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June 17, 2013

James asks…

How can I build temporary walls in a loft apartment?

We’re looking to move into a large loft and we need to know how to cheaply build temporary walls to create 3 bedrooms.

Administrator answers:

Bitty offers valid suggestions, I’ll just add my two cents.

In some respects this might relate to the object for the walls, beyond just separations. IE: Privacy/ Noise intrusions/ etc. If those two examples aren’t at issue then certainly folding screens will work; Cubicle walls from an office furniture and supplies outlet will work as free standing units; drapes; blankets; etc. Etc. Etc.

No offense but CHEAP is a “Relative” word.

Steven Wolf

David asks…

How much would a loft or appartment cost in NYC?

I’m only 16 now… but i’m wanting to move to NYC

how much are loft apartments.. or studio apartments
or any type of apartments for that matter….

Administrator answers:

It is very hard to find a decent size apartment for a relatively cheap price in NY. When I first moved into Manhattan I rented an apartment with a friend of mine. We got the smallest thing we found because it was all we could afford. To make up for the space, we rented a storage unit from It worked out really well. The rental unit was dirt cheap and it made us have a lot more room in our apartment. Good luck with your move.

Maria asks…

What is the difference between a loft and a studio apartment?

After doing some research it sounds like lofts and studio apartments are virtually the same, is there some significant difference?

Administrator answers:

Lofts usually have very high ceilings and are former commercial buildings changed into apartments. They are often one huge room like a studio, but a studio is usually a smaller space, in an apartment building, with regular ceilings.

Donna asks…

What part of town in Los Angeles can you find dirt cheap Loft/Penthouse Apartments at.?

Administrator answers:


Susan asks…

Dog in a loft-apartment while I work?

I’ve just finished college, and my husband and I are (probably) moving to a loft style apartment. We have a dog that is crate trained and house trained (to go outside), but it isn’t good to leave her in the crate all day, or expect her to “hold it” while I’m at work all day. Right now I’m working at home, but I will not be able to do so when we move.

Are potty-pads the only option here?

Administrator answers:

If one of you cannot come home for lunch, or come and take dog out after 6 or 7 hrs at most, hire a pet-sitter/ private pet care aide.
These people will come for $5 to $10 a day and take dog for a walk, give some attention, etc.
Maybe a neighbor or friend will do it (esp someone in the apartment you can trust).
VERY important for your dog’s and your happiness if you work long hours and neither one of you can take a break to come home!

The other option is doggie day-care which is a bit more expensive, but check into vet’s office, kennels, etc near you to find out prices.

Potty pads are not a good idea, she will learn to pee in house and/ or crate – you don’t want that.
Not necessary either, unless she has urinary problem.

My dogs were crate trained and after a few yrs I could leave them about 9 hrs…then you also have to take them out for walk or quick “potty” at least 5 times a day.

Sandy asks…

Is there a temporary door solution for a loft apartment?

I live in a loft that I rent. I would like to put a door to my bedroom, but since I rent I need it to be temporary so as to not leave holes in the floor. I’ve tried a curtain, but I need more privacy then that. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Ok I have the perfect idea, try to get a closet door with the rollers in the bottom, if they are not in the bottom I guess you could flip it upside down so those rollers are on the floor, Leave it propped up against your wall, when you need privacy you can roll it in front of your doorway, I suggest the plain door kind, You may be able to check craigslist or try to find someone remodeling thier home to get one, Do not use mirror ones, dangerous, however thats where I got the idea because we took mirror closet doors out of my 5 year old sons room, I keep them in the garage but on the weekend when we are excersising, I am able to roll them into the house and prop them up against the wall to excersise and then we roll them back into the garage. I think that would be the perfect idea but if that does not work here i another, How about a tall piece of furniture like a inexpensive shelves, install 4 small wheels or rollers to each corner on the bottom, you can find wheels at hardware store and roll it in front of the opening when you need more privacy, Look for a shallow shelves so It wont take up to much space in you room, I would highly suggest glue gunning decorations since you will be moving back and forth or you could use the extra space to fold clothes into since you prob may not have alot of storage space or maybe no closet in a loft, it would create a new place for things??? Good LUCK!

Sharon asks…

how much does a loft apartment cost?

Do you rent a loft apartment, or is it a purchase? and how much does it cost?

Administrator answers:

Depending on what type of loft. One way a loft is explained as a two story apartment with a open side that usually looks down into the living room, not great for privacy but very unique. These generally run depending on the property it’s in from $500-$900 a month.Another loft would be the New York type style, open ducts, concrete floors, very modern, and also pricey. These will run you $800+.

Daniel asks…

Are loft apartments gay?

A guy living in one, considerably gay?

Administrator answers:

No offence but…. You’re an idiot………..

I don’t know how else to answer that question. You need to re-evaluate your values.

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