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June 12, 2012

Lisa asks…

I’m moving to Atlanta next month. Can anyone suggest an apartment/ loft building…?

that they feel is safe, clean & reasonably priced? I’m looking in the areas of Virginia Highlands or Marietta.

Administrator answers:

The best advice we got when we moved to Marietta was stay away from Franklin Rd. But I will also say we moved into an apartment complex on the other side of town and it was just as bad. Most of the apartments in Georgia and really messed up and they force you to lock into a lease because they are so bad they know you will leave as soon as you can.

Where ever you rent try to get a 6 month lease. That way if it is bad you will be able to get out. And make sure to see the actual apartment you will live in before signing the lease. One of the major management Companies around here is known for showing you an apartment and telling you that will be your apartment ,but on the day you move in suddenly they say that apartment is not ready and put you into an apartment that is not half as nice. And you are sitting there with a truck and no where to move but the bad apartment.

Yes the Brumby Lofts seem really nice.

I also like Tramore park if you are looking for a newer apartment. But if you have kids be aware one side of Tramore is in a good school district and the other side is on a bad school district.

Laura asks…

Apartments in Buckhead or Perimeter Mall Area?

Greetings and salutations… I’m moving to Atlanta this June for my residency. I did a clinic rotation in Sandy Springs this past summer, and I like the Buckhead as well as Perimeter Mall areas. I’m looking to rent an apartment/loft for no more than $900/month; and I expect that $900 to go a long way. I don’t like the idea of apt complexes with all these unnecessary extras (ie computer labs, theaters). I just want a really classy, well-kept and updated unit. Buckhead would be great b/c of the area, but I’d imagine that’s what I’d be paying for mostly. Perimeter Mall area looks really nice, but I’m wondering if there will be less of a city vibe in that area. Is it just as diverse? Just as many single ladies around? Any other pros/cons you’d like to mention?

Administrator answers:

It might be just outside your budget

John asks…

where can I find an inexpensive interior designer in Atlanta? Could I go to local art schools, like SCAD or AI

I am about to move in to a studio/small loft apartment and want someone to design furniture layout/ paint/ accesories for it. I am tired of my furniture that I have at my current place that my parents gave me when I first moved out about a year ago. It doesn’t really reflect my style at all.

I see pieces of furniture that I like all the time in magazines and showrooms, but I don’t really know how to put it all together with paint and in the specific space nor do I have the time. The apartment is only 700 sq. ft, and it has somewhat of a unique layout. I just want it to look good, but I can’t afford a $5000 designer like the ones listed in ASID… I like mostly modern design, but it has to be comfortable too.

Does anyone have any experience with hiring an art school student to do their interior design and complete their school work at the same time? What about store interior designers? Hmmm…


Administrator answers:

You can design your studio the way you want. You need to keep in mind that you are renting and do not want to make any drastic changes.

Painting and adding some different furniture will greatly improve your place.

There are shows you can watch to get ideas from, such as: This old house, Clean House( this is an awesome show and Mark Brunette is the interior designer) you can learn a lot from this one particular show. You can go to your home improvement stores that have DIY presentations, there are a lot of different things you can learn from.

For your furniture, go to a furniture store and look at the sets in person, you will know which one when you see it.

I prefer earth tone colors but some people like bold colors. Try to stay with neutral colors and remember that dark colors make a room look smaller and lighter colors will brighten and make the room appear larger.

Remember, this is about you and what you like. You home represents your personality, be yourself and be creative.

Susan asks…

Which of these apartment complexes would you recommend to rent in Atlanta…?

If you have any information on the following apartment complexes, please share them with me:

- Apex West Midtown
- Gables 820 West
- 935M
- 1016 Lofts
- Alexan Metrowest
- Defoors Ridge Apartments
- Collier Flats
- Post Collier Hills.

I’m trying to narrow these choices down. Overall, I want to get the best bang for my buck, so I want great amenities and such without breaking the bank too much. :)
Actually, I plan to apartment hunt in person, this week. Still, I wanted to get some general opinions. I will not be basing my decision on the perspectives of strangers, alone. Like stated below, I know I cannot trust leasing agents, so I thought it would be good to hear from someone is not one and who may know the area/apartment complexes just as well. :)

Administrator answers:

Your best bet would be to visit each of these Apts to see what fits for you. Post Apts and Gables Apts are usually good companies to go with. Whatever you do narrow your choice down to, you should go to the local police precinct and ask for a list of calls the police has responded to at that location, so that you can see what type of crime happens on the property & how often. Do not trust what leasing consultants tells you is safe or not, and just because a property has a gate and/or courtesy officers living on the property or patrolling the property that doesn’t mean crime doesn’t happen at the property. Best of luck to you!

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