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August 26, 2013

Sandra asks…

Is it better to live in a loft bedroom or in an actual bedroom?

I’m getting a loft apartment with 2 other girls for school this fall, and I’m deciding between one of the bedrooms and the loft. the loft is a little bigger, and is located right above the kitchen (might be too noisy?). i don’t like the bedroom because it doens’t get much light. i feel like the loft would have less privacy since there is no wall going up to the ceiling.

anyone have any suggestions/experience living in a loft as a bedroom?

Administrator answers:

I rent an apartment with others before. It is hard to have privacy in the loft.

Linda asks…

Im suppose to see a loft apartment tomorrow because of the type of job I have Im scared they won’t consider my?

application. I’m only a housekeeper. But I make enough to offord it. Is their something i should say or wear to have them consider me. I really want this apartment.

Administrator answers:

The only thing you should have to prove is reliable income. If you make enough money as a housekeeper than you’re just as qualified as the lawyer or doctor. In fact you may be better because they know you’ll take good care of their property.

I’d actually play up that fact. Landlords love to know that their rental is in good hands!

Charles asks…

I want to buy a very tall houseplant or tree for my Loft apartment: which one is best?

I am not keen on ficus trees

I have a 16ft ceiling and would like a big plant or tree to be approximately 14ft high

It would need to be easy to keep (no shedding of leaves) and water ie once a week and maybe the tree could be OK for 2 weeks unattended?

Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

Here is a houseplant that grows tall and takes up a decent amount of space. The rubber plant (Ficus elastica) It does well in just about any home and will give you years of indoor greenery with little clean up. Rubber plants have deep green and glossy foliage. There are several varities of the rubber plant ranging in leaf size and color accents-tri colors, reds, golds, pinks,cream, yellow etc. Check out your local nursery. They can easily grow 6-10 feet tall, leaves 8-12 inches long.

Donna asks…

How much would a nice four bedroom apartment in LA cost?

a nice LOFT apartment with a big kitchen and four bedrooms cost. preferably in a nice building.?? me and 3 of my best friends want to life there for college.

Administrator answers:

No way. 2500-3500 a month

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