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August 30, 2012

Nancy asks…

Where is the nicest area to move in Boston, MA?

I want to find a very nice 1 bedroom / 1 bath furnished loft or apartment in Boston. What are the nice areas to look in? Back Bay, Beacon Hill or North End?

Administrator answers:

Depends on your lifestyle and what you can afford.

Beacon Hill is hard on high-heeled feet, what with all the picturesque cobblestones and the ups and downs. Old money. North End doesn’t have that many elevator buildings, and it can be hard to get furniture up the narrow winding steps. (They often have to cut the frame on queen-sized bed springs or take them in the windows.) There’s very little parking in either locale. The Waterfront (Along the edge of the North End) has new construction and better parking.

Back Bay and the South End (NOT South Boston) are both wonderful places if you can afford them. (New Money.) South End is a bit farther from the T, and the part that borders Roxbury is a bit rough, but the part close to Back Bay is great. St. Botolph’s, a little neighborhood between the Back Bay and the South End is very nice. Lots of new lofts down on Harrison, but the neighborhood is a bit skeevy for my tastes.

New areas — Leather District has lofts, the Seaport is a bit far from the T but is an up-and-coming area. The Fenway has some nice spots, new construction at The Trilogy and others.

Brookline is another possibility, it’s closer to downtown than many actual parts of Boston are.

Richard asks…

What are the odds…?

of a 16 year old girl getting legally emancipated,
saving enough money with a part-time minimum wage job
to move to an apartment in Back Bay Boston by the time
she turns 17 1/2
and find a job in Boston with just a high school diploma
that will make enough money,
with one other room mate,
to pay the rent in a 1 bedroom loft apartment
and finally be happy?

just wondering.

Administrator answers:

Slim to none

Mandy asks…

How much apartment can I afford in Boston?

My gross pay is $80k/year. I will be relying on public transportation and the occasional zip car if I need to get out of town. I’m single, no kids. Looking for a centrally located 1BR or loft (about 600 – 1000 sq ft). I’m figuring about $750 in bills each month (food, utilities, etc.) and an extra $400 for “fun money” so $1200 total expenses (to be safe) besides rent. I have about $15,000 saved up for unexpected things and the first/last/security for the rent.

So, does $2000 sound doable and reasonable if I find a nice place?

Administrator answers:

Easy rule:
Never allow your rent to be more than 25% of your TAKE HOME pay.
At most 35% of your take home.

I’ll guess after takes your take home is 60K a year – sad but true.
$1,250 a month at 25%
$1,750 at most

Remember someday you’ll want a nice down payment on a house – keep saving. The 25% rule will allow you to save some money. 35% – won’t allow you to save.

Lizzie asks…

I’m moving to boston, and going to Northeastern U..I want to live close…help with safe apartment max 1,500?

I’m willing to spend up to 1,500 a month…but would prefer something cheaper…I need a nice one bedroom…studio, apt, loft…whatever…

Please help…I know nothing about safe neighborhoods, but I would like a close commute on the metro

Administrator answers:

You should be able to do that in the Fenway neighborhood fairly easily and walk to school. Studios are $900-1200. Go to Craigslist Housing and try searching Fenway, Symphony, Park Drive, or Northeastern. St. Botolphs is good but pricey. Do it NOW, there are at least 6 colleges in the neighborhood and everyone is looking already. Almost every lease here begins August 1 or Sept 1. You may have to pay a fee, and watch out for summer sublets.

The Commuter Rail does run through Northeastern, but only a few trains stop in Ruggles. They all stop at Back Bay, though, also on the Orange Line.

Charles asks…

Which apartment do you like the most?



Administrator answers:

Def no. 1 , thats probably caus its like $230,000 more.

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