusing each other of being the murder. When I saw the girls were gone there was blood in their room. None of the rooms had doors.

Administrator answers:

This is hard to decipher.
First things first.
The blood in this case I would assuem would mean bitter confrontations between you and your friend, considering the blood trail was leading to the last place you saw her in the dream, and you never really saw for sure if it was her blood.
The two men fighting, well….To dream that you witness a murder, indicates deep-seated anger towards somebody. Consider how the victim represents aspects of yourself that you want to destroy or eliminate. Or perhaps since you looked into the room where the two girls where replaced by blood, is there anyone else your angry at? Did something happen recently in your life to make you angry towards a person, or a group of people?
Now the beginning of the dream:
To dream you got into an accident, usually means your feeling guilty about something that has happened and your mentally punishing yourself for it. ONce again this leads to the question: has there been problems recently in your life, socially? Also, it may be because your harboring anxieties of something as well, or your pushing yourself too hard. Perhaps your subconcious is telling you to slow down and not stress to much or your going to lose control.
The people you see committing suicide, is suggesting that perhaps something is going on in your life and you feel helpless against it, that you have no control over it, but you yearn to do something about it. The secret pathway that you come across while driving off the road, may symbolize something as to there may be a different way for you to fix things, handle things, or take things in the situation you are in, but you just dont see it, but there IS another way.
The white apartment, i think symbolizes the source of all your anxities. It is here that you witness the blood, the fight, and the disappearing women. Its the place where all your anxities are held: Your mind.
So here is some advice. Take a breather, sit down, meditate, and clear your mind. Your angst is so bad your dreams are SCREAMING at you : CALM DOWN!
Gonna give yourself an ulcer sweety…^_^ I think you need a good hot bubble bath, to help you. Put some lavender flowers and chammoile buds in the water. It will help relax you. OH also! The mountain, the fact your driving up a mountain, symbolizes you feel as if your problems have piled up, to a mountain size pile, you feel overwhelmed. HMMM. :XD I think that lavnder/chammomile bubble bath is a must.

Helen asks…

Apartments in new york?

Hi all, do you know a website where i can find luxury apartments or lofts in manhattan?
Preferably in some skyscraper or building. I need photos, floor plans and price, it’s ok rent or buy.
The price is not a problem.
Thank you very much

Administrator answers:


George asks…

How would you feel if your boyfriend lived in a place like this? Its a rough living situation?

How would you feel if your boyfriend had this living situation?
Lets say you had a boyfriend whos only option was to sleep in his car or a widowless guest house with no bathroom in his parents backyard.

Would you visit him? You as the female are struggling and live with your grandmother.

Your boyfriend lost his job becuase of the tough economy.

The cabin that he could stay in has heat a single bed. There is also a top loft bunk bed.

Your boyfriend isn’t crazy about staying in a small windowless guest house.

You as the female feel that this is his only option.

How would you get your boyfriend to become comfortable in a guest house with no windows?The guest house has heat and keeps out rain and wind.
This little 100 square feet guest house has a solid door with a house style door nob and lock.

He doesn’t like being inside this little house with the door closed becuase it gets very dark inside.

If you were visiting your boyfriend in the little guest house at night would you close the guesthouse door when leaving? Or would you ask him if he wanted it closed?

Lets say he had the door open while you were inside visiting him.

If this guy wants me to help him paint the inside walls and door should I help him?

Do you think murals on the inside walls and a mural for the inside of the wall would be a good idea?

If this guy wants me to help him paint the inside walls and door should I help him?

Do you think murals on the inside walls and a mural for the inside of the wall would be a good idea?

What should he/I paint on the interior walls? What about the interior door?

Here is a picture of the guest house on the outside

Here is the inside of the guest hosue

apartment rents in his area go for$1100 a month for a studio

Administrator answers:

Not nice

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